Reston Town Center North Development Moves Forward, Eyes 2021 Groundbreaking

by Fatimah Waseem May 11, 2018 at 12:00 pm 12 Comments

Plans are moving forward to redevelop a 47-acre plot of land north of Reston Town Center into a street grid with a park, mixed-use buildings, and a recreation center. The first phase of the project, which covers two of eight blocks in the development, would affect Reston Regional Library and the Embry Rucker Shelter.

Fairfax County, INOVA and Reston Association have drafted a memorandum of understanding to outline the scope of the development, known as Reston Town Center North.

The team behind the public-private partnership is expected to conduct a work session with RA’s Design Review Board on Tuesday (May 15). RA’s covenants and governing documents apply to all eight blocks of development.

Construction is expected to last from late 2021 to 2025. If the plan moves forward, the new library will be 9,000 square feet larger and the homeless shelter will increase capacity from 70 to 90 beds.

Between 360 and 420 market-rate housing units, 50 affordable units and 30 supportive housing units are planned for people to transition out of the shelter. The size of the shelter would more than double from 10,500 square feet to 25,000 square feet. Between 174,000 and 244,000 square feet of private commercial development is also planned, with an additional 28,000 square feet of office space for nonprofit organizations.

Plans for the remaining seven blocks are preliminary. Phase two contemplates the construction of a 90,000 square foot recreation center, built in coordination with the Fairfax County Park Authority.

Overall, the county will own 55 percent of the project and INOVA will own 45 percent. The project is intended to transition from Reston Town Center’s urban core to an area with lower intensity and tapering heights from south to north and east to west.

Maps via Fairfax County Government

  • 30yearsinreston

    “public-private partnership”
    We all have previous experience with that concept and how well it works

    Socialize the costs and privatize the profits

  • Betsy

    How’s that Greenway working for you? #Privatereapstheprofitspublicgetsthebills

    • Greg

      Works just fine for us.

      How’s the Dulles Toll Road working for you? I-66 inside the beltway? Nearly $50 tolls for 10 miles?

      The government promised us, many times, that it (the DTR) would be a freeway once it was paid for. And here we are — digging ever deeper for ever higher tolls.

      • 30yearsinreston

        Plum can fix it if he gets off his arse

      • Conservative Senior

        Timmey Kaine screwed us over many times. Wise up & vote him out of office.

  • Tammi Petrine

    The core of RTCN is a ‘central green’ or park space. No doubt open, green, public park space is desperately needed in an urban area. BUT who thinks that the design of this green makes any sense?. We have known for decades that we are short on rectangular playing fields in Reston and more so now that RTC has evolved and the corridor area has added thousands of dwelling units and continues to plan for thousands more with NO appreciable recreational green space at all! Oh, there’s a mini park here and there but creative verbiage do not healthy active playing fields make..

    YET the ‘central green’ is so narrow that it cannot accommodate this need. WHO designed this and signed off on it? When this plan came before Reston P & Z Committee, instantly the design was found lacking. Yet here it is again, unchanged!
    Why do all the short E/W ‘grid streets’ have to cut though this park??? Why not let the park be shorter, wider and unencumbered by every grid street cut-through? Give us some space with enough perimeter space for parking, trees and shade that is usable for something besides a dog toilet, please.

    • 30yearsinreston

      The ‘park’ will make a great hobo camp

  • Dale

    “Overall, the county will own 55 percent of the project and INOVA will own 45 percent.”

    For me, this answers who is running Reston! By the way for those who do not get satire, it is not Reston!

    • Greg

      It makes little sense to have INOVA and the county own any of it. Most of Reston’s social housing is on the south side where there are no government or health care services (but for a tired, small vet’s office and a fire station). No library, no health care, no homeless shelter. Move some of it south — there’s already a huge, ever expanding hospital in north Reston.

      • Dale

        Totally agree, but over the years I have been here in Reston (working on 20) nobody does anything! They could recall our Supervisor but no! Every-time I post how to do it I always get pithy and ignorant comments from people who claim to have lived here for 60 or more years yet do not understand the RA Deed and Charter and the role RA plays (or should be playing) let alone the Counties responsibility and the fact that our Supervisor takes an oath to serve the people of Reston. Which she has yet to do. She does serve people but not the people who elected her with the intent she represent them and their needs.

  • Malcol6

    Fairfax County and our Hunters Wood supervisor only want to discuss the first phase; addressing the vision of the whole is essential, especially with the other “public”/Fairfax County-owned blocks. Except for the 90k (undersized) sq ft Rec Ctr (targeted for when?) and housing, Fairfax County should express NOW its tentative long-range planning for the other blocks, especially in the context of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, and its statements regarding public infrastructure intended for this area (elementary school, fire station, …). The Plan’s statements appear to have no backing by our supervisor nor timeframe with respect to development triggers to make these occur.

  • ken bum

    Building a development to make the area seem less developed? Alrighty.


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