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New Salad Bar Adds Leafy Greens at Dogwood ES

by Catherine Douglas Moran February 4, 2019 at 4:30 pm 5 Comments

Dogwood Elementary School is set to have a salad bar — the third public school in Reston to recently add leafy greens to their cafeterias.

Dogwood Elementary School (12300 Glade Drive) joins 18 other public schools in the county slated this year to open a Real Food for Kids Salad Bar by May. In the fall, Terraset and Sunrise Valley elementary schools added the salad bar along with 11 other schools.

Principal Mie Devers said that the salad bar stemmed from the Office of Foods and Nutrition Services, which creates healthy programs that get implemented by Fairfax County Public Schools.

“Dogwood worked collaboratively with Food and Nutrition Services to plan the addition of this program,” Devers said. “Based on the conversation with staff and families, the continued focus around nutrition and healthy eating is so important!”

Dogwood Elementary School is adding the Real Food for Kids Salad Bar and Summer F.E.E.D.S (Food for Every Child to Eat During Summer) to its current list of program offerings, including Breakfast in the Classroom and Super Snack.

The salad bar will offer fruits, vegetables and protein such as eggs and hummus to top off the salads, Devers said.

Students will receive a salad bar lesson next week, which is meant to help them understand the procedures and food selection, Devers said.

“Working with the teachers and FNS, we are able to provide lessons around the excitement and importance of fresh foods and explain how it works.”

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  • Mike M

    LOL! This is a hoot!

    • fact

      zero nutritional value in them greens. an enema may be healthier!!!

      • future redskin

        they could have had a farm in their backyard but they chose 50mil for astro turf

    • Wheels

      Wow, C-words (not real C-words but T-word+ Pword) belittling a program because it doesn’t benefit them or anyone that looks like them. Shocker.

      • Mike M

        Gee, you’re right. I should be willing to shell out for any ole program that I cam convinced is an idealistic failure in the making. You would do well to seriously ask WHO really BENEFITS? So am I a [email protected], L-word? Or just a meanie? Isn’t that the beginning and end of your totally emotional point?


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