Reston Real Estate: Get to Know The Wharf

by Eve Thompson July 15, 2015 at 11:00 am 7 Comments

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Reston is full of hidden gems — it’s like a real life treasure hunt here! And The Wharf is one of them.

What makes The Wharf so unique? This community of townhomes surrounds a pair of ponds at the top of a hill AND the community overlooks Lake Audubon. Yes, this is a water lover’s paradise.

The WharfReston architect Michael Oxman conceived of The Wharf in 1977.

“When I decided to become a townhouse developer for my own design, I looked first at some lakefront property,” he told a architectural magazine at the time. “Trouble is, only 20 percent of the townhouses on those sites are actually on the water. Those sell quickly, then there is often a long period trying to sell the off-water homes.”

This is not a problem in The Wharf.

The Cluster was finally built between 1981 and 1986, and is located on Timberhead Court off Glade Drive on Lake Audubon. The 55 cedar-sided, multi-level three- to-five-bedroom townhouses were designed and built to look like a New England fishing village. Most of the homes have garages.

What really makes The Wharf special, though, is the ponds. These delicately balanced living ecosystems are not runoff ponds like other Reston lakes. They are more similar to mountaintop lakes since they are not contaminated from fertilizer and waste running off with rainwater.

Two freshwater wells provide water to the ponds. You will find blue-gill sunfish and large mouth bass in a ratio of ten sunfish to one bass. The sunfish eat mosquito larvae, and the bass keep the sunfish population under control.

In a place renowned for access to nature, The Wharf stands out. This is a neighborhood for people who love water and want to be close to it.

  • J

    Así que cuando se alquila la casa podemos coger y comer los peces en los estanques? que tomará muchos peces para alimentar a todo el mundo que se aloja en la casa. Miro adelante a nadar en los estanques, especialmente en un día húmedo caliente como hoy

    • P

      Hostigamiento de la raza en cualquier idioma es innecesario. Parece que el Sr. Trump tiene que una cubierta suficiente para todos.

  • Shadohood

    Did I miss the Shadowood article?


      Its clear she isn’t going to write it. Its a hot potato and now she needs those residents to support the new coffee shop?

      • Eve Thompson

        Laura- It is a difficult topic– but it will get done. These articles are written fairly far in advance in order to manage my schedule. Its still in the works.


          I wouldn’t blame you if you came out and said you weren’t gonna write it. It is a very difficult topic. I really do wish you and your husband all the best on your new venture. If I am welcome, I will support you.


          I wouldn’t blame you if you chose not to write it. Its a very difficult topic & there are no easy solutions to the problems in that neighborhood. None that a local Realtor can solve, at any rate. I really wish you and your husband great success in your new venture. I’d love to own a small business like that! You are brave to invest your money, and it shows your commitment to Lake Anne, and to Reston. If I am welcome, I will support your shop! It would be fun if you start an Instagram account for the shop and let us follow the progress of the renovation.


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