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Wednesday Morning Notes

by RestonNow.com June 27, 2018 at 9:00 am 10 Comments

Hummingbird rescue — Yes, we’re serious. Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel nursed a hummingbird who appeared “weak and lethargic” back to health on the Herndon and Reston boundary line. [Reston Patch]

An ode to Kalypso — Kalypso’s Sports Tavern is celebrating its eight-year anniversary next week. The party will include a crab feast and musical performances. Reservations are recommended. [Kalypso’s Sports Tavern]

Nearby: don’t block intersections — Local police are ticketing drivers who block intersections when stoplights change. Drivers could get a $30 ticket and a $67 bill for court costs. [WJLA]

Flickr pool photo by vantagehill

  • Mike M

    “Local police are ticketing drivers who block intersections when stoplights change. Drivers could get a $30 ticket and a $67 bill for court costs.” This way Hudgins and Bulova stay in our pockets even thought they create the crazy traffic conditions that exacerbate the problem. Conflict of interest?

    • Why do you bother?

      This is a completely appropriate use of resources. So-called “box blockers” are a menace. Here’s a tip: If you’re not 100% certain that you can clear an intersection, DON’T ENTER IT. You’ll survive missing a light.

    • lazy

      Sounds like you’re blaming somebody else for when you break the law. Tsk-tsk shame you can’t take responsibility for your actions.

      • Mike M

        I understand the reality of this happening to people beyond their control. I’ve seen it. I try and generally avoid it. By the way, I have seen no enforcement of it.

        • lazy

          It is nobody else’s control but yours to make your vehicle move forward. If there’s a clearing, you go, if you won’t make the light without blocking the intersection, you wait. It’s fairly simple.

          • Mike M

            Everything might be a little simple in your mind? Maybe cuz yer lazy?

            I have seen a light turn green people are rolling ahead within a second or two, then almost immediately, due to unsynched lights, an accident, or simply an over jammed road net, the column comes to a halt. Clearly there are people who knowingly proceed into intersections when they shouldn’t. But you cannot always predict what will come. You just have to be ready to stop.

  • Greg

    Maybe someday an Audi will be affordable, but not while living here and paying taxes and tolls and car tax.


  • Duane Fitzhugh

    Where is that gazebo in the photograph?


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