Williams-Sonoma in Reston Town Center to Close in January

by Catherine Douglas Moran November 29, 2018 at 3:30 pm 30 Comments

The Williams-Sonoma in Reston Town Center is set to close in January, a spokeswoman for the company told Reston Now.

“We plan on closing in early January, but do not have a specific date to share at this time,” the spokeswoman wrote in an email.

The store is located at 11897 Market Street. Other locations nearby include Tysons Galleria in McLean and the Mosaic District in Fairfax.

Questions have been raised about the status of the Pottery Barn, which is also operated by Williams-Sonoma Inc., at 11937 Market Street. Reston Now has not heard back yet from a representative for that store.

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  • John Keady

    Another victim of paid parking?

  • Jim McConnell

    Paid Parking and overly greedy lease prices. We will be left with nothing but boutique over-priced, overly profit driven stores. I though the W-S store was great to have with easy parking and access.

    • Why do you bother?

      “we will be left with nothing but boutique over-priced, overly profit driven stores”

      Won’t bother me at all, since I don’t shop at RTC any more.

    • Glenn Havinoviski

      And empty restaurant spaces.

  • Jasper IN

    In five years, Reston town center will become an eyesore.

  • Jenny Gibbers

    why are all the shops going broke at the town center? i thought parking is free after working hours?

    • meh

      Because during the period of time where-in you had to pay for parking, people found new outlets to gather at. And some vowed to never return to RTC (right or wrong)

      So now, despite the fact that parking is once again free, the foot traffic hasn’t returned (and why should it?) . SO here we are

      • Why do you bother?

        It’s not “free again.” It’s only free nights and weekends.

        • Glenn Havinoviski

          Why deal with confusing parking rules and pricing policies in RTC when you can park for free at Tysons, Fairfax Corner, and One Loudoun?

      • Tom

        The change to “free” parking at certain times was just part of the problem. No one should have to d/l an app in order to have to pay for parking (yes, I know they had cash options). No one should have to give up their personal information for that either. And parking was only “free” at certain times and days and once you require your customers to have to remember such things (when can I go there to park for free?), you’ve already lost half the battle.

        • TommyR

          100% well said and correct.

    • Why do you bother?

      People with integrity are boycotting RTC 24/7 until BP pulls its collective head out of its derriere.

      • Glenn Havinoviski

        BPI is digging in, as does any business whose model relies purely on squeezing blood from turnips as opposed to attracting other vegetables that taste better to the customers but hurt their bottom line. I’ve worked in companies in past years that have changed management, and that specifically screw or reject old but profitable and repeat customers that just aren’t profitable enough to them. Soon they wind up losing their best people as well as their customers. This is no different.

        • Greg

          This is your opinion.

          • BPSucks

            fact, not opinion, you should leave Reston! You are a babbling buffoon! I am still waiting on your third rate b school credentials so i never hire anyone an ridiculously inept as you.

          • Greg

            You really need to get a life.

        • Why do you bother?

          You are 100% right.

    • Phil Lilienthal

      A bigger question is, why are new shops moving in? What concessions, if any, are they getting to offset the paid parking fiasco?

      • Why do you bother?

        Some guesses: 1. They’re not aware of the community’s movement against paid parking. 2. National brands often have stores in Manhattan, LA, etc. where most parking costs $$ and wouldn’t consider it abnormal or noteworthy unless (see #1).

  • surfish

    When folks can get much of the same from Target, and cheaper, why pay those exorbitant prices?

    • TRS

      Asked by a guy. Come on, there is no comparison to Williams-Sonoma products v. Target.

  • Jon Deaux

    But the Silver line! 😐

  • Greg

    Rents are increasing at RTC. Both Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn have been there for years. The stores are tired and the goods they sell don’t fit in with the smaller condos and apartments being built in Reston.

    “So, when Williams Sonoma said on its 2017 fiscal year conference call that it plans to close 80 underperforming stores as their leases expire within the next three years, the announcement was made without any sense of alarm or panic — and indeed, by the numbers, there was no need for either.”

    “In fact, it says more than half its sales are generated online.”


    • Glenn Havinoviski

      It is also possible that with the exorbitant rents and condo prices, the customers have little left over to buy stuff at these stores. There are only so many young single Russian oligarchs, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, and tech wizzes to go around, and I’m sure not all of them would pick Reston Town Center over similarly priced areas in Arlington, Tyson’s or DC.

      • Greg

        Yeah, whatever.

        Go shop and park wherever you wish. Plenty of choices. For everyone.

        • BPSucks

          I hate you Greg, please leave Reston!

  • TRS

    Too many alternatives — sadly, buh bye, RTC.

  • Phil Lilienthal

    Was there not some journalistic interest in asking why they were closing at this time?

  • Norm

    Have not shopped at RTC since paid parking started.

    • Why do you bother?

      Semper fi!


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