Monday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem November 20, 2017 at 9:00 am 9 Comments

Creditors Take Over Reston Contractor’s Subsidiary — The company, STC Group Inc., received formal notice earlier this month of the default, which cited the company’s failure to comply with financial covenants of an $81.2 million credit agreement from two years ago, according to the report. Top executives resigned as a result. [Washington Business Journal]

Stolen Garage Door Openers Lead to Local Burglaries — According to WTOP, police in Fairfax County are investigating a series of burglaries that happened this week involving stolen garage door openers. The incidents occurred at four homes, two of which are in Reston. In three cases, homeowners said they spotted the suspect, whom they described as a black man in his late teens to early 20s. [WTOP]

Comstock Holding Companies Inc Reports Third Quarter Results — The Reston-based company reported a net los of around $1.5 million as compared to the third quarter of last year, during with a net loss of $1.1 million was reported. [NB Herard]

Farmer-owned Restaurant Coming to Reston Soon — The North Dakota Farmers Union, Agraria LLC and the Farmers Restaurant Group are considering a plan to open their seventh farmer-owned restaurant on the East Coast in Reston. [Bismarck Tribune]

  • Anonymous Person

    The Founding Farmers by the Reston metro stop was supposed to open last summer and has been in permitting purgatory with Fairfax county from what I understand. Is that the planned considered restaurant in the above story?

    • Willie Reston


  • cRAzy

    If Comstock’s quarterly reports keep up this trend, someone else will soon own the two monstrosities they built at Wiehle station.

    • Greg

      And Herndon’s downtown will remain as it is. In 1900.

    • Greg

      And, really. What were they thinking with that hideous upside down office boxy block? We have another, nearly empty one, called the Innovation Center. It was neither innovative nor successful, and VA wants to dump it on Amazon for HQ2.

      • Mike M

        “It was neither innovative nor successful.

        Nor was it the “center” of anything I could see.

      • OneReally

        Did anyone notice Virginia Spine Institute is listed on the RIC now?

        Maybe it was an article here.

  • Big Drop

    i sincerely hope they are able to lease a significant amount of space in the speculative office building.

  • Mike M

    Psst! STG Group?


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