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Oak Hill Man Hit, Killed By Truck on Fairfax County Parkway

by Karen Goff August 25, 2014 at 2:54 pm 5,420 29 Comments

Fairfax County Police An Oak Hill man was killed when he was hit by a tractor-trailer on Fairfax County Parkway Monday morning.

Fairfax County Police said Clayton F. Young, 54, parked his Cadillac Escalade on Fairfax County Parkway near the Pinecrest Road overpass and Fox Mill Road about 6:30 a.m.

The driver of a Freightliner tractor-trailer was driving southbound when the victim stepped in front of the SUV and into the path of the oncoming truck, police said.

The driver of the truck unsuccessfully attempted to avoid the pedestrian. The truck hit the pedestrian and then stopped. The pedestrian hit the roadway and sustained life-threatening injuries, police said.

Young, who lives on Oakton Chase Court , was transported to Reston Hospital Center and was pronounced dead a short time later.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured and neither speed nor alcohol were factors in the crash.

  • HP

    I live right off of said overpass and heard all the commotion with the sirens and overhead helicopters this morning. I knew it had to be something pretty bad…very sad news.

  • Marcie

    He was uncle. The most awesome man I have ever known. We are devasted. If anyone saw the accident please come forth with any information please.

    • Karen Goff

      I am so sorry for your loss. Feel free to get in touch with me via email [email protected] if you want to give us any other details, an obituary, etc. Meanwhile, if any witnesses are here I will forward them to you.

  • Marie

    At approximately 5:45 or 5:50am this morning I was headed northbound on 267 and I saw the SUV on the southbound side under the overpass. There was a man standing in front of the SUV close to traffic. It was dark, I thought it was odd. Hope that helps. Sorry for your loss. Prayers to his family.

    • Phelisa Smith-Huff

      thanks for taking the time to comment, how visible was it???? u mentioned it was dark??? I was just wondering if u thought maybe the driver of the truck didn’t see him??? however u were able to make out that it was a man and that he was standing in front of the truck. do u think it’s possible the driver could have saw him as well. I’m just confused as to why the driver was not able to slow down, especially if you see an disabled vehicle on the side of the road.

      • Nathan

        First sorry for everyone’s
        loss. While I didn’t see the accident happen, I was driving south on 286
        a few minutes after it happened. This was maybe 3-5 mins before I heard
        the first siren from any first responders. Where the accident happened
        it’s very close to a slight rise in 286 and then a quick drop to go under the
        bridge. I’m guessing there was very little time to fully react to
        anything that the truck driver might or might not have seen. It was just
        becoming light, even darker under the bridge, and I think there was a slight bit of fog since this was a lower
        lying area. Hope that helps…

  • leyla1

    Sounds like a suicide. Sorry if I sound mean but if you want to commit suicide don’t involve other people…

    • Marcie

      It wasn’t a suicide. His car knocked off and he forgot his phone at home. Thank you for your heartless comment. I will be sure to pass on your condolences to his wife and children.

      • China

        Marcie we here at RWPCS are praying for the entire family. Your Uncle touched 100s of lives!

    • China

      I knew this man personally Leyla1 and it was not the case. He has left a major mark in society as he was a champion for education, a man of God, and loving family member…revered by many! He def wasn’t online passing judgement like you seemingly have way to much time to do! RIP Clayton! I agree with Marcie!

      • Marcie

        Thank you, China. He was very proud of you guys. His legacy will live on through the success of your students.

    • HP

      You heartless pig — don’t rush to judge when you don’t have all the facts and weren’t there to witness it.

      • Marcie


    • Andrea Perry

      I hope that whenever The Lord sees fit to take you, no one passes judgement on you like you have on my dear uncle.

    • Brenda F Adams-Marks

      @ Leyland it does sound mean and inconsiderate giving the fact you know nothing about him. He was an amazing human, family man, and loving. Just because you are bored get yourself a hobby, instead of making assumptions about what you don’t know.
      RIP cousin….

    • sara

      Well it doesn’t sound mean! It is mean. what would even make you think of suicide unless you have had a thought like that of your own.

  • China

    I knew this man personally Leyla1 and it was not the case. He has left an major mark in society as he was a champion for education, a man of God, and loving family member…revered by many! He def wasn’t online passing judgement like you seemingly have way to much time to do! RIP Clayton!

  • jsweaz

    My family just learned of the news and we are devastated. Clayton was an amazing person, dedicated to his family and friends. Our daughters are good friends and have played on the same soccer team for many years. There has never been a moment when Clayton didn’t have a smile on his face. I am so saddened by this news. My thoughts and prayers to everyone who knew him, but especially to his family, whom he loved dearly. Be comforted in knowing that he touched many people’s lives and made a positive lasting impression on all. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

    It is best to just ignore leyla1’s comment. There is always someone out there who just trolls the comments section to get a reaction from people.

    • Marcie

      Thank you so much for kind words. It is so comforting to hear how he was loved. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on the arrangements.

  • Neville P

    Micky As we call him have been a friend for about 40 years we all grow as family in Baltimore, MD I am devastated Jah Know it hit us hard Micky R.I.P

  • Wayne Wallace

    Prayers and thoughts are with the family. Clayton always had a smile on his face and loved life.

  • Gloria

    My Heart is heavy after learning the news of my family member. Clayton was the type of person who ALWAYS saw the bright side and found the answer in a situation. A Shining example of a REAL MAN, Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Manager you will TRULY be missed but surely not forgotten. My prayers to the immediate family and dear friends of the Perry and Young Family. RIP Clayton I’ll see you in Heaven. XO Gloria Collins (Atlanta, GA)

  • Guest

    Mikey will be greatly miss. My prayers goes out to all our close friends and family. It hurts just thinking about it. Going to miss you Uncle Clayton.

    • Loma

      Mikey as he is lovingly known by longtime friends and family, will be greatly missed. We grew up together, our families played cricket year ago when we lived in Maryland. Wow still cant shake this devastating news especially after loosing my husband just 3 years ago. My heart goes out to his entire family. Rest in perfect peace Mikey.

  • Michelle Loves

    Mr. Clayton was my favorite VP @ Allied Barton Security Services.. What I loved about him was he was FAIR!!! I’m sure some of the higher-ups couldn’t deal with that. He always was a man of his word. He recently just helped my son get into University of Maryland by writing a recommendation letter for me. How sweet is that…. You will always have my RESPECT Mr. Young….You’re work here is done my fried—RIP!!! We will always LOVE YOU :-0

  • Kathy Napuunoa

    So sorry for your loss ….

  • Deborah Brown

    To the family and friends of Clayton F. Young,
    I pray God’s caress and comfort of your heart during this difficult time. I met Clayton twice, his character and presence upon meeting him, (genuine, warm, funny, intelligent, loving, father, husband, and brother),enjoyed family, friends, career and life…Gods “favor” is for a special few. Very few people present in this manner at first impression; they are lasting!!!
    Be comforted in the goodness of who your loved one has been and will always remain to be in your hearts. To God Be The Glory~
    My thoughts and prayers of comfort and peace are with you.
    Deborah Brown, East Norriton, PA

  • Moe G

    I’m still in shock, Clayton was one of mentors and I actually rang and texted him in hopes he would respond to no avail. I’m truly saddened as he was a man that loved his Family and friends and was always willing to find the positive in everything. My Condolences to his Wife, Son, Little Girl and the rest of his family and friends; may God give you strength through this loss.

    If possible can someone reach me with details on services as I as well as many others would like to show our last respects. I can be reached at [email protected]

  • jsweaz

    Marcie, I just wanted to tell you that the way you spoke about your uncle at his service was truly beautiful and very touching. May you find peace in knowing that he is watching over you and is proud of the young woman you have become. God Bless you and your family


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