Closed: Dairy Queen at Hunters Woods

by Karen Goff September 22, 2014 at 9:30 am 1,800 13 Comments

Dairy Queen at Hunters Woods Village Center has closed its doors.

The store at 2254 Hunters Woods Plaza first appeared closed on Friday. By Sunday, all products were swept from the store’s freezers and counter and the blinds were shut, so it appears the store is closed for good.

The owners could not be reached and the store’s phone is out of order. The franchise operation of the national chain had been located at Hunters Woods for many years.

The store’s departure leaves several vacancies in the same stretch at Hunters Woods. Two doors down, Solar Planet Tanning Studio went out of business last month. The space formerly housing At Play Cafe has been vacant since 2011.

  • animallover

    bummer, had to cut back on those blizzards though.

  • Pouya

    Thank you for the updates. Unfortunately, property manager and leasing manager didn’t renew the lease and decided not to have DQ in their shopping center. They did not answered any of or request to renew the lease or transferring the ownership to third party, therefore, we had to close the business. Here we would like to thank all our customers, local businesses and neighbors for their support and doing business with us since 1995. Serving you was a great pleasure

    • Southie

      Pouya, thank you and your staff for many years of DQ treats for Reston families and friends. It was a happy place to stop after RCC events or school games and concerts or to just add fun to an ordinary day. We’ll miss you!

  • Mike M

    Once again we have a case of the property owner refusing to lease to the incumbent tenant? Is that what’s going on here? Isn’t there a pattern? Now why would the landlord NOT want to lease the space? Tax advantages? Someone who knows the industry would do me a favor if they could explain.

    • cosmo

      Something’s fishy at Hunters Woods. The space next to Ledos, as Karen mentioned, has been vacant for years now. Before the laundromat moved in, that space had been vacant for at least six or seven years (remember the party store that used to be there?). On the lower level, Lady of America Fitness Center’s lease was not renewed well over a year ago and that space is still empty (and that’s a crappy location so I don’t know what could go there). So the list of tenants they have kicked out lately include DQ, Lady of America, Solar Planet, and Reston Tailoring. The only thing that’s come in in return so far is a stupid tutoring center. That’s not going to attract new patrons to the Center. And now it looks like the burrito joint may fall through. But don’t worry…Safeway is now open 24 hours so the Hunters Woods clientele can steal their beer anytime, day or night.

      • novatom

        Thank goodness for Ledo’s, they’re about the only reason I go there anymore. I only go to Safeway because it’s close by, but yeah, that store is the worst grocery store in Reston.

        • Mike M

          Worse than the other Safeway at South Lakes?

          • novatom

            They’re both bad. The only thing that makes the Hunters Woods location slightly better is they have a Starbucks. But customer service is lousy, and at least half of the four self checkout lanes are almost always broken.

      • animallover

        So true, thanks for the 24-7 convenience but I wouldn’t go to the HW Safeway in the middle of the night..sometimes middle of the day is sketchy.

  • Marcie

    So sorry to hear this! We have been going to Dairy Queen since it opened. We will miss you! Thank you for all of your years of service!

  • Googler

    That plaza is a mess – went down hill fast after they put in the laundromat. I recommend to steer clear of the whole plaza! I hope they reopen elsewhere in Reston, and move the decent stores out of there!

  • cosmo

    They had been closed quite a while recently with nothing but a handwritten sign on the door saying they were closed due to lack of A/C. I guess the landlord didn’t do them any favors by letting a frozen yogurt shop open directly across the sidewalk. It’s too bad to see them closed for good now. I hope DQ can open a full-service store (complete with grill items, which this one didn’t offer) somewhere in Reston soon. Maybe the old Burger King location at North Point?

  • jjski1775

    Another article indicated that DC-based, Chinito’s Burritos will not be opening a store their either. Looks like Hunters Woods is going to look a lot like Tall Oaks Center off Wiehle pretty soon. 🙁


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