Save the Date: 18th Annual Multicultural Festival Set for September 22

by RestonNow.com June 13, 2018 at 10:15 am 18 Comments

Reston’s 18th annual Multicultural Festival is set for Sept. 22 (Saturday) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Lake Anne Plaza.

The annual event aims to bring together Restonians in order to celebrate community and culture. The festival will include music, entertainment, dress, food and cultural gems from around the world.

Attendees are encouraged to dress in their cultural attire. The festival also includes a naturalization ceremony, arts and crafts, food and family activities.

RCC is seeking applications for arts vendors by July 6, food vendors by July 13, and community organizations by July 20.

The event is presented by Reston Community Center, hosted by Lake Anne Plaza and co-sponsored by the Reston Association, along with other Reston organizations and businesses.

Photo via Reston Community Center


    “Attendees are encouraged to dress in their cultural attire.” I’ll be wearing my Ovi jersey. #CULTURE

  • Curious

    “The festival will include music, entertainment, dress, food and cultural gems from around the world.” Will there be any German, French, English, or Swedish music, entertainment, dress, food and cultural gems celebrated, or are they not multicultural enough?

    • Greg

      Of course not, you silly goose!

    • Mike M

      I’ll be at the booth representing those of us with ancestry from the smallest continent. We built the country to which immigrants swarm. We fought the wars. We pay the taxes. Yet we are vilified as rapists, racists, and thieves. Who are we? And why must we be punished, when a simple thank you would be nice? We also tend to own the guns. Just sayin’.

      • lmao

        This is honestly the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read. Quit your victim complex.

        • Mike M

          I find it amusing that you read it as a victim complex. It’s a leftist reflex, I suppose. You see the whole event is based on victimization and countering the fiction of white privilege. The underlying notion is that we need to promote the non-white, non-European. I was being sarcastic, pointing out the massive unspoken gap at the event. Truth is, I don’t want a seat at the identity table. I don’t believe in seats at the identity table. I despise identity politics. It is divide and conquer strategy at play.

          • lmao still

            “I am thinking about setting up a booth for the White European Ancestry Males (WEAMs). I am planning some events where we can maybe do a self-flagellation parade to the delight of the crowd. As for vending maybe we can sell engraved apologies for building the civilized world as we know it. I desperately want to make money off Liberals and their hateful and intolerant self-righteousness. It’s such a white hot force. Ideally I could sell them something that shows them for the fools they are. That dude who made up the pussy hat, . . . genius! Any ideas out there?”

          • Mike M

            Hey! I have a following bigger than Reston Willie!

          • lmao again

            If you’re both going for largest clown then it’s a tight race.

          • Mike M

            Not even close.

      • Willie Reston

        Right, it was only white people who built this country up. There was no other race of people whose labor helped make the US the economic powerhouse that it has become.

        • Mike M

          Valid point, Willie. Congratulations on a first!

          But it wasn’t Laotians, Peruvians, Salvadorans, and Pakistanis with a few recent exceptions. They can do that in the future. My point is we need to stop celebrating differences from the baseline. That’s a divisive political agenda. We should do more celebration of the common goals.

    • Willie Reston

      Sure, just go ahead and submit your application! Oh wait, no. You’ll do absolutely nothing and then whine about it when there’s no Dutch booth at the event, as though there’s some sinister conspiracy to block northern European representation.

    • JoeInReston

      I would bet that if you contacted the festival organizers and requested a space to demonstrate the food/dress/culture of some European ethnicity, they would be happy to have you join the festival. You would obviously have to demonstrate beforehand that you were sincere, capable, and of that ethnicity.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Will therebe a Q+ event ?

    • Mike M

      There will be a Q+ freakin’ MONTH!

  • AlohaSnackbar

    Will there be a Polish booth? Or a Czech booth? Or an Irish booth? Or an Italian booth? Or is this just more pretending a certain religion isn’t the cause of so many problems in the world

    • Michael Gandolfo

      Oh look everyone! I found the racist!


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