Reston Residents Charged in Pet Hoarding Case

by Karen Goff July 20, 2015 at 3:00 pm 1,273 16 Comments

Fairfax County(Updated, 9:40 a.m. July 21 to correct charges came from animal control officers).

Two residents of Southgate Square are facing charges after Fairfax County Police rescued more than 30 animals from the Reston home last May.

More than 35 cats and two dogs were taken from the home in the 2200 block of Southgate Square in mid-May after a neighbor called police about a strong odor.

Fairfax County Animal Control officers have charged Catherine Nagle, 71, and Daniel Orenge, also 71, with eight counts of inadequate care of animals by owner and six counts of animal cruelty. Both charges are misdemeanors. Both will appear in court on July 30.

At the time of the rescue, the animals were taken to Pender Veterinary Centre for evaluation, treatment and placement, said FCPD spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell.

“All animals were treated by veterinarian with varying degrees of medical issues,” she said. “One puppy was fine and had no medical issues.”

The animals are currently at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, Caldwell said.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Now if ICE would run through the community it could fix a lot of other issues, that and the icecream truck that’s operating without a license that swings by every day at 6PM

    • Be Kind

      How do you know the ice cream truck doesn’t have a license? If that’s true, you should call it in to Fairfax County Health Department.

      • BossHogg

        FCHD doesn’t care, nor do the cops care about the vagrants in the neighborhood peddling drugs in the park at night

      • TrollHunter

        Posting comments based on facts isn’t a requirement of trolls, their intention is merely to spew hate, so please try not to fall for their antics.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    They were not hoarding cats; they were operating a locally-sourced ranch for China King.

    • Cluster Tycoon

      1 in 4 confirmed.

      • Andy Candy

        1 in 4 china kings serve cat? Gross!

  • charging people for animal hoarding makes as much sense as charging them for having asthma; hoarding (including animal hoarding) is a mental health issue and no solution that relies on law enforcement is going to be effective.

    • Emmanuel Goldstein

      They needed to do something though because it has a negative impact on the property values of the adjacent residents. You don’t want to buy a home that’s next to crazy cat lady

      • I don’t disagree but the criminal justice system (as opposed to the legal system) is not the appropriate vehicle for doing ‘something’. We’ve criminalized too damned much in this country.

        • Ming the Merciless

          Cat hoarders should be locked up in an asylum?

          OK, sure, works for me.

        • Emmanuel Goldstein

          That’s fine – then throw them in the whack shack because no one with the proper mental facilities has that many animals

        • Cluster Tycoon

          I think we should round up all attention wh0r3$ and lock them up in the commentary section of a second tier news portal. And let them roast in hell !!!

    • CarolKristin

      This isn’t just hoarding…it’s says “eight counts of inadequate care of animals by owner and six counts of animal cruelty.”

      • almost all cases of animal hoarding involve ‘inadequate care’ and ‘cruelty’, yet if you ask the hoarders they’ll tell you all their animals are well-fed and cared-for. They think they really are. Like I said, mental health issue.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Arachnae, while I agree with you that less intrusive measures might be tried (and who’s to say that they haven’t already been exhausted), legal recourse might be the only option left to the community. it’s entirely possible that these two might not see anything wrong with their hoarding behavior, and that it seems normal to them, in spite of the distress to the animals and their neighbors. Getting them into the legal system might be the only way, at this juncture, to resolve this dangerous situation for both man and beast.


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