Reston Association Passes $18M Budget for 2018

by Fatimah Waseem November 17, 2017 at 2:45 pm 16 Comments

Reston Association’s board of directors passed its $18 million budget Thursday evening. The board set an annual assessment rate of $682, a $10 decrease from last year’s fee.

According to a press release, this year is the first time the assessment has been reduced from the previous year. The assessment rate is calculated based on the bottom line of the capital and operating budget.

The board reinstated most pool hours to 2016 levels, according to the release. The body also directed TA staff to increase non-assessment revenue, which includes proffer and easement income, by 10 percent while cutting operating costs by 5 percent.

The release also noted several “cost-cutting” measures allowed the board to decrease the fee including:

  • Increasing health insurance co-payments for all employees
  • Approving in-house counsel in order to reduce reliance on outside legal services
  • Pay off the loan for The Lake House, which RA purchased two years ago
  • The addition of 429 new residential units that will be a source of additional revenue

The approved capital budget, which allocates $3.5 million for this year and $2.2 million for next year, includes roughly $399,000 for tennis court improvements and $465,000 for boat dock improvements, especially for replacing a dock at lake Anne.

The annual assessment is due by Jan 1. For more information on the budget, visit RA’s website.

  • Capital L

    I think

    • Greg

      therefore you are?

      • Joe Leighton

        It is un clear if RA will save money o the hiring of In house counsel.
        The last time RA hired in house counsel the costs went up because the in house counsel had to hire numerous outside legal services to do work she was unable to do.
        RA would be better off if they did an appraisal of the current legal services and see if some of the work could be done by current staff.with a brief review by the outside attorney .Also see if the time spent at meetings could be cut back.
        For example is it necessary for outside legal counsel to be at DRB meetings .
        Hiring in house counsel could lead to higher legal expense instead of lower legal expense

        • Greg

          Why do they need legal counsel at any meetings? They are board meetings, not trials.

          If something comes up that requires legal review, and very little should at a well-planned and researched meeting, table it or dismiss it as out of order.

          An organization with an $16m budget (2015) should not have legal expenses of nearly $1m. Inside or outside counsel.

          For what RA pays Fulkerson, it could hire a darn good attorney with management experience. Does the RA need a director of projects? No. Use his salary and benefits for a better attorney-CEO.

          Collections, what little there are, should be turned over to an outside debt collector.

          Lien filing is paralegal work at best. The same lien types are filed for all properties.


          • Donald

            As contentious as this community has become, this board (and future boards) should make sure their Directors & Officers Insurance coverage is up-to-date. Having counsel in these types of meetings is also prudent in my opinion.


          • Greg

            Nonsense. 95 percent of the community, if not more, could not care less what happens. Insurance is for the rest — nearly all of whom are NIMBY-types who resist all change.

            If RA’s insurance is not contemporaneous, that’s one more reason to fire Fulkerson.

            Moreover, how many lawsuits has the RA had to defend?

          • 40yearsinreston

            The ‘project director’ has zero experience aside from selling contractors

  • Start the weekend early
    • Donald

      I loved the request to approve the “provisional” motion.


      • John Higgins

        You have to give them credit for some comic relief to an otherwise boring final commitment to spend $7.7 million, maybe, kinda, sorta on something.

        • Donald


  • John Farrell

    What about pickleball?

    • Pop tennis

      You can play behind Lake Anne by the pool.

  • Donald

    In the video, I keep hearing about email dialogues taking place between board members as well as certain association resident members.

    To the board, be careful. From a legal standpoint, you’re playing with fire having those types of conversations.


  • Greg

    This is a good start. Now find a way to dispose of the Lake House and clean the RA house of the dead weight and incompetent staff that are the root of most of this.

    Boards come and go, staff burrow in and never are held accountable. Time to change that for good.

    Also, let them get their health services through Obamacare.

  • parking

    I looked at having a corporate event here. It is really not a viable option. “Rental Hours (including setup and cleanup). Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.” So after work, you’d have everyone hang around until 7pm before setup could even begin? Doesn’t work…


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