Silver Line To Be Deemed Complete — But Handoff Won’t Happen Just Yet

by Karen Goff April 24, 2014 at 10:15 am 14 Comments

Testing the Silver Line near Tysons/File photo by MWAAThe Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority will rule the Silver Line is “substantially complete” today, sources say. But the handoff to Metro still will not happen for a while so there is still no projected opening date.

WAMU reports that  MWAA, which completed its own inspection of the project, will sign off on the project but the handoff will not come for about a month.

WMATA (Metro) will then have 90 days to conduct its own testing before Phase 1 of the Silver Line, which will run from East Falls Church to Reston’s Wiehle Avenue, would be open to the public.

Construction contractor Dulles Transit Partners  filed for “substantial completion” for Phase 1 on April 9. It was the second time the contractor, a division of Reston-based Bechtel, filed. DTP said its work was finished on Feb. 7, but MWAA’s review showed issues in many areas, including ongoing issue with the Automatic Train Control software.

“We have been looking at the test results from the train control system,” MWAA CEO Jack Potter said on Tuesday.

Last week, MWAA voted to award a $1.8 million contract to Alstom Signaling, the company that built the ATC system, for an upgrade. The system upgrade could take a year, but MWAA officials have said they hope to get the Silver Line operational without it. Extra personnel would be in place in the meantime.

Phase 1 of the $5.6 billion Silver Line is more than six months behind schedule, which is why Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe met with MWAA officials on Tuesday.

“We’re about seven months delayed,” McAuliffe told reporters. “I understand [that] things happen on a project of this scale, this magnitude. But I wanted to know why. I want to know how we’re spending our money. I want to know what’s going on.”

After the one-hour meeting with McAuliffe said he was satisfied with the answers he received.

File photo/MWAA

  • BongoBoy

    Good copy editing like your sister site .. it is WMATA, not WAMATA

    • Karen Goff

      Thanks, the extra A has been removed.

    • Karen Goff

      Fixed the extra A. Thanks.


    She hates to be criticized in any way. She does not proof read anything. Yesterday she spelled Lawyers Rd. wrong. And just like Patch, there is NO news. Its all crap recycled from other sites. Yet Reston Association is a “sponsor” or advertiser.

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      Must learn from her boss.site owner .. as least this site is not 50/50 ‘stories’/sponsored content with the occasional click bait thrown in .


        It is pretty much all sponsored by RA or Eve Thompson (RA Board Member). When I ask how much Reston Assoc. pays for “sponsorship”, there is no reply.

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          Actually, here is our full list of sponsors and advertisers. If you would like to advertise, I will put you in touch with our ad manager. Rates vary, but I believe they posted in a link on the site.

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            You are good fiscal conservative. Why are are you against a business plan? This is my full time job. The site needs to make money. We sell ads. Just like every other publication out there.


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          Geez Bojangler- what’s with all the hostility? Reston Now seems to be doing a pretty good job of publishing local news. It has to be paid for, advertisers and sponsored content is the way it happens.


            I get it Kate. My beef is not with RestonNow on this issue. It is with RA. They are not a for profit entity. We pay very high dues to support RA and this is not a good use of our money.

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      Laura, you are welcome to just not read the site. Thanks.

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      Fixed (the typo in Lawyers). Sometimes my fingers and eyes are human.

  • Kate Peterson

    Agreed- the Tea Party is so over, hopefully responsible Republicans will take the party back and start supervising the children!


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