Work Sessions Planned as County Mulls Increasing Density Cap in Reston

by Fatimah Waseem June 6, 2018 at 3:30 pm 14 Comments

County officials will conduct small working sessions in the coming weeks with representatives from the Coalition for a Planned Reston, a grassroots umbrella organization, and Reston Association.

The meetings are intended to encourage dialogue between county staff and other organizations as the county mulls a controversial plan to increase Reston’s population density in Reston’s Planned Residential Community district from 13 to 16 people per acre.

The working sessions will cover planned future growth and its impact on transportation, schools and public facilities, parks, recreation and open space and overall planning.

CPR, which includes residents from the Reston Citizens Association, Reclaim Reston and Reston 20/20, hopes talks will allow the organization to “further clarify the modifications to the Reston Master Plan proposed by CPR and [RA]” said Lynne Mulston, a spokesperson for CPR.

Ultimately, CPR hopes changes to the Master Plan will eliminate the need or perceived need to boost the density cap.

In March, many suggestions pitched by both organizations were rebuffed by county staff, who argued that proposed changes to Reston’s PRC simply implemented the Master Plan, which was formed with community and stakeholder input.

Most recently, CPR and RA met with Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and county staff to resume discussions on May 14.

The working sessions’ statement of purpose, proposed by Fred Selden, Fairfax County Director of Planning and Zoning is as follows:

The purpose of these small group meetings is to continue the dialogue between Fairfax County staff and representatives of both Reston Association (RA) and Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) regarding the proposed changes to the PRC zoning district. Each small group will consist of representatives from County staff, RA, CPR and other Reston stakeholders. They will discuss future growth and its implications or impact on public facilities and infrastructure that serves Reston. 

The schedule of meetings has not been finalized. CPR and RA are reaching out to subject matter experts to participate in the sessions.

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  • Greg

    Meet all you want, in groups large or small. It’s more lipstick on the bloated pig…higher density (and taxes) are coming, like it or not. Just like higher tolls.

    • 30yearsinreston

      The purpose of the meetings is to ‘continue the dialogue’
      No mention of making modifications to the county plan based on community needs or input

      • vdiv

        Commie people didn’t pay tolls with money, they paid them in blood.
        Think we’re still ahead, for now…

        • The Constitutionalist

          Woah there comrade, do you need another trip to the gulag?

          • vdiv

            Get in line now, no cutting through 😉

  • Why do you bother?

    How about NO.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Want to make a difference?
    Recall Hudgins

    • INWDC

      Seeing as Hudgins is the second longest supervisor on the board, maybe it is time for a fresh face for the Hunter Mill district. I’m a new resident to this area so I’d be curious to know what her record has been like while she’s been in office. Are there any viable candidates set to run against her in the 2019 election?

      • Greg

        She’s a long-term member of the WMATA governing board and we all know what a disaster and money pit metro is. Blood on her hands from the 2009 metro disaster?


        Tolls being added to every every freeway and increasing to ever-higher levels. You will never, ever, hear Cathy Hudgins opposing any of them.

        Ever more “workforce” / subsidized housing while taxing those of us who do work ever more.

        Property taxes have increased at least 26 percent over the past five years and yet Cathy Hudgins has insisted year after year the she needs more. Much more.

        Hudgins has advocated for a twice-killed-by-voters food tax that would tax your food at up to ten percent. Despite the strong pushback by voters, she still never, ever, hesitates to vote for more taxes and then bitterly complains that she hasn’t taken enough.

        If you are a special interest (bicyclists, dark-sky fanatics, social housing resident, developer and the like), she will vigorously support your interests at the literal expense and quality of life of the rest of us. See all the ugly towers in Tysons and, especially, Reston? Thank Hudgins for them.

        Her unmitigated greed for taxes and social housing killed a much needed redevelopment at Lake Anne. She will hold “charrettes,” pretend to listen, and then do exactly what she wants regardless of what the community may favor (see special interests above).

        Hudgins eagerly supports “road diets” that reduce or eliminate mororits’ lanes on arterial highways despite the fact that 95% or more of us use the potholed roads for everyday needs.

        She even had the audacity to kill a beloved local garden in favor of building tacky McMansions.



        She’s more than once, indicated that she would retire yet here she is taking ever more and delivering ever less. Hopefully this will be the last year of her regime.

        • The black hand

          This is what happened at the French Riviera decades ago and noe they talk about it openly.

  • Tom Mccauley

    Continue the dialogue equals it is already a done deal. They continue to eat at the table. Must be a lot of good grub at their upcoming feast, perhaps a more dense assortment of goodies. I was inspired by Greg’s comment….”more lipstick on the bloated pig”. Oh, and as density increases, eg multi-dwelling and attached housing units, our property taxes will shoot up because the County still hasn’t learned the formula for allocating Schools funding to a “more dense” population. The density increase likely translates to, oh, rough guess, a %10 to%20 percent jump in school-aged residents.

  • RoadApples

    I am a huge proponent of Reston becoming a mini Manhattan.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Reston needs to become a town already.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Reston needs to fire Hudgins


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