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RELAC Results, Tetra Purchase at RA Meeting Monday

by Karen Goff February 9, 2015 at 9:30 am 5 Comments

Tetra Building in Reston/Courtesy of Tetra Reston Association will hold a special Board of Directors meeting on Monday, Feb. 9 to discuss the future of the Lake Anne-area cooling systems and the former Reston Visitors Center.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. at RA Headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr., and will include a public comment period.

On the agenda:

1. RELAC – The results of the recent RELAC referendum. The 343 Lake Anne households bound by the RA deed to use RELAC, a lake water-cooled air conditioning system, held a referendum by mail in January. The referendum came to be after 110 RELAC customers signed a petition asking for it last summer.

The RELAC system was touted as state-of-the-art and exceptionally quiet when it was installed in the new Reston homes in the mid-1960s. In recent years, though, many customers complain it is inefficient and mold producing, as well as growing more expensive to use. However, som customers have spoken up that they are pleased with the system and do not want change.

If the referendum passes, users would be permitted to change to other air conditioning systems if they desire.

A similar referendum failed in 2008.

2. Tetra Purchase — The board will discuss the draft of the Tetra Property Purchase Referendum question/fact sheet and related draft letter of intent to purchase the property.

RA announced two weeks ago it would attempt the purchase the Tetra building, which is the former Reston Visitors Center set on Lake Newport. The 3,200-square-foot building is surrounded by other RA property and amenities, and board members said it could be used for a variety of purposes.

The building is currently being assessed so RA does not yet have a purchase price offer. The association could only buy the building if a member referendum approved it. RA has a quick referendum schedule planned, with public hearings beginning the end of February and the referendum taking place in April and May.

3. Master Plan — There will also be an update from RA Land Use Counsel on Reston Master Plan Phase 2 Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

  • Southie

    Let’s hope RA doesn’t go forward with the referendum on purchasing the (deteriorating) Tetra property until these three things have been determined: a property assessment, a purchase price and a purpose that will clearly benefit RA’s residents.

    • Greg

      Better: Let’s hope RA doesn’t go forward on the referendum.

      RA does not need yet one more deteriorating thing to (try to) maintain, let alone a very valuable piece of income-producing property.

  • Greg

    Edit: However, som customers.

  • The Italian Job

    Maybe we can turn it into a bocce facility?

  • RestonNorth

    I think it would great to have this property in RA hands, otherwise it is bound to get developed.


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