Shadowood Tennis Courts Closed Through September

by RestonNow.com September 7, 2018 at 2:30 pm 6 Comments

The Shadowood tennis courts, which are located on Springwood Drive, will be closed for repairs beginning Monday (September 10).

Reston Association expects the courts to reopen on or around October 1. Routine maintenance, which includes court cleaning and cracks repair, will be completed during the closure. A fresh coat of paint will also be applied to all four courts.

Mike Leone, RA’s director of communications and community engagement, said the courts “will look like new” once the work is completed.

Other tennis facilities in Reston are open and a complete list is available online.

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  • Greg

    Why are they called Shadowood tennis courts when they have nothing to do with Shadowood and are owned by Reston Association? #smh.

    • I’d rather post as a troll

      It’s a polite warning label – so people know to stay away from them.

    • Robin “Shadow” Hood

      Because shots were fired from the woods and about 16 people on the courts hit the ground thinking there was a shoot out.

      Take from the rich and give to the poor, tears of joy that is.

    • John Higgins

      That neighborhood was named Shadowood before the condos and apartments were built…the development took the name of its surroundings. Several years ago the condo association petitioned RA to change the name of its pool to avoid confusion as to who ran that facility. RA declined under the ancient legal principal of “Oh, yeah? We were here first.”

    • Stormy_Fireriver

      Personally they should turn into a basketball court, place for kids to ride their bikes and a better park for the kids in the neighborhood (possibly). Too many of them loiter around and have no place to have fun and good luck finding a fun flat spot to ride your bike in that area unless of course you let your little kid ride in the new bike lane on South Lakes Drive. Yeah let’s do that. I’ve decided I really hate Reston I can’t wait to get out of the craphole. Can’t believe my poor kids have to graduate from South Lakes High.

  • Rational Reston

    These and other tennis courts should be repurposed to activities that youth would be interested in. The Washington Capitals and the NHL pay to put in outdoor street hockey/roller hockey areas. There are foundations that will put in soccer courts (for smaller soccer games). A bike/skate park could be built.

    Instead we maintain these immaculate underused facilities.


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