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Rep. Comstock Rides to Reston to Make a Point

by Karen Goff May 8, 2015 at 5:20 pm 17 Comments

US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx (left) and Rep. Barbara Comstock at Wiehle-Reston East

U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, and Interim Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Jack Requa hopped the Silver Line to Wiehle-Reston East on Friday to talk about more money for the Silver Line and other transportation projects.

The officials held a news conference in the Metro station to stress the need for continued federal investment in public transportation to ensure safety and reliable service for Metro riders.

“There is no scenario where we can cut funding and expect our transit system to meet the needs of a growing country,” said Foxx. “It belies math, belies physics and the growing demographics of our growing country.”

“Cutting the funding that we need to grow america’s transit systems can slow down the pace of Metrorail repairs that are supposed to enhance safety,” he added. “Cutting funding for WMATA, as has been proposed, would disrupt the phasing in of more than 500 new rail cars that are on the books to come online.”

Comstock (R-Va. 10th) recently broke with Washington, DC-area Republicans and joined with the Democratic leaders in expressing disappointment proposed big funding cuts to the Metro.

The cuts, announced last month, will reduce federal funding to the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority by half in 2016.

The federal government usually provides about $150 million annually to Metro. A $55 billion funding bill will reduce funding to $75 million.

“We have had a bipartisan consensus,” said Comstock. “We are very united in making sure the money for Metro is restored, that Metro gets the $150 million it has been getting since 2009.”

The Democratic Party of Virginia released a statement Friday stating the fact that it is odd that Comstock is now supporting the Silver Line after voted against the line when she was in the Virginia General Assembly representing McLean.

“If Barbara Comstock had her way, the Silver Line would have never been funded in the first place,” said Del. Ken Plum (D-Reston). “Our bipartisan transportation plan, which I’m proud of supporting, passed without Comstock’s vote. To show up for a photo op having done nothing but oppose the Silver Line is misleading.”

Photo: US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx (left) and U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va. 10th) at Wiehle-Reston East Friday.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    There is no scenario where we can cut funding and expect our transit system to meet the needs of a growing country,” said Foxx. “It belies math, belies physics and the growing demographics of our growing country.”




    Your bias against Republicans is obvious in this article.

    • Greg

      Looks like your reply was expunged.

      Where was Ken at that event? Stuck in traffic somewhere? His “plan,” if you recall, was a tax increase. Gives us a few bucks for helter-skelter spot improvements here and there spread out all over NoVA. (Atop toll increases and ever-increasing local property tax increases.) Imagine that.


        I’m not surprised. I’m kinda shocked that she used some of her free time to do it though. Karen is so impressed with herself and her important roll as a journalist. If it “offends” her, then she deletes it. Ken Plum is her neighbor. She is a huge lib. And on a power trip.

        • WhoIsJohnGalt

          Don’t worry. Ken will have an article again this week and then Karen will lock down the comments faster than his constituents apply for food stamps

    • PotatoSalad

      Reston Now is anti Republican in just about every chance possible.

  • Mookie Taylor

    I don’t see why the Democrats have to be snotty about it. Why not express happiness that Comstock now supports the Metro?

    • Greg

      It’s not Democrats; it’s Ken Plum. His arrogance is appalling.


        And Ken’s lib cheerleader Karen. She did not have to add that quote. It added nothing to the story.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Hate is so integral to their character that they can’t help expressing it.



  • Cluster Tycoon

    “Our bipartisan transportation plan, which I’m proud of supporting, passed without Comstock’s vote.”
    And quickly five curly turd partiers are jumping into the fray, how predictable.
    Overall though, given the negative comments in the discussion section, Comstock comes out looking quite good in this article. I appreciate her willingness to secure funding despite her own party making it difficult. We need more proof though that people can work together, a picture is not enough.
    Also, unrelated, perhaps we need a story why we lost the train in the first place and why for so many years we relied on personal transportation. 20+ years of traffic jams, wow.

    • Greg

      The “story” is Komrade Kenny. He was so ineffective that he was unable to bring Metro to Reston for all those decades. ### End.

      Same story for Dulles. Billions and billions spent, incompetent and corrupt management at WMAA, and Dulles is losing passengers and, especially, cargo, year over year. All on Komrade Kenny’s watch.

  • MJay

    I don’t think it’s fair to attack Karen for quoting Plum. The quote certainly is a gratuitous partisan attack that should not have been said and does nothing but make Plum look petty. But if Plum is going to demean himself and his position to say it, I’m rather glad Karen included that quote. For me, it validates my low opinion of the job that Plum is doing, as well as his complete lack of bi-partisanship. All I want in my elected officials is some ability to work together. Plum refuses to do so, as evidenced by his visceral reaction to Comstock supporting the same cause Plum purports to support.
    I am glad RestonNow is here as this is how I get most of my local information. I do agree that these so-called hyper-local sites are not “journalism” in the classic sense. As far as I know, Karen is not out there investigating and digging deep into the local issues. She’s reporting on what people say, events, maybe acting on news times, posting commentary from all sides, etc. But as long as she gets both sides, I can care less what her personal views are.

    • Ming the Merciless

      She doesn’t get both sides. When was the last time she quoted Comstock (or any other Republican) in an article about Plum? It is always left up to the commenters to critique Plum’s idiocies – you’ll never see any elected Republican official called upon for rebuttal.

      Besides, it’s not like he doesn’t have a weekly column in which to reveal his petty partisanship, political irrelevance in Richmond, and inability to work with the Republicans. His additional commentary in this piece was entirely superfluous.

      • MJay

        If any reporter writes about Plum but does not seek quotes from the other side, then that reporter is doing it wrong… In this instance, I wouldn’t mind seeing an article about why Comstock broke with her party on this issue and what she plans to do in support of the Silver Line. Although she doesn’t represent Reston, her switch inexplicitly and shamefully caused Plum to fly off the handle. I also wouldn’t mind seeing if Gerry Connolly shares Plum’s views that Comstock’s support is “misleading.” But again, hyper-local journalism seems more about covering events and press releases–which again, serves a purpose, but not classic journalism.

        • MJay

          I would add that perhaps the bigger story here is that local Democrats, to include Plum as its local spokesperson, seemingly take issue at working with Republicans on such a major item as the Silver Line. If they are seemingly on the same side on this issue, how does openly antagonizing recent Republican converts to your position help the community? I believe such a schism in such a major local issue is newsworthy. I don’t think Karen would report deeper on that–not because she’s biased–but because these sites don’t account for journalism on a deeper level.


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