Friday: Last Day to Vote in Tetra Referendum

by Karen Goff May 8, 2015 at 11:00 am 11 Comments

Tetra buildingFriday, May 8 is the last day to vote in Reston Association’s Tetra referendum. Cast your ballot online by 5 p.m. if you have not done so already.

RA has met the quorum needed for the referendum on the purchase of the 3,128-square-foot building to be valid.

As of the end of last week, RA had recived 4,060 ballots back. The association needed to hear from 1,751 (10 percent of the eligible 17,511 homeowners).

The referendum asks members if RA should be authorized to borrow up to $2.65 million to purchase the 32-year-old former Reston Visitors Center (now office space for Tetra Partners commercial real estate) and repurpose it for community space.

The 3.47-acre property sits adjacent to other RA-owned open space, including Brown’s Chapel Park and Lake Newport Tennis. Acquiring the property will give RA 98 contiguous acres of open space and fend off commercial development of the property, which sits on the banks of Lake Newport.

Opponents of the purchase say the sales price is too high since the most recent Fairfax County tax assessment was $1.2 million. They also say that environmental restrictions and easements ensure there is almost no chance of commercial development on the site.

Results of the referendum will be announced at a special RA meeting Monday at 6 p.m. at RA headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr.

According to Virginia law, the conditional sales contract is still valid despite the sudden death this week of Tetra Partners president Bill Lauer.

  • Reston Realist
  • Cluster Tycoon

    So its official, we’re doing business with dead folk. Maybe that’s a sign not to vote or postpone the vote. The gods must be crazy,

    • JCSuperstar

      Really. That’s the best you could come up with. Nice.

  • Bill

    That was crass and uncalled for.

    • Cluster Tycoon

      That’s why I raised it as an issue. But I guess its business as usual.

    • Greg

      What was crass and uncalled for?

    • Ray Wedell

      Bill, many of these people have been crass and uncalled for throughout. None of them know me, yet are quick to ridicule and characterize. I consider the source, and refuse to engage.

  • Greg

    “According to Virginia law, the sales conditional sales contract…”

    What Virginia law?
    What is a sales conditional sales contract?

    • JCSuperstar

      Why don’t you do a little research. Everything has been shown, discussed, promoted, disrupted, and displayed./ Try going to the Reston website for the Tetra acquisition, then look at all the discussions here.

      This is what frightens me about many of my no vote associates. You are absolutely clueless. You absolutely frighten me that you actually own property and can vote.

      • Ray Wedell

        They skip down the Yellow Brick Road paved by the Opponents of Open Space (that’s “Double-O, S”) group, and merrily prance away, citing their jingles, trying to degrade people who are trying to protect the valued areas, ridiculing those on RA knowing that the RA people cannot strike back, yet never once thinking to go to the end of the road to pull back the curtain and see that there is no substance there. No truth, no real authority, just a self-proclaimed “Wizard”.
        I assume it is great fun to dance and sing jingles, and attack “authority” or “bureaucracy” mindlessly, just because they represent necessary decision-making organizations and can’t or won’t fight back. Easy targets. But I never aspired to be a courtier for someone else’s interests, so I can’t say for sure how much fun this is. It is time people escape from Oz. A “no” vote virtually guarantees a sale to a development interest and loss of Reston member control over the eventual use of this incredibly valuable land. So we will see Monday night who “won”, and if it is the “Double-O, S” group, let’s pray that it does not turn out to be a Pyhric victory.

    • John Higgins

      One of RA’s governing documents, the Deed, requires membership authorization for the RA to make large-dollar purchases. The contract was “conditioned” on obtaining that authority.
      I don’t know the applicable law or Tetra Partners’ organization status, but assuming it is a partnership, the death of a partner normally dissolves the partnership. I believe the point being made is that the contract survives Mr. Lauer’s untimely passing.


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