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Make Way for Homes at Former Mini-Storage Site

by Karen Goff May 29, 2015 at 11:00 am 9 Comments

The former Reston Mini-Storage site, as well as the small commercial strip in the 11400 block of Sunset Hills Road have been razed in order to make room for the construction of apartments.

The tear-down has been happening the last two weeks and crews are working their way through the giant pile of bricks, steel and other debris.

The tenants had been moved out last year in order to make way for the construction. The five-acre parcel goes from Sunset Hills to Reston Station Boulevard, just across from Comstock’s BLVD Apartments at Reston Station, as well as the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station.

Reston developer Chuck Veatch, owner of the property, is working on the project with The Bozzuto Group.

The parcel was rezoned from Industrial to Planned Mixed Use Residential in 2010. A 421-unit building with 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail has been approved. See the county staff report for more details on the project.

  • developer

    Got damn son. They’re sticking apartments everywhere they can.

  • john

    Just what that area needs..more people.

    • Mike M

      And more cars!
      Thanks, Sharon Bulova and Kate Hudgins. Democratic voters will swarm in, I am sure!

  • IDissent

    Too many apartments. Not enough “homes.” These are glorified hotel rooms that just feed the transient “IT” industry across Northern Va. Average stay: Two years or less, likely. Build condos. Build single family homes. Build parks. Say no to the movement turning Northern Virginia into a giant temporary housing zone.

    • WhoIsJohnGalt

      And if they are apartments make sure the rent is high enough to keep the area nice. The last thing we need is another area like the “apartments” by Safeway

    • Aaron P Banikiotes

      I can’t agree more. I believe the building restrictions apartments are more relaxed than those for condos. A company like Bozzuto can build apartments then convert them to condos like they did behind the North Point Giant. We can only hope some developers will convert apartments to condos eventually. PARC Reston is formerly an apartment complex. Unfortunately for those buyers in 2005 the units sold out at the top of the market.

      • Greg

        Perhaps, but a lot more of Parc Reston was to have been torn down and make into what is now The Harrison. That redo did not get fully approved because too many old-timers along North Shore Drive whined (and still do whine) that not enough section 8 housing was being provided and that all the “poor people” were being driven out.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    As if there wasn’t already enough traffic constipation around the Wiehle Metro, now they’re trying to shove in another 421 apartment suppositories.

  • east297

    Keep whining and enjoy the crime!


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