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Snow — and School — in Reston Tuesday

by Karen Goff January 6, 2015 at 7:46 am 2,739 11 Comments

Snow in Reston/Credit: Kate Kihara via Twitter

(Updated 8:27 a.m. with comment from FCPS official)

Restonians woke up to about an inch of snow, as predicted, on Tuesday morning. The snow continued to fall through rush hour.

Early commuters were greeted with many untreated roads and hazardous driving conditions.

Fairfax County Schools opened on time, which led to criticism on social media from some parents. Nearby, school systems in Montgomery County, Md., and Alexandria both had two-hour delays.

Assistant Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools Jeffrey Platenberg told WTOP that the school system was surprised by the amount of snow that fell Tuesday morning.

Administrators were expecting a dusting, but were surprised when the snow came down heavy and traffic became a major issue, Platenberg said.

He says things were already in motion and changing the plan late in the game would have been a bigger inconvenience for parents who had already left the house.

“We apologize for any inconvenience, but the timing of this was the worst possible situation we could have imagined,” Platenberg said.

The school district sent out an alert that some buses may be delayed. The county also sent an alert warning of multiple accidents, significant delays and advising “please use extreme caution while driving and expect a lengthy delay in your commute.”

Do you think there should have been a delay for FCPS? Tell us in the comments.

  • Daquan Fortwony

    Fuk the scools I don need 2 Lern

  • Christian

    Yes!! On the way to school our bus saw cars crashed on the side of the road! School should have been canceled or even delayed.

  • Dexter Scott

    “He says things were already in motion and changing the plan late in the
    game would have been a bigger inconvenience for parents who had already
    left the house.”

    So let’s put a large number of people in danger in order not to inconvenience a small number of people! Great thinking, Jeffrey! That’s just the sort of good sense and adaptability I expect from government officials these days.

  • Linda Ascher Singer

    The new calendar allows for days off for bad roads and weather. What are they saving these days for? FCPS statement makes me wonder how bright our school “leaders” are.

    • Dexter Scott

      They are saving them for one of those “it’s not snowing at all but brrrrr it’s too cold to go to school” days like they had last year. Maybe we’ll have one of those tomorrow!

  • Fatima

    This is VDOT EPIC failure, if thy did their job the school bus would have no problem getting to their destination on time. So VDOT needs to take the heat on this one not FCPS

  • Arielle in NoVA

    How were they expecting “a dusting”? It was a horrible decision by FCPS. Predictions yesterday as early as midday said the snow would start early this morning and that we’d almost definitely get 1-3″ by midday today. The snow started overnight as expected. It was slick. We’ve had no pretreatment. No plows. No shoveling. They should have started with a two-hour delay and gone from there.

    First kid got to school OK (it was an inch or less when her bus came) but my husband slipped and fell while walking the dog just before she left for the bus; second kid’s bus (an inch or two on the ground at that point) was half an hour late; the ES bus that stops at our corner was over an hour late IF it came at all – the parents ended up driving their kids (three inches or more by the time that bus was supposed to arrive). I’ve been hearing of delays and accidents all over the county from friends in different parts of NoVA. There are teachers who took over two hours to get to work – if they made it.
    Now it’s 9:30am and our yard is up to at least 4″ and counting…

  • Rachel dow

    We definitely should have had a delay and then changed to closing. The school board should always have safety as first priority- even if it means staying home a few days when the weather ends up being not so bad. I hope all the children will be brought home safely!!

  • Greendayer

    Administration had delusions of being in New England. Unfortunately, this is Northern Virginia. It was obvious at 5 am that school should be delayed or cancelled. I noticed no pretreating and few plows on the roads between 5 and 6. Not a banner day for the FCPS.

  • Noelle

    It was scary to drive this morning, I really wish there had been a delay.

  • Paulette Lincoln-Baker

    Roads absolutely atrocious. It was snowing hard at 0430 this morning. Why weren’t these roads pretreated? They were calling for 1 to 2 inches as it is (and even then they blew it, we have at least 4 inches here in Reston). As for school delays, you have to wonder about the common sense and intelligence of the decision makers in FCPS. (And don’t get me started on Metro!)


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