Photo Contest: Reston Dogs in the Snow

by Karen Goff February 26, 2015 at 3:00 pm 33 Comments

With another snow day upon us, we asked for some great dogs-in-the-snow pictures for a photo contest.

Here are some of the best entries.

Reston Now picks Syd at Lake Newport as the winner. Congratulations to owner, Anna Atkinson, who wins a Reston Now water bottle.

But let’s pick a fan favorite too. Scroll through the pictures and tell us your favorite in the comments. We’ll count the comments by 9 a.m. Friday and give a second lucky dog owner some swag too.

Thanks for playing!

  • Anna AKG


  • Deva

    Poor Midtown Buster Brown, hiding under his blankie, got dropped from the list….He may not be a winner, but he wants to come play with the other dogs! 😉

    • Karen Goff

      Thanks, Deva. Buster Brown did not make the finals because his photo was vertical and we need horizontal. Next time, BB.

      • Deva

        Ahhhh….Makes perfect sense. I’ll let him know. 😉

  • Sonya


  • Melanie Cross


  • Emily


  • Megan Britt




  • Lola Jo

    Roxy (since my pug Maximus didn’t make the cut) 🙂

  • ROXY


  • Renee Vaillancourt Clarke


  • Amanda


  • Brenna McCormick


  • Linda Boston

    Go Roxy! So cute!

  • Jess

    Vada! ( I love Buster Brown– wish he woulda made it!

  • Magdalena


  • Brian


  • Amy

    ROXY!!! #7

    • Mike M

      Enough already. If I had a dog that looked like Roxy, I’d shave her butt and teach her to walk backwards.
      Oh, wait a minute. Perhaps they’ve done that.?

  • Staci

    Roxy #7

  • Camille


  • Olga Banis

    Roxy #7

  • Cary Coryell


  • Raba letteri

    It was fun to participate in the photo contest. All the dogs look great, however I will vote for Fred #10.

  • Kim Tarby

    We vote for #2 Scottie! The real winners are Duke & Dutchess from Reston, VA.

  • Raykay

    I’m torn between Maverick and Jasper! Both adorable!

  • Jeanne Prochownik

    Roxy, the adorable fashionista pug in fur!

  • Sarah

    Roxy #7

  • Animallover

    Where the cats at? Oh yeah, too smart to go out in the snow. Silly pups! Dexter and Piper expressions capture my cats winter spirit best!

  • GJ

    Yayyy, Maverick – #8

  • Mike M

    Mogee! I am not a possdle fan but . . . Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

  • Alli Bailey

    ROXY #7


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