Reston Projects High Priority in $4 Billion Fairfax County Transportation Plan

by Karen Goff January 30, 2014 at 9:30 am 2 Comments

Reston trafficStuck in traffic? Some major transportation improvements are on the way for Fairfax County in general and Reston in particular.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a long priority list of more than 225 road, transit, trail and sidewalk projects that will receive funding from 2015-2020. The $4 billion in in the next six years, thanks to an unprecedented infusion of tax revenue dedicated to transportation.

The total estimated cost of the priority list is roughly $4 billion. The county expects to receive $1.4 billion through 2020 to get the work going.

The county said there are many additional sources of revenue to help fund the remaining projects. Among them: HB 2313 funds including Northern Virginia Transportation Authority local and regional funds ($902 million), and additional state aid ($376 million) for roadway construction and transit. Also included in this total are general obligation bonds and commercial and industrial property taxes for transportation that have not been previously allocated by the Board, the Board of Supervisors says. There is no impact to Fairfax County’s General Fund.

Good news for critics of changes to the Reston Master Plan, which will determine how density and development will happen close to Reston’s three upcoming Silver Line stations. Some studies have shown waits of up to five minutes at many traffic lights, giving the traffic a failing grade.

Several of the proposed projects will be aimed at helping alleviate that congestion.

Here are some of the planned Reston-area projects:


  • Dulles Toll Road /South Lakes Drive Overpass — $82 million.  Construct a four-lane overpass over Toll Road from Sunrise Valley to Sunset Hills.  Identified ed in Reston Comprehensive Plan Draft as significant way to alleviate traffic. Contingent on development
  • Dulles Toll Road/Town Center Parkway Underpass — $157 million. $6.1 million already in place as part of Silver Line Phase 2 funding. Construct four-lane divided roadway under Town Center Parkway from Sunrise Valley to Sunset Hills. Identified in Comprehensive Plan amendment as significant way to alleviate traffic. Contingent on development
  • Dulles Toll Road/Soapstone Overpass — $91.75 million.  Construct a four-lane roadway over toll road from Sunrise Valley to Sunset Hills. Includes pedestrian and bike access. Identified in Comprehensive Master Plan Draft as major way to alleviate traffic
  • Hunter Mill/Lawyers Road — $51 million. Replace intersection with roundabout and provide shared-use pedestrian access
  • Fairfax County Parkway — $396 million. Countywide corridor improvement study


  • Lake Fairfax Drive/Baron Cameron Avenue — $250,000. Signalized crosswalk of Lake Fairfax
  • Fox Mill Road Walkway — $2.4 million. Construct walkway on north side of Fox Mill Road from Fairfax County Parkway to Reston Parkway
  • Glade Drive Walkway — $200,000.  Construct walkway on north side of Glade from Middle Creek Drive to Glade Bank Way
  • Glade Drive Walkway — $400,000.  Construct walkway on north side of Glade from Colts Neck to Reston Parkway
  • North Shore Drive Walkway — $1.4 million. Construct walkway on north side of North Shore from North Shore Court to Sycamore Valley Court
  • South Lakes Drive Walkways — $3.65 million. Complete missing links on South Lakes from Greenskeepers Court to Sunrise Valley Drive
  • Sunset Hills Road Walkway — $350,000. Construct walkway on south side of Sunset Hills from Old Reston Avenue to Reston Parkway
  • Reston Metrorail Access Group (RMAG) — $25 million. Improvements in sidewalks, pedestrian access, bike access trails and bike facilities near future Reston Parkway Metro station

Reston Town Center — $40,000.  Road diet to add bike lanes


  • Improvements around Wiehle- Reston East Metro, including bus bays, signage, bicycle and pedestrian improvements
  • Walkways on Sunrise Valley and Soapstone Drive
  • Intersection improvements along Sunrise Valley

To see the entire list of planned improvements, visit the Fairfax County website. The list begins on page 424 of the Board of Supervisors packet.

  • Terry Maynard

    Upon further review–as they say in NFL re-plays—of the list of priority projects discussed here, we find that Fairfax County is expecting to spend a very limited amount of money on the three “priority” critical trans-corridor crossings in the six-year County Investment Plan.

    The total sum the County plans to put into the three projects is less than $17MM over the next 6 years, and that’s “Planning level funding only. Contingent on development.” (See pp. 424-425.) This sum is from a total of $1,288 million among the County’s new priority transportation projects, including $205 million going to a long list of bicycle and pedestrian improvements countywide. In addition, another $133 million will go to cover cost overruns and underfunding of projects already
    underway (see p. 432). In short, out of the $1.4 billion list of priority spending, Reston could see about one percent of the County’s transportation funds for vital transportation improvements–if state or federal funding is available.

    The only County funding of these three critical crossings is an already committed $300,000 to studying the Soapstone Connector, so there is no new County money committed to Reston’s vital crossings through 2020. (See Attachment 5.) Any money added for studies on the other two crossings are dependent on funding from federal and state sources.

    Bottom line: No new County money for Reston’s most vital transportation infrastructure needs.

    Note: You can read the county transportation plan as extracted from the Board package at Reston 2020: http://www.reston2020.blogspot.com/2014/01/reston-projects-high-priority-in-4.html

    • Tammi Petrine

      Whoa! This is shocking news, indeed and should drastically impact the passage of the proposed Reston Master Plan now scheduled for Feb. 11th at 3:30 PM. This expose will helpfully alert careful thinkers on the board of supervisors to reign in the allowable development in Reston UNTIL funds are made available for projects deemed NECESSARY for successful results for the ENTIRE community. Considering how much tax revenue is collected from Reston per Supervisor Hudgin’s own comments during the public hearing, I am shocked that the transportation funding so necessary is non-existent!!!

      Thanks for posting this vital info so the public and our supervisors have a clear vision of the future if the incomplete master plan is approved as is.


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