Monday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem January 29, 2018 at 9:00 am 10 Comments

Reston Community Leader, Civil Rights Advocate Remembered — “The letters and cards that Rev. Frederick Lowry’s family received after his death kept circling back to the same sentiments: how kind he was, how much he cared, his sense of humor,” writes Angela Woolsey. Lowry died due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease on Dec. 25. He was well-known for his 14-year tenure as director of the Community Ministry of Fairfax. [Fairfax County Times]

Ten Things You Should Know about Olympic Speedskater Maame Biney — The Reston native is headed to the Olympics. The 17-year-old speedskater is the first black woman to land on a spot on the U.S. Olympic speedskating team. [NBC4]

County Hosts Community Meeting on Plans to Convert Empty Office Buildings into Other Uses — The county is holding a meeting today at 6 p.m. in the Fairfax County Government Center (12000 Government Center Parkway) to discuss a comprehensive plan amendment that would allow empty office buildings to be converted for other uses. An attempt to carve a special exemption for Reston when the first phase of the amendment was introduced failed last year. [Fairfax County Government]

Build a Birdhouse Tomorrow at Walker Nature Center — Children between the ages of 7 and 12 can get their hands busy tomorrow from 11 a.m. to noon at the center. Attendees will practice basic woodworking skills by constructing a birdhouse. Tickets are $7 for Reston members and $9 for all others. [Reston Association]

Photo by Fatimah Waseem

  • OneReally

    Build a Birdhouse Tomorrow at Walker Nature Center — Children between the ages of 7 and 12 can get their hands busy tomorrow from 11 a.m. to noon at the center.

    The kids will be in school, correct?

    • Eve Thompson

      Teacher work day.

      • The Constitutionalist

        Isn’t every school day a “Teacher work day?”

        • Chuck Morningwood

          Nope. I tried to schedule a meeting with The Kid’s teacher on one of those work days because I had to take the day off anyway. The Vice Principal absolutely forbade it. Any other day of the week was fine, but not the sacred “Teacher’s Work Day”.

      • OneReally

        It’s listed under “Monday Morning Notes”. Today (Monday) is the teacher workday . “Tomorrow” the kids will be back in school.

  • Mike M

    “Convert Empty Office Buildings into Other Uses ”

    Looks like the developers are already working their next wave of planned overcrowding in Reston. I had said it in here many times that there was a glut of office space in Reston. Market forces (lower rents) seemed in check. Why? Because it will theoretically benefit developers more to convert them to condos. They don’t want them rented for office space or retail. They have plans, planners, and politicians. Sound familiar? By the way, there is no guarantee they are even acting in their own interests. Recall they were building office buildings adjacent to the ones they had been vacant for a decade or more. They may very well be building what they cannot rent except at slum rates. And bet on the County board enforcing their usual “workforce housing” demands. So, who wants to live in Reston in ten years? The question is rapidly becoming when is the time to sell.

    • OneReally

      I guess you’ve been getting the your surrounded flyers as well. 🙂

      Just need another 5 years and I will be the first to sell out. 🙂

      • Mike M

        I hope that’s not too late.

    • Greg

      I hope they start with Shadowood and then proceed to clear the Glade Dr. slums.

      PS — isn’t Comstock building another speculative office building at Reston Station nearby the one it cannot rent?

      • Mike M

        The County will protect it’s “workforce” housing. But other neighborhoods are simply too sparsely populated and ripe for redevelopment in the minds that make these decisions.

        No idea about Comstock. But it wouldn’t surprise me. Firms are increasingly reducing their square feet per employee and even pressing them to work from home. So, what’s a developer to do? More of the same.


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