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FCPS: Can You Clear The Sidewalks Near Your Home?

by Karen Goff March 4, 2014 at 5:06 pm 3 Comments

Snowy Morning/File photo

With school likely to be in session on Wednesday, Fairfax County Public Schools are asking for some help from area homeowners: If you live near a school, help shovel the walking route so the kids can get there safely.

After the mid-February storm, many Reston residents were among those who complained that children were walking in the street to get to school.

FCPS had its ninth and tenth snow days of the 2013-14 school year Monday and Tuesday, after 3-7 inches fell in most of the county.

Meanwhile, a safe walking route after snow was also a big topic at the Reston Association Board of Directors’ meeting on Thursday.

From FCPS:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

When classes resume, we hope you will keep in mind the thousands of FCPS students who walk to and from school or bus stops each day. Snow and ice-covered sidewalks can make that a treacherous journey. Neither the Virginia Department of Transportation nor the county clears snow and ice from public walkways. In addition, neither the state nor the county has any legal requirement for property owners to clear public walkways. However, while not legally obligated, residents and businesses are asked to help keep walkways safe for the community – we need your help! When possible, please clear snow off the sidewalks in front of or next to your property so that FCPS students can have a safe path to their schools.

Thank you!

  • kcowing

    After the last big storm the sidewalks directly in front of Lake Anne Elementary were never shoveled – by anyone – not the school that directly borders the sidewalks, nor by the apartments across the street, or by RA. Just who is responsible for making it safe for students to walk to school or being dropped off/picked up? The parents and students who live somewhere else, or some other people, so it would seem.

    • Rational Reston

      Who’s on the hook? technically no one. Though folks (neighbors, families, staff) should just find some time to help the community on their own and pitch in a few minutes to help.

      The labor cost would be several magnitudes less if we do it ourselves instead of having RA raise our rates.

      • kcowing

        No one is shoveling so that is clearly not a solution. No one seemed to care enough during the days after the storm that there was an issue needing to be dealt with. Then the snow melted. I am baffled that the school itself was not inclined to at least shovel the walks directly in front of their property.


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