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Local Police Arrest Reston Man with Bag of Marijuana

by Fatimah Waseem June 21, 2018 at 3:50 pm 22 Comments

A 20-year-old Reston man was arrested on Wednesday (June 20) in connection with a narcotics violation.

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, Tavarius Lee, 20, of Reston was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

The incident occurred on the 12000 block of Glade Drive at around 6:35 p.m.

Bike team officers saw what an individual they described as “a known drug dealer.” Lee ran away as officers attempted to approach him. When he was caught by police, they uncovered nearly two ounces of marijuana and a “significant” amount of cash. Police did not disclose the amount.

Photo via FCPD

  • johnQPublic

    Marijuana? You gotta be kidding me! Glad authorities are getting the real criminals off the streets. How embarrassing that ffx county and the state of Virginia continue to prosecute individuals for this plant, state officials couldn’t be more “tone deaf” to that fact that marijuana is actually a wonderful substance with many benefits. One of the reason’s that marijuana is “illegal” is due to the fact that officials are unable to figure out how to make money off the drug and there isn’t a local pharma rep to grease the pockets of state politicians.
    Wake up! alcohol, guns, cigarettes, dangerous pharms are “legal” however a medicinal plant isn’t?? What a forward thinking commonwealth that we get to reside in,

    “Happy 4th of July “merica”, planning on heading over to the craft house at the Reston Clown Center and getting drunk on a legal substance while popping some legal opiods that cause a host of significant side effects and health issues, then lighting some fireworks” what a concept

    • Wings!!

      I’d rather be doing it at a Hooters, if Reston had one.


    • Mike M

      What part about the law do you not get? Want the law changed? Change the law. You probably think the world should migrate to Virginia and squat too?

      • Willie Reston

        Pot is 100% super dangerous, Mike, no question about it. But semi-auto M-16 knockoffs with bump stocks are totally chill, right?

        • Mike M

          More training for you Willie. I never said pot is 100% dangerous. Those are words you put into my mouth to make me sound a s silly as you. Yes, firearms are dangerous – especially in the hands of a criminal. Especially when everyone else is unarmed. Knifes and other sharp things are dangerous too. Cars can be dangerous. Snakes can be. Shall we outlaw dangerous snakes?

  • CE

    Now I feel so much safer. Might as well lock him up and throw away the key. His future is ruined over 2 oz of vegetable. So fair.

    • shamrock

      They still need to convict. Maybe there will be people on his jury that will vote not guilty.

  • e

    Legalize it already.

  • Another Waste of Tax$

    Kids being dumb is not newsworthy. I’d feel safer if cops were helping folks cross reston parkway, rather than arrest folks for carrying a harmless plant.

    Thought this was a left state?

    • Mike M

      No. It’s not a leftist state. Just the most populated areas are leftist.

      Police to help people across Reston Parkway? That would be quite the investment.

  • Look out

    Illegal weed could have serious consequences, not just by selling it. How do you know it was just plant material?

  • johnson

    Geez…you guys are rough. yeah…legalize it is right. I agree, but do you really think the police can look in the kids pocket and know what he’s selling or whether he has a gun or whatever else? go comment on something else with your time. better yet, just go do something else.

  • The Original Drive By Critic

    Odds favor that young Tavarius has been doing this for some time now . Mr. Lee attracts an undesirable element to the neighborhood. We are well on the way to being a Nation of Stoners. Not a good idea. I am glad that Mr.Lee was apprehended by the local constabulary. Those who favor medicinal cannabis can rest assured that Tavarius did not have an apothecary license.

    • Kid 123

      You are so ignorant it is almost comical. Come back and reread your words in a few days…

      • The Original Drive By Critic

        Sorry if I harshed your mellow, man.
        Now turn around, put your hands behind your head., and spread ’em. You know the drill.

    • TheRealMikeSapupello

      Despite repeated appeals to his better judgment and several stern
      appraisals of disapproval, Mr. Lee, of Reston, a foppish dandy of eccentric reputation, disregarded a member of the local constabulary this Thursday last.

      Mr. Lee, who is a well-known socialite and composer of light verse, is said to
      have behaved most rudely toward the constables, responding to their
      attempts to subdue him with what one witness called “an air of casual
      dismissal.” The police, who were extremely offended by the snubbing,
      have accused him of acting in poor taste, looking down his nose, and
      playing the inappropriate role of a prima donna.

      • SLHS

        One quarter yields 15 tightly rolled spliffs.

        Q: how many spliffs can be tightly rolled out of two quarters?

        See for clues below this advertisement.


        (Correct answer: Yes)


    Marijuana doesn’t ruin lives….Marijuana LAWS ruin lives. Imagine all the parents locked up, kept away from their children for non-violent crimes because the older generations failed us and couldn’t figure this out.

    • Fact

      The crying children attack. .. please make it so we can put it in our pipe! Sorry, but if you work for the feds you still have to submit to an occasional piss in the cup.

      • EADGBE

        Not going to lie, It does make me sad to see good hard working families destroyed over past generations failed policies. Retirement cant come soon enough for you grandpa.

  • Tonald Drump

    Absolutely ridiculous this was EVER made illegal. STUPID!

  • John

    Free my man. trying to make it out here. making subs don’t make phat checks


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