Reston Association CEO Reflects on Challenging Year, Successes

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Reston Association CEO Hank Lynch touted recent successes in cost-cutting and collaboration with the community at a recent Board of Directors meeting.

Lynch said that RA’s management is on the path to deliver a surplus of roughly $380,000 for the year, even though the COVID-19 pandemic “literally sparked $3.2 million in cost reductions this year.”

The pandemic results in a decline in non-assessment revenue of more than 2.8 million, Lynch told the board on Thursday. RA’s revenue took a big hit due to the cancellation of summer camps, low sales of recreational passes, the cancellation of sponsorships, and other programming restrictions.

RA is currently holding off on filling any vacant positions, among other cost-cutting measures like reducing printed paper products and mailed products. The organization also sold more than 500 Camps in a Box programs, a new initiative that was created after the pandemic hit.

“We all here have an incredible staff here at Reston Association,” he said.

Lynch also said he was satisfied with the RA’s collaboration with community organizations and other entities to foster Reston-wide community spirit. His team continues to look for ways to improve two-way communication between RA and its membership.

In addition to more communication about covenants administration and processing, Lynch said RA began tracking social media analytics this year. In recent budget discussions this year, some board members highlighted concerns about spending for communications and marketing due to limited return on investment.

In July, RA abruptly took down its website and launched a temporary platform due to a “potential security risk” to RA members, according to Lynch’s draft presentation. The platform was outdated and used Dot-Net-Nuke, an outdated platform, according to RA’s spokesman Mike Leone.

The organization is in the midst of moving all of its technology platforms from local servers to the cloud. A new website will launch next year.

RA also completed major renovations at Lake Anne, including a refurbished dock and the removable and nearly 750 tons of sediment from the lake.

Still, more big-ticket capital expenses are lining up.

Lynch hopes that a needs assessment of RA’s amenities — which is currently being completed by an RA workgroup — will help the organization identify major amenities in need of renovation or replacement over the next five to 10 years.

He also aims to get a better understanding of how to use existing amenities so they are utilized year-round, identify lacking amenities, and determine a major new project that Friends of Reston can support financially.

The recreational amenities analysis is expected to be complete in the spring of next year.

Lynch’s complete end-of-year presentation is also posted online.

Photo via Reston Association

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