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‘Bake for Good’ Program Heading to McNair Elementary School

by Catherine Douglas Moran February 6, 2019 at 10:45 am 8 Comments

An upcoming program at a Herndon public school is going against the grain of conventional education by teaching students the value of community service and baking.

Students at McNair Elementary School (2499 Thomas Jefferson Drive) can expect the Bake for Good Program to arrive at their school next month.

Meant for fourth- to sixth-graders, the free program teaches students “the value of giving back to their community while learning to bake bread,” according to Fairfax County Public Schools. Representatives from King Arthur Flour, the sponsoring organization, will present the cross-curricular program, which has three main goals: learn, bake and share.

“Students will use practical applications of math, science, and comprehension skills while learning how they can make a positive impact in their local community,” according to the FCPS announcement.

Each student will then bake two loaves of bread — one to take home and one to donate to LINK, which provides emergency food and financial help to people in the western part of the county.

The program begins at McNair Elementary School on March 12.

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  • Mike M

    Sure! Our kids are free labor for the left! Compulsory “community service” has been in play for a while now. Indoctrination that the welfare state is the norm and to be upheld routinely. Keep blurring the lines, “educators.”

    And they ask me how Trump got elected. smh

    • Wheels

      We absolutely should not teach them to help those in need in the community. We should maybe spend some time reading them MikeM ‘s comments. He’s got his, boys and girls, and he never needed any help from anyone. He has his own cement mixer to build streets, he gets water from his own well and he doesn’t need any of that power from the grid either. Stop stealing his tax money with your pesky public education budget… that will never pay for itself. Be smart, kids.

      • Mike M

        Excellent logic, Wheels. If we have infrastructure we should have the schools make free food. Perfect sense. Only, no, not at all.

        How about housing, healthcare, college tuition, global warming, and plastic litter. Is there no L-word cause the FCPS should NOT be meddling in? Mind you, the County, the state, and the federal government are already dabbling in these areas.

        Believe it or not, a quality school system may just pay for itself. Just for starters, we could teach kids how to stay OFF the dole instead of making them expand the capacity with education dollars. Teach them how to “get theirs.” What is the mission of the school system, Wheels?

    • Take off your tin foil hat

      TIL community service and philanthropy are “lef+ist” conspiracies. And all these years the r!ghties have been trying to claim the moral high ground by purporting to be on Jesus’s side. I guess Jesus hates supporting the poor now?

      • Mike M

        Be as religious and giving as you like. But conscripting school kids and misallocating school dollars to do your will is low ball. It’s highly Marxist.

  • David Romero

    Calm down they are doing some limited home ec courses with an emphasis on sharing.

    This is not a conspiracy. It’s a flour company’s corporate philanthropy.

    • Mike M

      They are executing their charity with free child labor yoked by the FCPS.

  • Helen Hartmeyer DunnDisqus

    People, please do not engage this guy. Like Trump he gets off on attention and the opportunity to spout his misanthropic garbage. Maybe if we ignore him he will go away. Slim chance, but at least we won’t have to see these posts continue into their inevitable oily pavement stain on the screen


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