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Board to Consider Dulles Toll Road Rate Increase for 2019

by RestonNow.com June 19, 2018 at 1:30 pm 17 Comments

Commuters on the Dulles Toll Road could pay 75 cents more at the main toll plaza and 50 cents more at each ramp. The proposal will be presented to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s Board of Directors on Wednesday (June 20).

If approved by the board, tolls would increase from $3.50 to $4.75 for most one-way trips beginning in January. Rates would be higher for larger vehicles.

In 2019, tolls are expected to generate $198.7 million in revenue, nearly 30 percent more than the currently generated revenue. Despite projected increases in revenue, the number of toll transactions is expected to decrease by 6.4 percent next year due to declines in road usage during weekends and off-peak hours.

A nearly 1.5 percent increase is expected until 2023 when the next planned toll increase is scheduled to take effect.

Public hearings on the proposal are set for July 11 in McLean, July 17 in Reston and July 19 in Ashburn. During the meetings, attendees can discuss their thoughts with authority officials, as well as whether or not the board should switch to electronic-only tolling.

The board is expected to vote on the final proposal in October. Plans to increase tolls have been in the works since 2009. Revenue generated from toll transactions would cover debt tied to the Silver Line.

Photo by Fatimah Waseem

  • 30yearsinreston

    Another Hudgins failure
    When is she going to recalled

  • Tom

    “Public hearings on the proposal are set for July 11 in McLean, July 17 in Reston and July 19 in Ashburn. During the meetings, attendees can discuss their thoughts with authority officials.”

    The decision is set in stone so why should the authority care what anyone thinks?

    • Greg

      They don’t. They promised us when it was built that tolls would cease once it was paid for. It was paid for at least a decade ago.

      Fool me once…

      • Conservative Senior

        Tim Kaine was the governor who gave it away & sold us down the drain.
        Vote him out of office in November.

        • 30yearsinreston

          Kaine is a Clinton bagman

        • Michael Gandolfo

          Your other option is a white nationalist. No rational person would say Tim Kaine is worse than a racist.

          • lmao

            Except our current political climate will lead Republicans in Virginia to ignore blatant anti-semitism from Stewart and vote for him because “it’s still better than a Democrat”. I do look forward to the whataboutism and poor logic that’s going to justify voting for Stewart.

          • Off Topic

            Thoughts without content are empty, observations without context are blind.

          • Michael Gandolfo
          • Off Topic

            Ok, makes more sense now, thanks.

            Same applies (to the candidate), question progress/substance.

            Bad candidates all atound, very disappointed with the quality of our future leaders and also, how the media gets their way in promoting/demoting.

  • The Original Drive By Critic

    It’s just another case of Highway Robbery from this politically anointed Band Of Thieves.
    Your opinion does not count, it is a bald face lie for them to suggest otherwise. They are going to do what they want, regardless of whatever “thoughts” the attendees may have.

  • JoeInReston

    I’ll reiterate my complaint about the location of the toll booths have the effect of putting too much of the Metro financing burden on Fairfax County residents and not enough burden on Loudoun County residents. Phase 2 goes out to Loudoun, yet the biggest toll hike is the main toll booths in Tysons.

    Why aren’t the Dulles Greenway toll booths assisting in financing the Metro expansion? That location would better balance the funding contributions.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Because they were smart enough to keep Hudgins paws off

  • cosmo

    “…as well as whether or not the board should switch to not electronic-only tolling.”

    Who writes these articles?

  • Facts

    What these state sponsored announcements fail to mention is how much revenue is generated on a daily basis, and these numbers are hard to come by.

    2014 estimates reveal 330,000 vehicles daily – based on traffic volumes that is likely to be 500,000 today.

    So at $10 per round trip the daily revenue amounts to a little less than $5mil daily. Would the WMATA provide better estimates? And perhaps a debt amortization chart that shows when things are paid off? Very likely not in their interest.

    • Greg

      Don’t confuse MWAA (Dulles, National, toll road, and silver line construction, but likely not operation) with WMATA (metro).

      The toll road was long ago paid off and now generates income far in excess of operation and maintenance costs. It’s a cash cow owned and operated by an unaccountable entity (MWAA) operated and managed by an unelected board with a history of conflicts, scandals, nepotism, and poor procurement performance.


      In fact, when Dulles’ main terminal was expanded, it built an integrated, underground metro (not aerotrain) station that will never be used for that purpose. Big money wasted.

      The silver line will cost at least $6 billion to build (assuming the faulty concrete doesn’t have to be replaced), will take decades to pay off construction, and will always operate at a loss.

      • Facts unsure

        Right, indeed confusing. MWAA should put forth best effort to show daily vehicle flow, incidentally these numbers exist for the greenway but not 267.


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