New Details Surface in the Murder of Reston Couple

by RestonNow.com December 27, 2017 at 11:30 am 112 Comments

Neighbors in a Lorton community discovered a 40-feet wide swastika that was moved into the grass of a community field two months ago. Tire marks from a mower ran up to the home of a troubled teen, according to neighbors.

After a protracted discussion, residents opted to talk to the teen’s family directly about the incident two months ago. Now, after reports that the 17-year-old allegedly shot and killed the parents of his 16-year-old girlfriend in their Reston home make nationwide headlines, some neighbors regret not filing a report with local police.

The incident, reported by The Washington Post, is part of a narrative surfacing as more details about the Reston murder on Friday become known.

According to the Post, Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, forbade their daughter from seeing the teen after discovering a Twitter account they thought was linked to the teen included tweets praising Hitler, calling for white revolution and an image of a man hanging from a noose.

Janet Kuhn, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker’s mother, told FOX 5  that the family believes the parents attempts to break up the daughter and her boyfriend led him to commit the crime in their home on the 2600 block of Black Fir Court. Police are investigating the boy’s alleged Neo-Nazi connection.

The teen, whose identity has not been revealed by police, has been charged with two counts of murder. He remains in critical condition. Four other family members who were home at the time of the shooting were not hurt.

  • 66gardeners

    the Lorton teen who shot fricker is Nicholas Giampa, parents are Michael and Madilyn giampa of gunston manor. Trump supporters!

    • HP

      And you know this, how?

  • 66gardeners

    The reston shooter’s name is Nicholas Giampa, son of Michael and Marilyn Breedlove Giampa. They knowing supplied their mentally disturbed son with firearms.

    • Mike M

      Thanks, if that’s true. Source? What do you know about the deceased daughter and her upbringing?

      • Arielle in NoVA

        Source seems to be Fairfax Underground. Not sure of proof, but it’s being discussed on there.

        • Mike M

          Nasty place. I am surprised it still exists.

          • Bruce

            FFX Underground has serious issues, but it is a good source of information for incidents like this one. Even the media uses it for news tips.
            By the way, another website has a picture of the suspect posing with an automatic weapon.

          • Mike M

            They have published illegally obtained material.
            What other website?

          • reston resident

            Illegally obtained material is sometimes the very best source available to anyone, especially with respect to “secrets” involving someone’s malfeasance or misfeasance. Ever hear of the Pentagon Papers? I seem to recall that someone made a movie about that….More to your point, I agree that Fairfax Underground has some truly loathsome ppl posting there.

          • Mia

            Go to FB and look at Nick Breedlove ‘s account. See the About section

          • Mike M

            Eek! You sound just like a lawyer. Or worse, an FBI lawyer.
            You know some secrets ought to stay that way and are none of my business.

          • TheKingJAK

            Yeah, but just be careful about putting people’s information out there like that. I know you didn’t post it, but I’m just pointing out the danger of possibly placing the personal information of innocent people in the crosshairs of those who may potentially wish them harm.

          • Mia

            It has to be true. Both the mother & father have removed their FB accounts. The son’s FB account lists “In a relationship with Ameli fricker”
            It’s Nicholas Giampa alright. Looks like his Twitter account was locked up as was his FB posts. Nick Breedlove (his Mom’s maiden name) is his moniker on FB

          • 66gardeners

            Mike M is not interested in facts. The public deserves to know who these people are so that they can avoid being killed by their type.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Yeah, getting killed by that type of person happens so much, I’m glad we have you to protect us.

          • 66gardeners

            and you part is what exactly?

          • The Constitutionalist

            I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question? “and you part is what exactly?”

          • Mia

            I still cannot fathom that his parents I haven’t said a word ONE. Nothing, except hide.
            It’s out everyone knows it’s their kid.

          • The Constitutionalist

            You could tell it was automatic by looking at it?

          • Arielle in NoVA

            Fairfax Underground can be creepy as all get-out at times, but it’s often where details come out on stories, from people who know those involved. Since it is such a manure pile overall (super racist, sexist, bigoted people post horrible stuff regularly and reporting rarely gets it taken down), you of course need to look for verification elsewhere, but it’s often a good place to look. Just don’t quote posts from there as fact without substantiating evidence from a reliable source.

    • RestonAssurance

      Were they also neo-Nazis? I hope the Kuhn-Fricker family wins a big time wrongful death lawsuit against this family of hate and self-righteous entitlement.

      • Reston Realist

        I sincerely doubt that they are thinking about money at a time like this. Even if they decide to do that at alter date, by the time the attorneys take their fees it would hardly be worth the effort unless the Nazi’s family has a very large liability insurance policy….

        • RestonAssurance

          I wasn’t hinting at money as these types of cases don’t net much if any; however, it may provide victim families with some bit of right doing.

          • The Constitutionalist

            OOOH NOT THE MONEY. What were you hinting at? The prize behind door number 2?

            I don’t even need to embarrass you, you do it to yourself.

      • Mike M

        “Wins big time?” I think I can say with confidence that neither family wins “big time” in this mess. Are you a lawyer? And they ask me why I hate them. I sense something else about you and I am embarrassed for you.

        Entitlement? Where do you see that?
        You seem to have the hate here.
        So, what if this kid and his girlfriend – the Kuhn-Fricker daughter killed someone else. Would you be as hopped up for their victim’s family to “win big time against the Kuhn-Fricker family? You are a hater, RA.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Aren’t you like, starting to be a little ashamed of yourself at this point?

    • SDK

      We can try to control everyone’s belief systems or we can control gun owner’s behavior with their firearms. Which will it be, NRA? I guess getting shot in your own home when your daughter has picked the wrong boyfriend is just “one more price we pay for freedom”. Amazing that neo-Nazis and “innocent” gun owning families have all the rights and the true innocents among us have absolutely none. The only defense in this case would have been to execute the boy in cold blood as soon as the threat of his ideas became clear. That’s illegal of course but what other choice does the NRA offer us? It’s kill or be killed apparently.

      • The Constitutionalist

        So, what do you propose, SDK? What common sense gun law would’ve prevented this?

        Wait, do laws actually prevent crimes? Oh, this should be a really easy fix then, we’ll just make crimes illegal.

        • Katy132

          THIS. This would prevent much of the illegal gun use and sales.: IDENTILOCK® is the fastest, most reliable trigger gun lock activated by fingerprint technology!

          • The Constitutionalist

            I think you missed my question so I’ll retype it, slower this time, for the less proficient readers.

            What — Common — Sense — Gun — Law — Would’ve –Prevented — This?

            Sound the words out with your mouth if you need to.

            A fancy gun lock is not a law and how could you possibly be sane and expect a criminal to use your fancy gun lock? What about the other 300 million guns already on the street, should we ask all the criminals to come to the police station or gun smith and have their IDENTILOCK® installed?

          • timlister82

            A law that limits manufacturing levels and/or required some type of tracking method embedded in the firearm, perhaps? You’re absolutely correct that we’ve got plenty of laws that apply to those who actually fire the gun, therefore it’s time to go after those who manufactured them in the first place.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Why? Should we also punish Ford because you ran over an old lady in the crosswalk because you were talking on your phone? Should we punish Apple?

            No, because that’s retarded. Hold people accountable for their actions. End of story. It certainly isn’t anyone’s fault but the alleged for his crimes.

          • armchair

            One has to chuckle at the pro-gun folk who always want to lamely lump cars and baseball bats with guns–anything that might be used to hurt someone, as if there was some equivalency between products that are not designed or made to hurt people and a weapon that is. Please stop with this lame excuse.

          • The Constitutionalist

            So, you don’t want to hold individuals accountable for their own actions? It’s the manufactures of arms that are to blame for you doing something, because they took all choice away.

            One has to chuckle at all the anti-gun folks clinging to their red herrings and pretending to live in a world void of personal responsibility.

          • Scooter Motoretta

            Having no guns in the community. Seize them all. Here in New Zealand we have to pass a strict exam to prove we know gun safety and are restricted in guns we can own. No handguns at all, unless you belong to an approved pistol/handgun club and it takes around 3 years to pass the qualifying period. No automatics, a limit on gun size and magazines that can hold more than 30 cartridges from memory, we haven’t had a handgun shooting in over 30 years.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Still waiting on a common sense gun law. Everyone wants to take something away from the community, why doesn’t anyone want to stop the criminal?

            NZ has had plenty of shotgun slayings, shouldn’t shotguns be illegal too?

            Perhaps we should take from case studies within our own country instead of comparing ourselves to socialist White Ethnostates that have less population than many counties in this country’s states, a country founded on the very principal of bearing arms.

            In fact, if you look inside this country, the country in mention, the United States, in areas where guns are heavily regulated, the shooting rate is astronomically higher than the reverse.

            How does anything you proposed, outside of a total gun seizure, stop one crazy person from taking a gun from his parents, who hypothetically passed all your exams, and committing a violent crime.

            For a country that’s 75% larger than yours, why are our crime rates so statistically similar when you adjust for the population?

            In fact, NZ’s total crime rate is 3x higher than the USA’s. Our violent crime is higher, but isn’t that to be expected in a country with such a violent history and such divisive racial and interracial issues.

            I’m merely suggesting that maybe, just maybe, the shoe that fits NZ doesn’t fit the USA, even if you make it 75 times bigger.

          • armchair

            Are you serious? Why doesn’t anyone want to stop the criminal? Apparently, you’ve missed the fact that most people aren’t criminals until they become one by deciding to shoot people. You can’t arrest people for having mental troubles, and millions of people in America are troubled to one degree or another. Most are not even diagnosed; even if they are, they still have access to guns. This kid wasn’t a “criminal” before he committed his criminal act. Neither was the Las Vegas shooter or hundreds of other people who kill with guns: they were “responsible gun owners” (right?) who became very irresponsible. This notion that guns aren’t the problem, people are, “criminals” are, is utter NONSENSE.

          • The Constitutionalist

            “This notion that guns aren’t the problem, people are, “criminals” are, is utter NONSENSE.”

            Case closed everyone. Time to gather all the guns and put them on trial for their crimes against humanity. The people that did it though? Wasn’t their fault, the gun made them do it.

            I’m surrounded by idiots.

          • Research Junkie

            There is nothing anyone could say that will satisfy you because you don’t believe any of it. You are baiting people to give you answers to shoot down (so to speak) regardless of whether your arguments in response are valid. Total waste of time.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Yet you reply anyways, and of course, without a word about the topic. Go figure. Another individual who can’t argue based on the merit of their ideas and has to resort to changing the subject and assumptions about the opposed.

          • armchair

            You want to pretend that most of the people with guns who commit crimes are sinister “criminals”–gang bangers and the like. Maybe. But a lot of them are just weird people with access to guns who go haywire–like this kid and the Las Vegas shooter and thousands of others–and kill innocent people. We do not need handguns in America, for starters. There’s your common sense.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Wow, you replied to a lot of my comments, I must’ve struck one of your two nerves.

            I bet I can guess all your trigger words.

          • Research Junkie
        • timlister82

          How about common sense gun manufacturing levels? How about common sense firearm tracking? How about not leaving guns somewhere that a 17-year-old kid with obvious mental issues can find them?

          • marina brown

            It was not mental illness that caused this murder. It was Nicolas Giampa being incited to murder by groups intent on creating a race war.

            I would argue that the constant and continual incitement to kill minorities by the alt-right rises to the level of “Inciting genocide” and “Conspiracy to commit genocide”. The US is a signatory to the treaty on genocide, so those are proper charges under US law.

        • Research Junkie

          Don’t be obtuse.

          • The Constitutionalist

            No proposition then? No actual, factual idea on a common sense gun law that would stop things like this from happening? I’m really just trying to get even a single person to tell me a common sense gun law that would prevent shootings of any kind. Just one. But since no one can come up with anything that doesn’t resemble a bucket attempting to hold water without a bottom, we’ll keep playing your emotional, ignorant game.

          • armchair

            No guns, smart guy. Japan has no gun violence. Why? No guns. How’s that for common sense? That’s my common sense. You want to be able to strut around and pretend to be a suburban cowboy–protector of family and neighborhood, citadel for freedom! Please. The practical way to end gun violence is to get rid of guns.

          • Reston Realist

            How do you propose we get rid of all the guns?

          • The Constitutionalist

            So your ‘common sense’ solution to guns being here is to confiscate all the documented guns, the 300+ million of them, nearly the same number that there are people here? What about the unregistered guns? What about the guns here illegally? Who will confiscate these guns? Who will willingly give up their guns when their creator gave them the unalienable right to bear them?

            Again, like the (insert gender neutral designation here) before you, you didn’t understand the question. I asked what COMMON SENSE gun legislation would’ve stopped this. I guess I’ll keep waiting.

            Again again, you compare the United States to another white ethnostate full of xenophobes who are very passionately entrenched in protecting THEIR culture.

            Pretty much the opposite of what ‘you people’ want.

            I’ll ask again: What common sense gun legislation would have prevented this crime?

          • Japan

            I can’t figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country, but consider it punishment to be sent back there

        • armchair

          Ban handguns–no sale, no manufacture, no import. Major crackdown. Get rid of them. Gun crime would go down signficantly–but, yea, I guess it would put a crimp in the delusions of all the American sheriff-wannabes who fancy themselves as protecting themselves and others from bad guys. Everyone is a responsible gun owner–until he’s not.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Oh my God! You did it! You actually, for the first time, came up with a semi-measurable thought that applies to what I put forth. It’s amazing!

            It wouldn’t have stopped any of the mass shootings though, and while this is conjecture since we don’t know all the details and I’m purely basing this on photos and nothing else, would not even have stopped this crime.

            Would you care to take another stab, (not a shot, that would be like, about guns or something) at it?

      • Mike M

        You are part of the problem of radicalization in this country. As I have said many times, your mindset brings political violence. Demonize the opposition and assert more federal control over EVERYONE. I believe this kid killed because of his demonization and the threat to his young love. Every day many more are killed in South Chicago. Care to post about that or are you only responsive to media hype of unusual incidents? Have you heard of the Second Amendment? You make me want the butt stocks under my Christmas tree. People like you create guns sales.

        PS: Yes. If someone points a gun at you, you might have to shoot them because waiting for the police is a loser. Of course the mom could have been less of a hater.

        • timlister82

          Demonization for mowing a swastika into a community garden? LOL, give me a break. If the kid had not been able to find a gun in the first place then this would’ve ended in shouting rather than bloodshed and we wouldn’t be discussing it now. The GUN is the ONLY common denominator in these situations, and it’s time people like yourself finally faced up to that fact.

          • Mike M

            As for the mowing, are you saying this is the first time a male adolescent did something a little wacky? Are you saying a kid who does something wacky is definitely a killer? Are you saying that passion killings have only been done with guns?

          • Art

            Those wacky children and their casual Nazism

          • The Constitutionalist

            Look, there you are again, blaming the weapon used for the crime and not the criminal. Why stop there? I think the bullets are to blame. If those stupid bullets didn’t exist just thing about how many lives would be saved. The humanity!

            Let’s start blaming cars for every fatal drunk driving accident. We need to start blaming the knives for all the stabbings too! Don’t forget about heights, we need to blame the distance between the ground and one’s feet when they jump off buildings to kill themselves, oh if it weren’t for those dastardly distances between low and high!

          • Mike M

            I long ago faced up to the fact that some people do bad things. Have you? I have also faced up to the fact that more laws would not have prevented this because the many broken in this incident didn’t.

          • armchair

            What laws were broken before he murdered two people? Gun folk and conservatives always trot out lame reasons why problems can’t be addressed.

          • Mike M

            He wasn’t supposed to have the gun. Just like the kids in Colorado and Connecticut.

        • Scooter Motoretta

          If people don’t have free access to guns then they won’t be pointing guns at people and you also won’t need to carry a gun so you can shoot at someone who points a gun at you. Is that simple enough?

          • Mike M

            Scooter I live in the real world. In that world bad guys and government will always have guns. So good guys need legal access. By the way, this right is guaranteed in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. The forgotten point of that was really to ensure that the people could keep the government in check if only by tacit threat of firepower. I think that is more important now than ever before. Also, the US is a lot less vulnerable to successful foreign occupation as a result of access to firearms. That was another intent of the Amendment. I wish the world were truly as simple as you see it. But I know better. Human history is the proof in the puddin’.

          • CommonCents


            Your position is not supported by facts; worse, your personal attacks are counter productive.

            (1) Because some people have firearms it does not automatically follow that all people must have firearms. By now you are probably aware that, for example, Australia, Germany, Japan, and the U.K. all have stricter gun control laws and significantly lower gun homicide rates than the U.S.

            (2) As you correctly state 2A was crafted to protect 18th century Americans from the tyranny they’d just revolted against by providing for “[a] well regulated militia […]” Importantly however, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” was never intended to provide protection from other citizens (nor from “foreign occupation” as you seem to believe).

            It’s worth making the obvious point that 2A was written at a time when “arms” were very different than what they are today. Although textualists (e.g. Scalia, Gorsuch) insist the Constitution be followed by “text and tradition,” their adherence goes out the window when it comes to legislation affecting firearms.

            (3) Excusing / explaining these murders due to “young love” and “passion” is completely unhealthy and untrue. The vast majority of people reading these words have had their own personal experience with both “young love” and “passion” yet they’ve managed to not murder anybody.

            Intimate Partner Violence (i.e. domestic or dating violence) is most often related to the abuser’s unhealthy need for power or control over their partner. Referring to abuse (in this case multiple murders) as “young love” contributes to these problems by trivializing and normalizing unhealthy behaviors.

            If you weren’t aware of it, the majority of mass shooters in the U.S. have a history of domestic violence. This makes sense: those with an unhealthy need for power naturally gravitate to those means which will provide them with an artificial exertion of power.

            (4) Laws do prevent crimes. Laws prevent some people from engaging in criminal activity out of fear that they will be caught and punished. Laws prevent some victims from seeking “self justice” out of faith that the criminal justice system will properly hold the criminal to account. The rule of law was a prerequisite to creating and upholding the U.S. Constitution.

            (5) Although there is truth in the dangers of “demonizing” others based on their opinions – and the concomitant false dichotomies which follow – it stretches credulity when you rely so heavily on ad hominem.

            If you focused more on veracity and less on insults it would provide for a more constructive discussion.

          • Mike M

            (1) Hmmn. Must you put words in my mouth? I never said all people should have firearms. Never said it.

            (2) Those other countries don’t have the Second Amendment. If you would like to move there, I will help you pack. I would tell not so much has changed from the 18th century as you seem to believe. I think you take much for granted. Times change. But past is prologue. It goes in cycles. We are coming off a very soft cycle.

            (3) This murder was exactly as I described it. If you can’t see that it is because you are obsessing with how the kid acted out. If he thought he was a vampire would you obsess so much. Intervene? These crimes are rare, but not at all unheard of. The slightly more common disastrous result of such parenting intervention although is suicide. Simple fact. I never said this is the normal result. I said it was rare and tragic. There is more to this story, I think, regarding the kid’s overnight presence in the house.

            (4) If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns. Most gun owners are law abiding. The vast majority! Passing laws does not stop a criminal. This kid didn’t even possess the gun legally. So, we need more laws. that would have stopped this event? No. Mind you, murder is illegal. Yet we have plenty of it. And it’s not only guns.

            (5) I stand by everything I said. You have proved none of it false. These parents and many posters here demonized this kid, treating him like Reinhard Heydrich instead of a kid they knew to have some emotional issues. I know something about parenting. Step 1, I am the adult. Step 2, the kid is a kid. A disturbed kid running his mouth and carving swastikas with a lawn mower is not a criminal. Treating him as such clearly set off some avoidable results. Wouldn’t you say?

          • CommonCents

            Re. ad hominem: “big boy pants”; “[email protected]”; etc.

            (1) Because “bad guys and government will always have guns” it does not follow that others “need legal access” to guns. 2A was never intended as a defense against “bad guys” but instead as a defense against a tyrannical government.

            Although SCOTUS recently allowed the Federal government to place limits on State governments by interpreting 2A to include ownership of “a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and […] self-defense within the home” (Heller) that decision does not jibe with the textualist (or originalist) ethos proclaimed by some of its members.

            The limit on the Founders’ imaginations to foresee how 2A would be misconstrued is understandable but nonetheless regrettable.

            (2) Yes, those other countries don’t have 2A and – importantly – don’t have U.S. firearm murder rates.

            Firearm deaths per 100,000 citizens:
            Australia 0.93
            Germany 1.01
            Japan 0.06
            U.K. 0.23
            U.S. 10.54

            To be clear: the high murder rate in the U.S., as compared to these other countries, is largely a result of the high firearm ownership rate. This ownership rate is due largely to 2A (as interpreted by SCOTUS).

            In the U.S. good people have found they can stay in their country and work to change unjust policies and laws. It would be contrary to their principles to leave the U.S. (or own a firearm, build a wall, or enact a travel ban) out of misplaced fear.

            (3) By calling these murders “passion killings” diminishes the harm caused because it provides an excuse or explanation. After all, if you aren’t seeking to re-frame these murders as something-less-significant-than-other-murders why refer to them as “passion killings” in the first place?

            (And: “passion killing” refers to a killing in response to an immediate occurrence, i.e., in the “heat of passion”).

            IPV is not rare, neither is death at the hands of an intimate partner. The majority of women killed with a firearm are killed by their partner / ex-partner. And though some kids react to being held accountable for their actions by committing suicide instead of murder the weapon of choice more often than not is still: firearms.

            (4) Here is a similar argument which might highlight the two fallacies in your position: “Most people who have been intoxicated when they drive haven’t hurt anybody, and besides criminals don’t follow laws, therefore we don’t need laws prohibiting drunk driving.”

            (5) My hope was not to “prove” your statements as false but – as I stated – to point out that if “you focused more on veracity and less on insults it would provide for a more constructive discussion.”

            That said, some of what you’ve said is inaccurate – but to expect any “proof” of those inaccuracies beyond what’s already been offered expects too much.

            And: it appears that this kid was not treated like “a war criminal” despite his increasingly unhealthy behavior. Instead of involving the police it was left to his parents to hold him accountable for his bad acts. While we will never know what would have happened if instead the police had been called, we do know what happened when they were not.

            This highlights the fact that it’s not enough to be “good parents” who do the right things by talking with their child and contacting the school because clearly the people who did the right things here are the ones who have suffered the most. Some might see this as an argument against doing what is right but that only works in the short-term; in the long-term we all owe a debt of gratitude for these parents and others like them.

          • armchair

            You are funny. “Good guys” need guns? Who says you are a “good guy”? You? Where comes this silly notion that, if you buy and own a gun, you must, ipso facto, by a “good guy.” I’d say most gun owners are paranoid–that might be a more apt description. This idea that people might need guns to protect themselves from the “guv’ment” is the stuff of the crazy, warped militia crowd and hillbillies–the same people who wanted to shoot the “revenuer” back in the day. The 2nd amendment was written when the U.S. had no army, no police, no FBI, no nothing. It is clearly written in the context of state militia members needing guns. We don’t have state militias anymore. Also, the 2nd amendment for a long time was interpreted far differently than it has been recently. I’m not sure how anyone could interpret it as meaning anything but gun ownership for state militia owners of that long-ago age. But ideology always intervenes.

          • Mike M

            Yes. I am a good guy. I have no criminal record and no criminal intent. What else do you need? Gun owners in the US number in the tens of millions. relatively few of them are criminals with a criminal intent. Can you handle that reality? It may make you nervous but government do need checking from the people. That is a simple fact. Thomas Jefferson made that observation and all our founding fathers knew it from experience. What is so hard about that? The fact that you wish it weren’t true? “Crazy,” “warped,” “hillbillies?” That’s just name calling. It adds nothing to your argument. I am none of those things. The police, the army, the FBI, the NSA, these are the very agents of the government against which the people must be on guard. Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. The Second Amendment was written in the immediate aftermath of a violent revolution. I know bloody well that it was all about that. There are books on the topic. Being able to check a government that grows to oppressive is a fundamental part of a sustainable democracy.

          • Steve

            “I am a good guy”? You sound like a douchebag Mike.

          • Mike M

            Hi, Steve. Care to clarify? Are you one of those people who hatefully and gratuitously calls me a hater? Am I a “douchbag” because you don’t agree with me. Can you clarify? Is it possible that you just posted a “d-bag” post?

    • SDK

      Come on, shooting is the best thing for mentally disturbed teens. What about Nancy Lanza? She had everything with Adam under control, took him shooting, trained him to kill. So what if he couldn’t look another human in the eye. GUNS ARE GOOD FOR EVERYONE. And we should all just trust gun owners to manage everything on their own! They don’t need to follow any rules … that would be government interference! And that would be terrible. I mean, if you can’t give grandpappy’s rifle to your mentally ill teenage neo-Nazi son so that he can kill his girlfriend’s family or plan a mass shooting of first graders, this wouldn’t be America! And that’s what makes America GREAT.

      • Terry394vr

        Good way to put it. Thank you!

      • Mike M


      • Wilma4ever

        My sarcastic thoughts — exactly! The Second Amendment is rather simple: a dependent clause followed by a declarative. The terms of the dependent clause — “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a Free State . . .” — have yet to be fulfilled. The gun nuts refuse to organize themselves into a well-regulated militia. Surely Ms. Lanza’s boy, Ms. Breedlove’s boy — all of the mothers’ sons who have laid waste to innocents — would fail to cut muster in ANY militia. I’m waiting, gun nuts, to hear why you cannot fulfill your duties as gun-waving nutjobs.

    • The Constitutionalist

      I’m waiting.

      Want to meet by the playground at recess?

    • Mike M

      You should delete that post. You are screwing up, kid.

      • Trut Tella

        lol. u mad bro?

        • The Constitutionalist

          Still waiting….

        • Mike M

          No. But you can be prosecuted for making threats. You want that?

          • Trut Tella

            COME AT ME BRO

          • Mike M

            Grow up, bro.

  • Sharrlize

    HEADLINE & STORY: “White and Black Adolescents Display Wildly Divergent Morph-Shape Shifting Abilities and Behaviors” – Black teens as young as 12-years-old arrested for crimes or murdered by white supremacist cops suddenly transform into “big” grown “men” who are entirely conscious of their “dastardly deeds” and “threatening behavior”; while white “men” of the same age arrested for similar crimes or guilty of racist terrorism suddenly transform into “teenagers” and “nice little boys” with “mental problems”. Race of media editors and producers is thought to be the key factor in how the teens “shape shift”. Scientists at Harvard University say further study is warranted and applied for a $10 million research grant.

    • Mike M

      1) Murder is murder. Assault is assault. It’s crime and punishable by the law.

      2) Sure, bad upbringing can contribute. But crime is crime. No further study needed, “Harvard scientists,” unless you want to look at why some demographics are extremely prone to murder. And some are! We just can’t even talk about that, can we, Sharrlize?

      3) I believe the tendency toward violence of certain demographics has everything to do with the goals and means of the DNC and their media outlets. They seek to develop a perpetual chip on shoulders by identity.

      4) There is no bias at work here. This kid crossed the legal line. He will be prosecuted if he lives. Also, the media has demonized the kid thoroughly and reported heavily. To even imply that there is bias at work with the police and the media is perverse. The opposite is true.

      5) There is no racial aspect to this case. To inject it indicates hard core indoctrination.

      6) This is an extremely rare case. It jarred the whole community (except maybe you, Sharrlize). A great many of the indoctrinated will be susceptible to media hype. Some cases get over-reported, some cases get under reported. Why is that? (See 3 above.)

  • Mike M

    Proof of what? We can be pretty confident he had access to firearms.

    • 66gardeners

      Proof that Nicholas Giampa was, at least in part, indoctrinated by his parents. We already know about the Giampa family’s involvement in these murders. Here’s to hoping Giampa’a parents are prosecuted for supplying firearms to his mentally deranged son.

      • The Constitutionalist

        And what laws would they be prosecuted for breaking exactly?

        • 66gardeners

          not sure exactly. Maybe more along the line of civil charges for negligence. If there isn’t a criminal law for giving your mentally deranged child a gun, there certainly should be.

          After Nicholas mowed the swastika into the community property field three months ago, his parents told the neighbors they were getting him help.

          The signs were there, but, unfortunately, at least the mother harbored racist views and apparently encouraged it with Nicholas. She thought he was MAGA, no doubt.

          • The Constitutionalist

            Oh okay.

            So, to get this straight, as something like this would have to set a precedent, we should punish all parents who have troubled children who make stupid decisions?

          • 66gardeners

            I hope you are not a parent. Your kids obviously would be dangerous with a gun.

          • The Constitutionalist

            So, no answer then for the logical question. Got it.

            You’re right. They would be dangerous with a weapon, quite a bit more so than someone not trained. Not only do I have a long tenure of serving this country, I am also a certified firearm instructor and I stay quite proficient. I would make certain they do as well, it would be a requirement to go to the range with me.

          • 66gardeners

            when you talk all I hear is “me, me me me”

          • The Constitutionalist

            And when you type, all I read is some fairly incoherent and illogical thoughts because you change the subject any time you’re challenged with an idea that is different form your own.

            It’s fine, really, keep this approach. You’re just discrediting and embarrassing yourself.

          • timlister82

            How about we enact a law which ensures that everyone who wants to purchase a gun meets or exceeds your own credentials in firearm training and safety, including remedial proficiency checks?

          • The Constitutionalist

            So, ratify the Second Amendment to say that before you can bear arms you have to pass a check that says you’re as proficient as The Constitutionalist?

            Fine. Then we do the same for every other “basic human right.” If you want health insurance, you take an exam that says you’re as fit and healthy as The Constitutionalist.

            If you want to speak, you take an exam that says you’re as skilled in the art as The Constitutionalist.

            If you want to exercise your freedom of movement, prove that you’re as capable as me.

            You want to practice your right to choose your sexual orientation, I don’t think so — I’m the litmus test.

            See how retarded this is? Almost like it completely defies common sense.

            Big surprise.

          • RestonAssurance

            Quite a bit more than a stupid decision when it culminates in a double murder.

          • The Constitutionalist

            What’s stupider than stupid? .

      • Mike M

        Guns are not evil. But some people do bad things with them. Would you want the deceased to be prosecuted if these two lost teens killed someone else? You seem a little hateful.

  • The Constitutionalist

    I’m trying to accept your challenge. Are you coming for me? I said let’s meet by the playground at recess, I’ll be in khaki-polo and a grey sweater

    • 66gardeners

      these types are always cowards

  • TRS

    Last Friday, I was reading the local news, expecting to see what restaurants closed and are opening, to see what squabbles are in play in local politics, to see what weekend events were happening in my community when I became aware of the horror that invaded the Kuhn Fricker family a week ago today.

    Of all the moments of senseless acts of violence, this one struck literally and figuratively close to home. I could not read the horror story that unfolded a few miles away from us, shake it off and get on with my day. In just a few paragraphs, tears welled then flowed for a family I don’t know but felt kindred. In just a few days, we have come to know the killer’s profile that mirrors countless other killers of innocents. In just a week, the story has been told around the world:

    A mother and father mowed down in their own home by an unstable angry teen who shot them in the face because they would no longer allow their daughter to date him.

    An unstable angry teen who was clearly raised in a home of hate and intolerance.

    An unstable angry teen taught to shoot a gun, and with easy access to his choice of weapon.

    An unstable angry teen with social media friends sharing similar interests in gore, horror, anger, and guns, including one with a banner as his profile photo, Black Rifles Matter.

    An unstable angry teen and his friends who lost their values, morals, ethics, compassion and compass long ago, and who now creep like rot into happy lives with the hope of sucking the hope, joy, optimism, tolerance and compassion for others so that they, too, feel the alienation, anger and thirst to hurt others who have taken whatever it is they believe they are owed.

    If you haven’t yet seen it, watch Janet Kuhn’s profound stoic, shocked response as she explains her daughter’s attempts to keep her teen away from the unstable angry boy aching to be a man.

    If you haven’t yet seen them, read the articles that will reveal the horrific details. Google the mother Marilyn Breedlove Giampa who “raised” the killer Nicholas Giampa and read her comments including that she’ll stomp on the face of anyone who desecrates “her” flag. Take a look at his dark, bizarre friends on Facebook. Read the obituary of Marilyn’s father who was clearly a pillar for his family. Find the short video his sister Gina posted a few years ago where she videos her brother who is helping a child under five years old “kill” on some stupid killing video game. Follow the clues for hints, glimpses, and moments in time that begin to explain this horror.

    As a professional, I spent a good part of my career focused on empowering youth–to give them skills, mentoring and opportunities to live a positive life.

    As an American, I have watched with incredulity how extreme and hideous attitudes have permeated our society. I have written extensively on why this is happening but I have not written from a personal perspective.

    As a mother, I increasingly stare into the dark of the night, wondering how and where to raise my children. More and more often I look into their faces with fear that no matter the planned activities intended to build character, church attendance, acts of giving and kindness, and exposure to moments that will build their character and compassion, it is their friends and relationships that they will form that are the vast unknowns.

    As we read the articles that are emerging about this horror, any one of us could have been Buckley as our daughters make their romantic choices. Parents around the world are in agreement with Buckeley and Scott’s decision to intervene, and know that it was only fate’s cruel twist that took this magnificent couple, and not them.

    Any one of us could have been Scott as the stepparent who assumes the thankless and often impossible role of co-parenting children who share a household and nothing more. I recall watching with horror as my husband’s 17 year-old son “fell in love” with then marry then divorce a girl who exposed him to the blood spurting skeletons, gory anime and alternative, incredibly dark viewpoints on society.

    As a “stepmother” to three children I gave up trying to know long ago, I observed mostly in silence the bad behavior, bad choices, affinity for the grotesque, and aching loneliness mostly caused by entrenched, profound selfishness.

    In my teens, I could have been Amelia as I tried to make sense of society and relied on the empty promises and dark influence of angry, alienated young boys. I was utterly unprepared to draw boundaries, identify character flaws, or have the courage to walk away.

    And as concepts that most of us believed were eradicated long ago creep into our nation’s consciousness — white supremacy, Nazism, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, and deep hatred toward others who are perceived as advancing in society at the cost of another who believed he held but lost his “rightful” place — we must:

    Make clear to children that parents will be early and ongoing involved in helping them navigate their choices in friendships and intimate relationships,

    Be conscious in encouraging the types of friendships that we believe are healthy for our children,

    Not be silent in addressing bad behavior when it is obvious and observed,

    Be deliberate in our conversations on the importance of tolerance, compassion, acceptance, kindness, and empowerment for all, and

    Be forceful that the character of another matters, and that it is the responsibility of parents to PARENT.

    • Sophia F

      Um both kids went to a special school for behavior/mental etc problems. It’s no wonder your step kids have issues. Look jn the mirror.

      • TRS

        Madeira School is a private school for girls. The stepchildren never lived with me. Why the need to hate?

        • 66gardeners

          The Sophia is a good representation of the type of people the Giampa’s are. We need to marginalize them and never normalizethis type of behavior.

          • Mike M

            You are the original lefty hater! Thanks for the sample.

    • 66gardeners

      Thank you for this heartful post. My motivation for exposing these people is in honor of the Frickers. They did not do nothing and stay silent. We should do likewise.

      • Mike M

        They got lost in this disturbed kid’s “nazism” as programmed and intervened in their daughter’s young love with nuclear subtlety. If you judge a set of actions by the results, . . .

  • Reston Now

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    • Mike M

      As a reminder, stop censoring comments that are not in violation of your comment policy!

  • Frederick Stevenson

    A fund has been set up to help with the children left behind. The funds Scott’s brother who will be taking custody of the youngest child.


  • fred

    A fund has been set up for Scott and Buckley’s children. I am on of his fraternity brother’s and the funds will go to the custodians of the children left behind.


  • Wilma4ever

    Will there be any charges for the Kuhn-Fricker daughter? She let him bring his guns into the house — without that, her parents would probably be alive.

  • armchair

    Ban all handgun in America, for starters–no manufacture, no sale, no importation, no trading, etc. What the pro-gun crowd will never acknowledge–they, being conservatives, have to lean on dishonesty and BS to support their idiotic ideology–is that mental illness and a gun culture do not mix. There are vast numbers of people in this country with mental issues of one kind or another (depression, anger issues, addictions, psychosis, etc.), most not even diagnosed much less treated. And all have easy access to guns. You can’t have it. You cannot have it. Unfortunately, we have GOP politicians and conservatives who don’t give a damn that innocent people are murdered every day–lots of them–by people with guns. They /pretend/ to care–but what they really care about is keeping their cushy jobs and the financial contributions from the disgraceful NRA and other groups that help keep them in office. They want to ‘send prayers’ and condolences to victims–but they most assuredly do not want to do anything to stop gun violence. Japan has no gun violence at all. Why? No guns. But this is the problem with conservatives and the GOP–they have no interest in solving problems because they’re in the pocket of businesses and groups that support the status quo. They are a shameful lot–and when people stop voting for these neanderthals in suits, maybe something will be done.


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