Sprouts Farmers Market, LA Fitness to Open in Herndon Centre

by Fatimah Waseem September 12, 2018 at 12:00 pm 18 Comments

Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store is expected to take over part of the former Kmart footprint in Herndon, adding a second organic grocer to the Herndon Centre. The natural and organic grocer would join a shopping plaza that is also home to MOM’s Organic Market.

Demolition of the facade of the 84,000-square-foot store (494 Elden Street) is underway as Florida-based real estate investment firm Sterling Organization divides the former big box store into several businesses. The company purchased the location for $7 million in August last year. The rest of the shopping plaza is owned by A.J. Dwoskin & Associates Inc.

Renderings of the project submitted to the Town of Herndon show the site will be the future home of LA Fitness, MOD Pizza, and IHOP. No overnight commuter parking will be allowed in the shopping plaza.

Town officials said they’re working with the developer of the property to add signalize the intersection near the shopping plaza, as new businesses are expected to generate additional traffic. The company has committed $165,000 in proffer funds to help install a future signal. The town expects to fund the remainder of the project through existing funds from its capital improvements program and future grant funding.

A representative for the project declined to comment on the development, including details about the project timeline.

Photos via Sterling Organization and Fatimah Waseem

  • The Original Drive By Critic

    Retail businesses come and go from this shopping center with remarkable speed. It is a big jumble of many individual stores, some of which have signage or identity at their storefront but not at the roadside. How does any body remember what is actually in that shopping plaza? The Drive By Critic just keeps driving right by most of ’em…
    Wondering how the landlord calculates rent per each location? Are there any leasing brokers out there who can enlighten me?

    • Wheels

      You won’t shop in a store if the store’s name isn’t visible from the main street? What year is this, 1908?

    • JoeInReston

      The landlord may be contributing to the problem. There was a urban legend years back that the reason Gold’s Gym left the plaza was because landlord tried to jack up the rent significantly upon renewal. The owner thought he could do better and left.

      A Gold’s Gym later opened in Plaza Americana. Not sure if that is run by the same guy that ran the Kmart plaza gym.

      • Mike M

        Remember Hard Times? Same story, I think.

    • 30yearsinreston

      This is a hub of retail activity and buzzing with delights
      Something that RTC failed due to BPX mismanagement

    • Greg

      We are sure it’s because of the misspelling of “center” as “centre.”

      Simply remember that it’s mostly food sold therein and, soon, may have a gym to help burn if off.

  • Greg

    Paging the editor, especially the passive voice editor: “…with the developer of the property to add signalize the intersection near the shopping plaza,..”

  • Why do you bother?

    “to add signalize the intersection ”

    Say what, now?

  • Bill Mosher

    Any news on if/when the Lotte is going to open there?

  • Corporate Diet

    Breakfast at IHOP, work it off at LA, lunch at MOD, work it off at LA, skip dinner. Repeat.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Looking forward to the nice new facade. Refurbishing that center should bring a lot of new feet. Not thrilled that they’re bringing in direct competition to MOM’s. There are *plenty* of other shopping centers in the area where a small organic grocer could go. Putting it here is very hostile.

    • T

      I’m worried about ihop affecting Virginia Kitchen!

      • Arielle in NoVA

        Good point – hadn’t thought of that.

    • Kevin in Herndon

      Hopefully it forces MOM’s to up their game. I’ve shopped at number of Organic groceres across the country and MOM’s is on the bottom of the list.

  • Good job

  • JoeInReston

    The area near the Kmart shopping center (and yes, as far as I am concerned, it will always be the Kmart shopping center regardless of the status of Kmart) will have two organic grocery stores, a Safeway across the street, a Walgreens a block down, and a Bestway Supermarket a few blocks down.

    The Tall Oaks shopping center has the following nearby grocery stories:

    • Greg

      Time to move to or shop in Herndon if one wants to eat well.

      Also, Lotte and several ethnic groceries, delis, and C-stores in the Herndon Centre with a few more food outlets near the post office.

      Also, the Herndon Center is not owned by A J Dwoskin. It’s managed by Dwoskin. The part where Virginia Kitchen is owned by Sugaroak.

  • Kevin in Herndon

    This is the most exciting news I have heard since moving to Herndon. I shopped at Sprouts in the West Coast for years and was dismayed when I found out that they didn’t exist on the East Coast. This is an definitely a good move for Herndon Centre.


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