Attempted Abduction Investigation Underway in Herndon

by Fatimah Waseem September 12, 2018 at 10:00 am 10 Comments

The Herndon Police Department is investigating an attempted abduction that took place in early September on the 900 block of Locust Street.

Police said a woman was walking home at around 8:30 p.m. on September 4 when a man tried to convince her to leave the area with him. When she refused, the man grabbed her and tried to lead her away. She escaped and ran away from the man.

The suspect then approached the woman a second time and attempted to carry her away. A witness intervened, prompting the man to leave the area to an unknown location.

The police department issued the following description of the suspect:

The suspect is a Hispanic male, 20-23 years old, with short, black hair, facial hair, a black t-shirt, khaki/light brown shorts, and off-white shoes.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  • DiosMio

    Sounds like one of those wonderful DREAMers Ken Plum has told me about so many times.

    • Racism Watchdog


    • jft

      Rudeness is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

  • Cristobal

    You shouldn’t paint us all with the same brush. There are more of us that are good, than there are bad. It’s what you choose to concentrate on. I’m sorry that you feel uncomfortable with people who don’t speak English as well, who look different than you. I assure you that we just want the best for our kids, we believe in family values, and even share the same religion many times. There are some bad apples, but every group has them. Even your’s does too, I assure you. No one supports criminals. I want a safe neighborhood for my family too. But I dislike them because they are bad, not because they are brown. Please try to see us as humans too. Thank you.

    • jft2000

      What a thoughtful response – thank you.

    • Del Mueller

      Right on. Judge people by their actions and not how they look. I learned that when I was young. Helped me in life, treat people as individuals not according to their race. And you won’t like everyone, and some will not like you based on your age or race.

    • OneReally

      ” No one supports criminals.”

      Why is there support for illegal immigrants? If they’ve crossed a border illegal it’s a crime.

      • Amy Sue

        A slippery slope of conflating people who commit real crimes with people who break a law–and hurt no one–just to survive. Hopefully you’re never in a situation where your life and future prospects are so desperate that the only solution you can find is to flee with nothing, risk your life in flight, and pray that those who find you treat you kindly and with compassion instead of beating you down for a fate you did not choose and over which you have very little control. There are always bad eggs, but most people just want to live at in peace and security.

        • Greg

          It isn’t a slope, slippery or not.

          There are rules, regulations, and, yes, laws addressing all of your concerns. Most countries allow for and accommodate so many of each category of immigrant each year (or period). If you are not satisfied with the process, quantity, or anything else, change the rules, regulations, or laws.

          Further, if one expects compassion and a safe place to live, one should not start out by breaking the law and illegally entering one’s desired host country.

        • OneReally

          If you have crossed a country’s border illegally. You’ve committed a crime. You understand that, right?

          We have an immigration system and a process for those seeking protection.


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