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Friday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem May 18, 2018 at 9:00 am 26 Comments

Searching for the silver lining –An independent contractor will review the condition of concrete panels that are part of phase two of the Silver Line project. The news comes as the feds join a whistleblower’s lawsuit against a company accused of using faulty concrete. [NBC4]

‘Bike to Work Day’ is today — Be wary when you’re out and about today as bicyclists will take to the streets today. Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association invites riders to celebrate bicycling “as a clean, fun and healthy way to get to work.” [Bike to Work Day]

Coyotes spotted in Reston — Dave B., a Reston Now reader, spotted a coyote with what appeared to be her pup yesterday just north of the Ridge Heights Pool. Have you seen any recently?

Tired of drivers speeding down your street? — Residents can ask police at their district station for increased patrols or speed enforcement. [WTOP]

Get your Reston glitz and glam — Reston Association’s gear and gift shop recently expanded, so if you’re all about Restonian pride, now is your chance to purchase some products. [Reston Association]

Photo by Dave B. 

  • Guest

    No coyotes, but there is a mated pair of Red Foxes that have established residency in the neighborhoods aligning Ridge Heights Drive. I wonder if they are paying the R.A. assessment on their property?

    • OneReally

      They enrolled in Ken P’s free community college.

  • Libby Schreffler

    I think we heard some coyotes howling last night in Lake Fairfax Park by the Tall Oaks Village Center.

  • LaureenMT

    Is that a photo of the Reston “coyote”? Are we sure it is not a fox?

  • Willie Reston

    Coyotes are pretty much everywhere. This is not news.

    • LaureenMT

      And it isn’t a coyote. It’s a fox.

      • KP

        Looks lulike ke a macgine gun to me.

      • Willie Reston

        It looks too big to be a fox. Could very well be a coyote-fox hybrid, which is an actual thing.

        • OneReally

          #coyote-fox hybrid control laws

          • SLHS Student Volunteer

            No matter, fox or coyote, free HPV vaccines if they can hold still.

      • Mike M

        Lo, it’s Willie. Anticipate error.

        • 30yearsinreston


        • Willie Reston

          First thing I thought when I saw the pic was “that’s not a coyote”. I know you’re much more of a picture-book guy and don’t like to trouble yourself with words, but I was clearly commenting on the blurb which specifically mentions coyotes. No error here, try again.

          • Mike M


          • The Constitutionalist

            There’s a tiny error. The period goes inside the quotation marks.

      • Kristen

        This is most definitely NOT a red fox. The coloring is different and it’s bigger.

    • Guest

      How do we know it’s not a Werewolf ?

  • I’d Rather Post As A Guest

    Re: Bike To Work Day
    Neither my employer–nor our landlord–provides a changing area/shower for bike riders. Even though there is a bike rack out front and the execs and sucker-uppers run to a nearby health club for a group run. There is one unclaimed bike on the rack, missing a wheel and having been chained there for about a week now. Fitness is apparently only for those who can afford health clubs.

    • Anonymous Person

      Your landlord doesn’t have a shower?

      I do not want to know what you resort to in order to bathe, but it sounds terrible.

    • I’d rather post as a troll

      Oh cry me a river.

    • Richard

      Just shower like the rest of us bike-to-workers are doing today, by riding home in the deluge.

  • Why do you bother?

    Keep your cats and small dogs inside!

    • OneReally

      And your Willie Reston. Wait never mind they never leave their parents basements.

      • Willie Reston

        Nice of you to think of me all the time.

  • David Niemi

    There are certainly coyotes in Reston, but proportions (short legs relative to length), fluffy tail, and appearance in the daytime favor a fox. On the other hand, coloring is not quite typical for a red fox and there is no way to tell size. A fox/coyote hybrid would be much less likely than either a red fox or a coyote, and a gray fox nearly as unlikely. And given how much more common red foxes are in Reston (I see them nearly daily) I would lean that way lacking a clearer picture.


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