Tuesday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff July 8, 2014 at 8:00 am 5 Comments

Plantings at Lake Anne Plaza

Greater Reston Chamber Among Tops In Region — The Washington Business Journal recently named the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce as the fifth-largest in the region. GRCC ranks behind the Greater Washington Board of Trade, The D.C. Chamber of Commerce and the Montgomery (Md.) and Fairfax County Chambers. [Washington Business Journal]

Kudos For Fairfax County Park Authority — The Fairfax County Park Authority has been selected by the National Recreation and Park Association to receive the 2014 Kudos Marketing Award, which is presented annually to a park and recreation agency that increases the public’s awareness through marketing and communications. The Park Authority is being recognized for a campaign developed for the 2013 Partners in Preservation program, in which the agency competed against 24 other historic sites to win grant funding for historic renovations. [Fairfax County]

Text For Help — Fairfax County has launched a suicide text help hotline. [Fairfax County]

Ukulele Festival Returns to Lake Anne — Time for something a little different on the plaza. The fifth annual Ukulele Festival begins at noon Saturday. [Reston Now]

  • Bah

    FCPA won a prize for having an awesome propaganda machine!


    Wonder what they will get when they finally shove that stupid rec center down our throats.

    • Tammi Petrine

      Bah, I too am frustrated with the FCPA! They spend $ on amenities for outsiders and then claim they are doing Hunter Mill taxpayers justice with spending equal to or better than other districts.

      The truth is that the monies spent in Hunter Mill are largely for money-making entities (Water Mine and Lake Fairfax Camp Ground) which require that big fancy pink stone admin facility at Lake Fairfax Park. The operating expense for those ‘amenities’ which are used largely by out-of-area patrons is charged to our (Hunter Mill district) account. These SHOULD be charged to an income-producing general PA account, not our district!. Just because we sacrifice our local park space to accommodate the recreation of others does not mean we should also be shorted on facilities for local users.

      The rec center being proposed for Baron Cameron Park (terrible location!!!) SHOULD be funded by all of the taxpayers in Fairfax County. Instead Reston’s Small Tax District #5 (Reston Community Center) is pushing a plan to have Restonians only pay for building it AND pay to run it forever! Who
      wants that added burden on their real estate deed in perpetuity??? I
      think that’s what you are referring to in your comment.

      For the 50 years that Reston has existed, Restonians have been paying for all of the other rec centers in the county. In turn, they have
      contributed ZERO to one for us and the FCPA wants to keep it that way!!!
      What’s up with that?

      Bill Bouie is a Reston resident, is president of the FCPA Board AND is also on the RCC board of governors funded solely by Small Tax District #5 (STD5) an EXTRA real estate tax all Restonians pay. He totally supports the scheme for us to self-fund an expensive rec center open to all even those from outside of Reston. It just blows my mind. Isn’t this a conflict of interest that he is fighting against the best interests of his constituents and is doing so on TWO public boards that spend tax monies at the same time?

      Talk about adding insult to injury!!! I hope other angry citizens will run for RCC board of governors seats in the up-coming elections (deadline to apply for candidacy is Aug. 15th) AND vote against ANY STD #5 referendum to build a rec center that we would be forced to pay for but anyone can use. I would love to save the $75,000 such a referendum would cost but you can bet your life I will be voting down such an unfair and ill-conceived proposal IF it does come up for a vote. So, BAH, nothing can be forced on us if we vote “NO” Majority rules.

      • just saying

        Interesting perceptions that Bah and Tammi have. The bond referendum is voted on and the tax is shared throughout the county, not just one district supporting it all. The out of county visitors pay more which helps the revenue fund pay back it’s bond debt. They also bring people to your area an others where they may be spending money in your( our) local economy. Learn more about it, Reston has not supported all the other centers or parks, they wanted some exclusive facilities, yet all of us have supported the centers. Learn the history of why swim teams are in centers and why we are not paying to have them in schools. Learn more of the history and economics. They are not Congress reps.

        • Tammi Petrine

          To “Just
          Saying” guest:

          To your point about “learning”: There are different kinds of REFERENDA.

          1. County referenda are indeed applicable to all county taxpayers; examples would be for libraries, schools, parks, etc. and are sponsored by county-wide agencies, meaning that the project may be anywhere in the county or all over the county. These are the funding source for the Park Authority that BB keeps saying that Reston/Hunter Mill projects won’t get be funded by for decades, ostensibly because the powers that be have set up a priority list
          of long-awaited projects that doesn’t include a Hunter Mill
          Rec Center.
          (Big question: Why is this and who decides? Wouldn’t you think that our own rep who is also President of the PA board would have pushed for the Park Authority to build a rec center for our use here in Reston when ALL other districts have at least one long, long ago???)

          BTW, for some time, the board of supervisors has said it
          didn’t want to build any more rec centers. When the Chantilly citizens who also didn’t have a rec center heard this, they flipped out and made so much commotion that they got a rec center built in that district, Rocky Run. Their reps went to bat for them.

          ‘Just Saying’, should Hunter Mill be denied a center when HM tax payers pay the very same taxes to support rec
          centers everywhere BUT here? This is not a difficult concept in my mind. It is a matter of base fairness and common sense.

          2. Small Tax District #5 referenda: these are local votes by ONLY Restonians for projects in STD #5 area which corresponds closely to Reston boundaries. This is what I was referring to when I wrote about self-funding a rec center. I totally understand why you are confused; this premise is so outrageous as to be unbelievable. BB and the majority of the current RCC (SDT #5) board are still discussing this idea despite vociferous public objection at every meeting held on this subject. The people supporting
          the idea (many of them swimmers) say that they are willing to self-fund because they want this amenity NOW and do not want to wait. My position is that we should NOT have to wait in the long line of PA projects. We should be treated as Chantilly has been treated; we have been short-changed for decades as we have paid taxes to fund 10 other county
          rec centers; our community is growing like crazy; we have a huge needy population; we provide the largest source of taxes in the entire county. What we need is public pressure on elected officials to advocate for this. It is not rocket science.

          “Just saying”, the special facilities to which you refer are our Reston Community Center (RCC) which has two locations – Hunters Woods and Lake Anne. These ARE local and special amenities which the local community voted to
          fund over 30 years ago. No one else in county pays a cent for these nor should they. That is when Small Tax
          District #5 was formed. McLean has exactly the same arrangement. Theirs is STD #2. The extra tax rate for us in Reston’s #5 is 22 cents/$100 RE assessment; For #2, the rate is less than ½ of ours: 22 cents.

          The current STD #5 Board of Governors has proposed to expand funding by extra local taxes from just “special
          facilities” (Reston Community Centers) NOT available everywhere else in county to a rec center which IS available to EVERY other district BUT Hunter Mill. This is a huge mistake and slippery slope. Once this burden is established,
          it will NEVER go way, much like the Tolls on the Dulles Toll Road. It would involve the building as well as the operation forever of this facility all the while we in Reston would continue paying for YOUR center as well but you are not still not contributing a cent to ours? HUH????

          So Restonians, please consider protecting our collective wallet by running for a seat in the upcoming fall election to the #5 Board of Governors. August 15th is the deadline for
          applying. Elections are in September. We need voices of reason on the board to put this horrible idea to bed forever.

  • Jeff

    Way to go Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce! What a testament to your team and to your leadership in the region. Keep up the great work! Your efforts are appreciated!~


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