Afternoon Poll: What’s the FCPS Snow Day Solution?

by Karen Goff January 14, 2015 at 4:30 pm 3 Comments

Ridge Heights Road in snow/Credit: Cindy Chiou-Conlin via FacebookA full day of school when the snow is falling and the driving is terrible. A day off when a few flakes fall. In between, a whole bunch of two-hour delays.

That’s been the story for Fairfax County Public Schools since Jan. 6.

First, about four inches of snow fell and the buses got stuck and Superintendent Karen Garza admitted “we made the wrong call” about remaining open.

In the six schools days since, there has been one full day of school. Today, school was cancelled. In Reston and this portion of the county, no more than a dusting fell.

Meanwhile, the Capital Weather Gang says to cut the schools a break on today’s decision. It was a tricky forecast.

Why can’t the county seem to get it right? Are they playing it too safe after the #CloseFCPS publicity of last week?

Photo of Jan. 6 snow near Langston Hughes Middle School. 

  • MaggieSays

    Depending where you live in the county, it may seem like they are getting it right. It’s a big area.

  • RoadApples

    Concerning FCPS students: always err on the side of caution.

  • RestonD

    They are getting it consistently wrong even while neighboring counties do better . Other than Tuesday they are always far too cautious. AND Fairfax is the only county to claim their busses don’t start.


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