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by Fatimah Waseem February 21, 2018 at 9:00 am 10 Comments

Growing pains — Proposals to increase population density have been met by fierce community opposition. A Burke resident fires back, arguing that Reston’s development isn’t finished yet. [Greater Greater Washington]

Forging a new fellowship — Lake Anne Fellowship House could soon be transformed into a new 240-unit apartment building for seniors in need of affordable housing. Plans, which also include 74 townhouses, will go before the Design Review Board on March 19[Reston Association]

Second phase of Loudoun Station begins — Reston-based Comstock is set to begin the $75 million development project as Metro service inches closer. [Washington Business Journal]

Wins in the first regional champion for girls indoor track —  With dominating performances in the sprints and relays, the South Lakes High School girls’ team won the 6A North Region D indoor track and field championship in mid-February. [SLHS]

Photo by Ruth Sievers

  • Anonymous Person

    The link for the last story is missing.

    • Fixed

      Use your imagi nation

    • Reston Now

      There is no link for this note.

      • Anonymous Person

        Okay, thanks for your work.

  • Umust B Kidding

    Canaan Merchant, the Burke-resident reporter writing about Reston’s development, is a correspondent for Greater Greater Washington, a pro-urban development news blog. In GGW’s view, we all ought to walk or bike everywhere no matter what our purpose, age, health, or anything else. Its views consistently get in the way of reality.

    Merchant has written several articles for GGW that are filled with errors and misperceptions. I’d suggest that he focus on Burke–a PRC community–where he can advocate for increased density there. He simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about in Reston. He’s just getting paid to write articles.

    • The writer lives in Reston (bio was out of date) and is an unpaid/volunteer contributor. GGW articles are meant to create discussions, which this one obviously has given the topic.

      • Umust B Kidding

        Just so readers know, Ms. Cartier’s profiles says she is a “Marketing Architect “martech” building communities via websites, email,
        conferences, webinars, and social media to drive brand awareness,
        conversations, and sales. . . I’m the person behind-the-scenes making sure the play is staged.”

        This one sure has been. I wonder who’s paying for the staging?

      • Conservative Senior

        He’s a renter in Falls Church.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Hes a troll

  • Greg

    Development will continue full force. Here’s what we just received from Bulova:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the proposed density cap increase as part of the Reston PRC amendment. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter.

    As this is a case in the Hunter Mill District, I have asked Supervisor Hudgins’ office to keep my staff informed on this case. The PRC Amendment process has been lengthy, and the Reston community has been highly engaged throughout this conversation. I agree that increasing the density in Reston would create a positive impact on Fairfax County as a whole, and I look forward to continuing to examine how to best address density and development in the area.


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