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Reston Designated a Biophilic City in Recognition of Environmental Efforts

by Fatimah Waseem March 21, 2018 at 3:30 pm 5 Comments

Reston will officially become a biophilic city tomorrow (March 22), joining a network of cities that try to make connections to the natural world.

The designation is given by The Biophilic Cities Network, which was founded by Tim Beatley, a professor of urban and environmental planning at the University of Virginia.

“We carry with us ancient brains, and to be happy and healthy and have meaningful lives, we need that connection with nature. And we can’t just get it on a holiday for a week or two during summer. It has to be integrated into our daily lives — everyday nature where we live and work. Nature we experience every hour,” Beatley wrote in a statement.

Doug Britt, a member of Reston Association’s environmental advisory committee, applied for the designation, which has also been given to San Francisco, Portland and Wellington.

Beatley will present the designation at Reston Association’s meeting tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.

Here’s more from RA’s draft agenda packet:

At its Regular meeting on July 27, 2017 the Board of Directors received an overview of the first Reston Annual State of the Environment Report (RASER), produced by the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) as a tool for benchmarking the quality of the environment in Reston. Along with the report, the EAC presented several recommendations for Board consideration to advance or improve the quality of various aspects of Reston’s environment.

One of the recommendations proposed by the Environmental Advisory Committee in conjunction with the specific actions to advance environmental management was for Reston Association to apply to become a Biophilic City.

File photo via Reston Association

  • cRAzy

    Is this a designation we will lose when developers put high-rise apartments and office buildings cheek by jowl throughout Reston, eliminating what remains of our natural environment along the Dulles Corridor, our village centers, and elsewhere?

    • Going green $$$

      Not according to our founder guru Robert eSimon, because high rises expand vertically and create green spaces horizontally.

      This also baked in with the philosophy of our local leaders and think tanks that rely on vertical integration of tax payers and vote slingers.

  • Ra Cha Cha

    Great! But this doesn’t say what Reston did to earn the designation, or will or won’t do henceforth because of it. That would be super-interesting to know.

  • reston resident

    This is complete environmental bull slinging. “Biophilic” indeed! Another excuse for RA to hire additional staff and to burden its members with new and/or additional requirements for living here? I sense another case of mission creep for RA. This article needs to be expanded to include what this designation really entails. Why do we have to follow the links and search it out for ourselves? “Ancient brains” or not, I am not certain that I want to be a living in a petri dish for some professor with a “great” idea that caught the fancy of one of our RA committees.

  • AnniePagan

    Did you ever see the South Park “smug alert” episode, where the writers use the metaphor of people getting off on smelling their own farts to illustrate smugness? This biophilic city designation is redolent of that.


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