UPDATE: Police ID Suspect in Sunday Hit-and-Run

by Karen Goff November 21, 2014 at 2:30 pm 1,445 13 Comments

Fairfax County Police carFairfax County Police said they have identified a suspect in the Nov 16 hit-and-run accident in Reston that left a woman severely injured.

“A suspect, and suspect vehicle, have been identified relating to the hit and run investigation on Reston Parkway,” Public Information Officer Lucy Caldwell said yesterday. No one has been charged, she added.

Police had been looking for a red sedan that fled the scene.

The accident occurred about 6:30 p.m.on Reston Parkway near the Spectrum Center, where the victim had been shopping, family members said.

The victim, a woman, was struck when she was crossing Reston Parkway with her teenage daughter, police said.

Witnesses said the victims were not walking in a crosswalk. Groceries were spilled all over the road, which was briefly closed.

There is no crosswalk at that location, though the accident led to many comments by readers calling for one on the previous Reston Now story.

The woman was transported to a hospital, where she had surgery for organ damage, as well as a fractured right leg and broken and dislocated elbow. The child was not injured.

Meanwhile, Fairfax County Police are stepping up awareness of pedestrian safety. They say 400 pedestrians have been injured in the county in the last three years. Read more about FCPD’s campaign on the department’s blog.

  • Scout

    So, this morning I was crossing Wiehle at Center Harbor – with the pedestrian signal – and a Metro Bus was stopped waiting for me to finish crossing before she made her right turn – and I am not a dawdler – and lo and behold a woman turns right from the middle lane – had I been a moment slower – bam! she would have gotten me – Driver was driving at grey Camry sedan – doesn’t narrow it down – but this happened at about 8 AM this morning. Pedestrians are not safe in Reston – anywhere any time!!

    Glad they caught the driver that hit the woman – and sincerely hope that she continues to recover.

    • MeganH

      People are not paying attention, I see it all the time. Even if you had blinking lights on you..they probably wouldn’t notice you.
      Pedestrians beware!!

      • Mike M

        Here’s the deal as a driver and a pedestrian can say with confidence:
        Setting up situations where drivers are at greater risk of pedestrian strike may make some people feel better, but it’s not really an answer in a car-centered are like this. Tunnels and crosswalks were available. The pedestrian chose not to use them.

        Pedestrians are not safe in most of Reston because it is car-centric. More crosswalks are NOt the answer to safety. Although they may enable punishment of the random driver. No one really wants to strike a pedestrian. We’ll need better answers.

        • MeganH

          The drivers are beyond hope, I’m just warning the pedestrians now-they really don’t see you!!

          • Bill

            Traffic congestion is a growing problem that is only going to get worse in our area. More crosswalks and pedestrian lights is definitely not the answer! For the greater good, pedestrians need to walk the extra block to get to an existing light.

        • suburbancorrespondnt

          A crosswalk with signal at the Harris Teeter light on Reston Parkway would certainly make a difference. And all signal crosswalks in Reston would be even safer if traffic in all 3 or 4 directions were to be stopped while the WALK sign is on. This eliminates the problem with turning cars not seeing the pedestrian in the crosswalk. Amherst, MA, does this at busy intersections and it is very efficient (all pedestrians cross at once and can even cross diagonally) and much safer.

          • Reston pedestrian

            Isn’t there a tunnel under Reston Parkway very close to Harris Teeter? It’s faster and safer. My family and I travel all around Reston using the extensive, safe trail network. Rarely is it necessary to cross at a dangerous location if you’re familiar with the trails.

          • suburbancorrespondnt

            It isn’t faster if you live in the apartments and town homes directly across Reston Parkway from HT! Essentially you are walking the length of at least 2 city blocks south and then the same distance back north to use the tunnel. That is not pedestrian friendly. And if you are a woman, a tunnel is not safer.

          • Mike M

            It’s faster than going across the street at night and getting hit.

          • Mike M

            Crosswalks can help. BUT, they don’t protect pedestrians from the laws of physics. Throwing laws down and shifting burden to drivers doesn’t eliminate the real dangers. It might give some peace of mind, but it really just shifts blame. The road in question is not conducive to pedestrian crossing. The Dulles toll road is not, and this road, while different, is still a road where crosswalks are probably not the best idea. Keep in mind there is a tunnel which is ideal for avoiding pedestrian strikes. Can’t do better than a bridge or a tunnel. At what point does a pedestrian owe society a dab of personal responsibility?

          • Mike M

            One important suggestion:

            Make access from the W&OD to the Town Center easy and direct. It’s disjointed now, and crossing the road between them can be nuthouse too.

    • Mike M

      That intersection is a death trap. Don’t cross there.

      • Scout

        Yes, you’re right Mike M – there are many – including North Village and Center Harbor. Unfortunately, if I want to walk my dog I end up in harms way . . .


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