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Reston Association Board Includes Two Newcomers

by Karen Goff April 15, 2015 at 9:15 am 13 Comments

Julie Bitzer/Credit: David Madison for RATwo new faces and two incumbents were elected to the Reston Association Board of Directors, the association announced at its annual meeting on Tuesday.

Newcomers Ray Wedell and Julie Bitzer will serve three-year terms. Wedell ran unopposed for the at-large seat. Bitzer defeated incumbent South Lakes Director Richard Chew and former at-large Director Andy Sigle to earn her first three-year term on the board.

Returning members: Michael Sanio, who ran unopposed for an at-large seat, and Dannielle LaRosa, the North Point Director who was appointed to the spot last year. LaRosa will finish out the term vacated by Tim Cohn. The term expires in 2016.

The new board members will take part in their first meeting Wednesday night, where they will elect new officers. Current RA President Ken Knueven, who is heading into his sixth and final year on the board, says he will not seek to remain in the president’s role.Ray Wedell/Credit: David Madison for RA

“One key element of [our] new governance model is to allow for the progression of fresh ideas and viewpoints,” said Knueven. “To me, it is important to demonstrate this and lead by example. I’ve spent the last three years in the role of president and truly believe now is the right time to let new people, who are ready, to take the reins.”

RA Board elections are done by mail or online, but turnout is generally low, between 15 and 21 percent of all eligible voters. Voting in the 2015 election ended March 30.

Election totals:

  • At large: Sanio, 4,841; Wedell, 4,749
  • North Point: La Rosa, 1,469; Charles Dorfeuille, 161
  • South Lakes: Bitzer, 1,182; Sigle, 531; Chew, 390

In other news, RA gave out its 2015 Association Service Awards at the meeting:

  • Employee of the Year — Rob Tucker of Reston Tennis
  • Volunteer of the Year — Mark Elder, tennis instructor
  • Volunteer Group of the Year — Senior Movie Day group (Laura and John Cole; Pat Coshland; Michelina Johnson; Kurt McJilton; and Otto and Rosmarie Tubito)
  • Community Partner of the Year: Clarke

Photos: Top, Julie Bitzer; bottom, Ray Wedell/Courtesy of RA

  • Adrian Havill

    Where can you find the number of votes for each candidate?

    • Karen Goff

      I have that info. (It is also probably on the RA website by now). I will update here in a bit.

      • Joe Leighton

        Vote totals were much lower then the year 2000.The South Lakes Seats votes were as follows:
        Winner 940
        2nd place 820
        3rd place 457
        4th place 410
        Total votes this year in the South Lakes sea this year were over 500 votes lower then in 2000 voter turnout needs to improve.
        Congratulations to Julie on her victory

    • JCSuperstar

      At the RA website. Bitzer and LaRosa had significant wins. Looks like voter turnout was much improved.

      • Adrian Havill

        Big defeat for bocce ball.

    • Jennifer Petitt
    • Reston Realist

      It’s in the article above!

  • mlbjunkee

    So glad that Richard Chew is gone. That’s what he gets for trying to tighten the RELAC restrictions when it doesn’t even cover his area. He should have just stayed out of it. Good riddance!

  • Cluster Tycoon

    So it took only 2 weeks to tally ~12000 votes. Wow, better reboot that super computer it may be running hot.

  • Cluster Tycoon

    Congratulations to Charles Dorfeuille for a strong showing of 161 votes. He should be raised in the 2015 Association Service Awards for candidate of the year.

  • Knotso Much

    I hope that this will be a win for transparency and outreach to the membership.

    • JoeInReston

      The uncontested seats for the at large position will surely send a message to the board!

      I was disappointed there were 9590 votes cast for that seat. I was hoping more would abstain.


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