Public Art Will Return to Lake Thoreau Spillway in June

by Karen Goff May 1, 2015 at 9:30 am 8 Comments

SLHS Public Art/Courtesy Marco Rando

South Lakes High School art students are working on a follow up to last year’s popular public art installation that brought a multicolored pyramid to the Lake Thoreau spillway.

This year, the “STEAM Team,” as South Lakes art teacher Marco Rando calls the SLHS public art club that is combining science, technology, engineering, art and math into the project, is designing an iridescent double-helix sculpture.

“The double-helix is to represent the idea that we are all made from DNA and are from the same components,” the artists say in their mission statement. “In contrast, the iridescence represents the different shades through which people see themselves.”

“As Wislawa Szymborska states in her poem Nothing Twice, ‘although we’re different (we concur)/ just as two drops of water are.’ However, from the distance we are one united shimmering color. The sculpture will act as a prism to illuminate the shades through which we see ourselves.”

Pyramid of Light/Credit: Sean BahramiThe group’s project was approved by the Reston Association Design Review Board last week. Rando said the project should be installed in June.

Members of the STEAM Team include  Margaret Lashley, Josh Rodriguez, Kathleen Roherty, Tehmeena Salahin,Lucy Nguyen, Carson Bush, Victoria Slaski, Leah Moyer, Samantha Malzahn, Cale Sherman, Johnathan Doctor, Ryan Monaco and Ben Paul.

In 2014, SLHS students brought the first public art to the spillway. The Pyramid of Light remained Lake Thoreau throughout the summer and received many kudos from the community.

Photos: Top — Model of 2015 double helix project/Courtesy Marco Rando; Bottom — Pyramid of Light 2014/file photo

  • Fun In Fairfax

    That’s great news! We miss the old sculpture and are looking forward to this one.

  • novatom

    Please make this an annual event. A nice touch to the area.

  • Mike M

    What is the difference between public art and real art? From observation, I’d guess that public art is something no one in their right mind would buy.

    • JohnBT

      They’re HS students Mike- don’t be a DB.

      • Mike M


        Well, in that case, they are competitive with the “pros” whose products have been deposited all over NoVa including the Town Center.

        Um, . . . Bravo!

  • Eve Thompson

    I was present for the DRB meetings where South Lake’s HS students presented the design and construction concepts for the previous spillway project. I was really impressed with the way the students managed themselves, the presentation, their interaction with teacher Marco Rando, RA staff Larry Bulter and the whole Design Review Board. They did an outstanding job.

    This project is about more than the art that is created, though I thought the previous project was excellent. I think this is a great endeavor.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    I think it’s great – but each old one should be eft up until the new one is ready to be installed.

  • Would love to see something like this done on Lake Anne with the help of some Herndon High students as well!


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