Renovation of Reston Community Center’s Aquatics Center On Track

by Fatimah Waseem July 26, 2018 at 1:30 pm 9 Comments

The renovation of the Reston Community Center’s Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center is on track to begin in January. The center’s roof will also be replaced, adding an expense of roughly $300,000 to the overall $5.5 million budget.

Construction costs have been driven up due to last year’s hurricane seasons, which created labor and material shortages and the impact of the Trump administration’s actions on tariffs. According to the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, construction costs have increased between 16 and 20 percent.

Despite changes in construction costs, the project is expected to remain on-budget, according to Leila Gordon, RCC’s director. Expected cost increases will be absorbed by using $45,000 previously allocated to replace the building’s hot water heater and year-end surpluses.

“Our reserves profile will remain well in excess of $1 million for both FY19 and FY20,” Gordon said.

Thus far, the pool will remain open until construction begins. Patrons will be given information about the project and other swimming options in September.

Gordon said she is confident the pool will offer a “modern, mechanically efficient environment” to serve patrons for the next couple of decades. Reston patrons can use the Herndon Community Center by paying 10 percent more than Herndon residents — a decrease from the usual 25 percent upcharge.

The Board and staff remain convinced that this renovation project is going to be of great benefit to the community – nearly doubling our present service capacity for different aquatics programming and service options,” she said.

Construction is expected to be complete in October of next year.

Renderings via Reston Community Center

  • cRAzy

    There goes $6MM of your “special” tax dollars to serve the interests of a few score, maybe a couple hundred, Reston swimmers. And RCC already has cost overruns before it starts.

    The smarter thing to have done is close the RCC pool, saving thousands per year, and built the much talked about COUNTY-funded recreation center–with a better pool and many other rec facilities–in Town Center North NOW, not decades from now.

    • JoeInReston


      What is the status of the county funded recreation center?

      • cRAzy

        A vague political promise–sometime for BIG rec center, but no space for parking there.

        • John Higgins

          Parking? Parking? Isn’t that why we painted those bike lanes?

          • OneReally

            Bike Lanes, really? I thought they were smart car parking spaces. Guess I need to move mine.

      • 30yearsinreston

        its In the circular file in Hudgins office

    • 30yearsinreston

      Sorry, taxpayer amenities are not on Hudgins agenda
      If the pool pavilion include ‘workforce housing’ it maybe bumped up a notch
      No promises, though

  • 2024

    Its clearly trumps fault the renovation of the pool sky rocketed, one should have known.

    Now, lets stop this renovation in Its tracks until we have a new prez, make sense.

    • Greg

      Never, ever, would the incompetence of the county or rec center staffs come into play, would they?

      Tariffs just went into effect and there are many exceptions to them.

      And, last year’s “hurricane (not hurricanes) season” and its effects are long over.

      Shut down the “special” tax district and fill in that pool with Home Depot concrete.


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