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Crime Roundup: Police Tackle Two Car Chases This Week

by RestonNow.com March 20, 2018 at 2:30 pm 4 Comments

Fairfax County police apprehended two boys during a pursuit on Baron Cameron Avenue and Cameron Health Drive just before midnight on Sunday (March 18). 

Police believe the driver ran a traffic light at around 11:40 p.m. A pursuit followed when the officer tried to stop the vehicle. Officers then chased and caught the two boys as they exited the car and ran away.

Petitions for felony speed to elude, unauthorized use, disregarding a traffic signal, and no license will be sought, police said.

In a separate incident, 25-year-old Reston man was arrested and charged with drinking in public on Friday at around 8:37 p.m. Police said Raheel Aijaz and Amber Hartzell, 23, of Springfield, were sitting in a car in a parking lot. Police officers approached the car after receiving a report of a suspected drunk driver.

The driver, Hartzell, drove off, forcing police to pursue the car. She was charged for driving while intoxicated.

As we reported earlier this week, a 61-year-old Reston man arrested for shooting his dog and dumping the body near a Fairfax County park.

FCPD also reported the following incidents:


1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive, laptop computer from vehicle

2400 block of Centreville Road, property from business

11900 block of Market Street, coat from business

2200 block of Monaghan Drive, license plate from vehicle

10500 block of Leesburg Pike, cash from business

2500 block of Woodrow Wilson Drive, license plates from vehicle

2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, food from business.


None reported

Photo via FCPD

  • Mike M

    Raheel and Amber, sittin’ in a tree

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Two stories, one common theme: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • guest

    Why was she only charged with DUI if she “drove off, forcing the police to pursue her”? She should also be charged with a felony “elude” as well. I’m unsure why the others were charged with it and she wasn’t. She caused just as much of a danger or even more, because she had also been drinking. So, she eluded police while intoxicated and only gets charged with a DUI, while other other suspects get a string of charges? All of them should of been charged the same, it doesn’t seem right that she wasn’t, so she’ll be out on the streets drinking and driving again putting others at risk. This is shameful

    • Anonymous

      Actually she was charged with felony eluding. If you search her on the VA GDC court website, both the DWI and Eluding show up.


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