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Speak Up on Tall Oaks Village Center Plans Monday

by Karen Goff June 22, 2015 at 1:00 pm 13 Comments

Tall Oaks Concept map/Credit: JAG

Interested in what Tall Oaks Village Center’s owners have planned in redevelopment of the site? Then attend Monday’s community meeting at Reston Community Center Lake Anne.

Jefferson Apartment Group (JAG), which purchased Tall Oaks in December for $14 million, will present a revised look at plans for the space at 7 p.m. Monday.

At two community meetings in April, JAG showed plans to replace the increasingly vacant shopping center with 154 residential units (townhomes and condos) and a small amount of retail.

The proposal was not well received by Tall Oaks-area residents, man of whom would prefer the village center be preserved as a retail center, including a grocery store anchor. There is an online petition asking JAG to keep Tall Oaks retail.

Other residents at the April meetings said residential might be a good plan, but would prefer more open and community space than JAG has planned for the site.

The 25,000-square-foot grocery store space — formerly a Giant and then two different international groceries — has been vacant for nearly five years.

Land use attorney Mark Looney said Tall Oaks, which had a nearly 90-percent occupancy rate in 2007 and currently has a 13-percent occupancy rate, will be 6 percent occupied by early 2016. Competition from other nearby retail centers and grocery stores is one of the main factors in Tall Oaks’ demise, he said at the previous meetings.

Meanwhile, Reston Master Plan Phase 2, recently approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, says developers do not have to get a Comprehensive Plan Amendment in order to redevelop Tall Oaks as residential.

Map of new Tall Oaks residential neighborhood (April concept)/Courtesy Jefferson Apartment Group

  • Thomas Day

    Seems like a fair approach, although a little more green space would be better. I sympathize with the people wanting to keep the current configuration but I think enough time has lapsed to show that retail just isn’t interested in going there, especially another anchor grocery store (sadly).

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Why show up? They’re going to build what they want to build anyway.

  • Inquiring mind

    What’s pallned for the small retail spot?

    • err I meant…


      • Guy Montag

        Hopefully a hooters

  • Kim

    They want to put 154 additional residential units in an area that already congested from the opening of the metro. I live in Chestnut Grove and depending on when I go to/get off work it could take me 20+ minutes just to get the 5 blocks to/from the Toll Rd. Yes, more people is exactly what we need.

  • Ming the Merciless

    You didn’t open your wallets when you had the chance, so it’s no use flapping your gums now.

    • vdiv

      That may be true as a whole, but individually there are people that did open their wallets and continue to do so. What’s funny is that there is an increasing number of vacancies at the North Point VC as well, and yet it has plenty of traffic. What gives?

      • Greg

        Really? How many? The Burger King. What else?

        • vdiv

          The AT&T store, the Radio Shack, and something else near them.

  • Greg

    Much much better than what’s there now. Bring it.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Pretty much all residences, with one tiny office and one tiny retail spot. A few tiny open spaces, none of which looks large enough for a neighborhood gathering of any sort. No play area. Not at all well balanced for Reston. It needs a play area at least; a dog park would be nice since the others are north of 606 and at the far end of Herndon.

    Center needs more retail – as many others have said, a small grocery store since the nearest other one is not within walking distance. And a coffee/snack/sandwich shop. In addition to the hundreds of people at that end of North Shore, there are a lot of people across the street who use the preschool every day during the school year and some of the summer and a bunch of people across the street at the pool every day during the summer, all of whom need a place to get snacks/lunch/basics/first aid supplies.

    Condos don’t look like they get ANY parking. Are they getting underground lots beneath their buildings?

    Curious – where would the school bus stop(s) be? At the entrance by the retail square or at the other entrance? A

    I’d think the people in the existing homes at right should get more of a barrier between them and the parking lot. Has anyone asked them whether they’d prefer more barrier or a direct entrance? Right now, their kids are probably playing on a quiet stub street.

    The comments here make me think quite a few of the posters are being paid by the developers.

  • The irony is that with all that new residential with hopefully less car dependent residents (thanks to metro) this location would now probably be able to support more retail, restaurants, etc. I think it would be smart to have some retail space in the bottom of those condos. The plan looks good – more green space than the empty parking lot that is currently there!


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