UPDATE: Reston Bikeshare Plans Coming Into Focus

by Karen Goff June 27, 2014 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments

Capital Bikeshare, Pentagon City, Arlington/Credit: Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz via Creative CommonsBikeshare consultants looking at the feasibility of putting Fairfax County’s first bikeshare program in Reston, say Reston could support a bikeshare system.

Consultants Charlie Denney and Fionnuala Quinn of Alta Planning + Design, hired by the county last winter, say that the feasibility study should be finished by the end of June. At a community meeting at Dogwood Elementary School Wednesday, they gave participants some of the highlights of the study:

In general, bike sharing would be feasible in Reston as the community makes the transition to a transit-oriented place. In July, Metro’s Silver Line will open its first station here (Wiehle-Reston East), with the Reston Parkway station slated to open in 2018.

Phase 1 would consist of 13 stations with 130 bikes. Locations would include the plaza at the Wiehle-Reston East Silver Line Station; Sunset Hills/Plaza America; Reston Town Center/Freedom Drive; Bluemont/Transit Center; Restom-Wiehle East Southside; Town Center Parkway and Market Street; Reston Town Center/Fountain Drive; Market/Explorer Streets; Town Center Parkway/Reston Hospital; Bowman Towne Drive/Library; and two at the Spectrum.

The estimated cost of phase 1 would be $1.2 million: $54K is for startup costs, $766K for capital (cost of stations, docks, bikes), and $397K for operating costs.

What is not yet certain: who would pay the bikeshare costs. In other suburban-area bikeshares (Arlington, Montgomery County), funding came from a combination of  federal, state and local money, as well as developer proffers, county bicycle coordinator Charlie Strunk said.

Those networks are owned by the jurisdictions but operated by Alta Bikeshare, which oversees maintenance, rebalancing, and the warehouse, among other things. Operations are partially funded by user fees. Membership fees range from $7 an hour to $75 annually, with additional charges per use.

Eventually, Phase 2 would include stations in the Lake Anne and South Lakes areas.

— Bruce Wright of Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling contributed to this article.

File photo of Capital Bikeshare in Arlington

  • 1righton1

    Just keep in mind the fact that the highways were built for moving vehicles from one point to another and not for recreational purposes. It really pisses me off when some inconsiderate bicyclist impedes traffic and causes unnecessary hazardous driving conditions.

    • Ralphy

      So should we ban all recreational driving? No Sunday drives? No vehicles over 150hp (since that is not needed for transportation)?

    • Observer

      A lot of cyclists are riding from one point to another, despite what you may think. And why doesn’t it upset you when a car driver impedes traffic and causes unnecessary hazardous driving conditions, which happens… every single day on almost every single road?

      By the way, the movement to improve the road network actually started up in the early 20th century because of cyclists. So if you’re going back to “original intent” or whatever you are doing, then we should in theory turn over all roads to cyclists.

  • restonbikes

    Bikeshare bikes will not be on any highways. Most cyclists are not on highways. We don’t want to be on highways. We do, however, have every right to be on the road, just as any other vehicle, and to fully occupy the lane we are in if it is too narrow to share. Your 1-2 minutes of patience will allow a mother, a father, a student, a doctor, etc. to get home to their family, just as you are trying to get to yours.

  • Mike M

    I think the point is quite valid. There are many in Reston who think of it as high pedestrian and bike friendly when in fact, it is super auto-centric like most of FFX County. It would take a LOT to change that. Ride and walk across town at your peril!! And yes, there are certain bicycle gangs that make genuine pests of themselves.

    • Observer

      “Bicycle gangs”? Is that part of the “all-powerful bike lobby”? Because we know that the U.S. spends 99% of transportation funds on bike infrastructure and heavily subsidizes bike commuting and offers massive fields of bike parking everywhere. Oh, that’s right, they don’t.

  • Mike M

    And it’s not an extra two minutes, that’s disingenuous, and you are getting home at your chosen pace slowing everyone else to your pace. It’s very selfish. Also, just because something is legal doesn’t make it a good idea.

    • Observer

      Why is it selfish, but it’s not selfish for so many drivers to be speeding, cutting off other road users (other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists) and texting? It’s not selfish to be putting everyone else at risk?


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