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Terraset Elementary School Cuts Out Single-Use Plastic Straws

by Catherine Douglas Moran January 18, 2019 at 10:55 am 13 Comments

Students at Terraset Elementary School are reducing their plastic use — one straw at a time.

Since the beginning of the year, students are no longing using single-use straws in the cafeteria. Fairfax County Public Schools announced on Tuesday (Jan. 15) that the straw initiative is saving up to 400 straws per day.

An estimated 80,000 straws will be eliminated over the period of one school year.

In addition to the single-use straw ban, Terraset is now encouraging students to trade disposable water bottles in for reusable ones and to use canvas totes instead of plastic bags.

The school’s initiative and recent urging are meant to help students make environmentally-friendly choices.

“Terraset’s students are helping to save the planet and oceans by individual actions that make a big difference,” according to an FCPS press release.

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  • James

    Plastic is poison to this earth and will be last for thousands of years. I’m glad to see a focus on reducing its use and impact. Hopefully it spreads and really makes an impact in the next few decades.

    • 91% not recycled

      thanks James, pure genius. now lets also end the 1ooo years of plastic peeple and there monoculture

      • James

        Plastictown wasn’t built in a day, and hopefully now it will never be built.

  • Mike M

    Our schools are not only indoctrinating grounds for the extreme left, they are now an active part of the policy-making swamp. Plastic straws are 4% of the global plastic waste stream. The bulk of the remainder comes from countries like Chine who have no interest in environmentalism. This is more histrionics by the few imposing rules and the rest.

    • Typical c0nservat!ve response

      “We all acknowledge that we have a rather large problem on our hands. Clearly the best course of action is to do absolutely nothing!”

      • Mike M

        Keep on saving the world, Bozo.

        • Typical c0nservat!ve response

          Still not getting it. Terminal ignorance.

          • Mike M

            Read my other posts on the topic.

          • James

            4% of waste is an incredible number for a single item! If you reduce that even a percentage point it makes a difference. Also, don’t deflect to China. Read up on the progress they are making when it comes to improving their environmental input.

          • Mike M

            James, you are listening to fake news.

          • John Higgins

            I think the key word there is “incredible”. It’s counter-intuitive and doesn’t alight with the percentage of plastic production. If you have a reference source in mind, we would be interested in seeing it.

    • wrong again

      45% of plastic waste was sent to China, we used them as our trash heap for many years. they recycled the plastic and sent back consumer goods.

      i think your complaints are unjustified. lets forget about the past and move forward.

      • Mike M

        Yes. Of course. The US is to blame for everything. No one could or would make plastic. I hear braying.


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