Robert E. Simon Children’s Center Opens Its New Home

by Karen Goff July 20, 2015 at 4:30 pm 14 Comments

Local dignitaries at opening of new RObert E. Simon Children's Center/Credit: Gerry Connolly's office

Robert E. Simon Jr. Children’s Center celebrated its 25th anniversary Saturday by cutting the ribbon on its new headquarters.

After more than two decades on Cameron Glen Drive, the child care facility had to move as the former building, owned by Inova, is part of the land slated for redevelopment as mixed use and park space in the Town Center North area. Cameron Glen Care Center, a nursing home that shared the building with the child care center, moved to Potomac Falls in 2014.

Local dignitaries such as Rep. Gerry Connolly, Del. Ken Plum, State Sen. Janet Howell,  Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and school board rep Pat Hynes were on hand to open the new center, along with Reston founder Robert E. Simon Jr.

The new space, located at 12005 Sunrise Valley Dr., expands the center by 3,000 square feet, says Raquel Witkin, the center’s Relocation Committee Chair.

The space was designed by J3 Design Collective and built by Palmer’s Contracting Group. All Recreation of Virginia provided and installed all new playground equipment and safe rubber surfacing.

The school embarked on a Capital Campaign earlier this year and raised more than $50,000 in donations, Witkin said. That money will be used to outfit and furnish the new space.

Photo: Local dignitaries at opening of new RObert E. Simon Children’s Center/Credit: Gerry Connolly’s office.

  • Rob Peter

    it looks like Gerry is reaching for the old guy’s wallet.

    • Greg

      But of course!

    • Ming the Merciless

      “Bob… you remember… ‘more density, more vibrancy’, just like we talked about, right?”

      “Of course, Gerry.”

      • weaksauce

        Simon is 101, someone that old isn’t surrounded by happy politicians unless they are milking his wallet. Taking advantage of the elderly is pathetic.


      Gerry Connolly is the worst.

      • Ming the Merciless

        It is hard to tell who is “the worst” when the entire Evil League of Evil is gathered together, as in this photo.

        • Mike M

          I’m NOT going to say that THIS is why God gave us the hand grenade, . . . so . . . .

    • Mike M

      Nah! Look again. Gerry is the “distractor touch.” Kathy has that wallet.

  • Cluster Tycoon

    Happy to see the old man sitting up straight and strong. We may differ in opinion but on the grander scale he s outdone us all. Thanks ,

  • Friend

    Why is the only picture on political BS rather then on the facility and amazing teachers???? We don’t care about the politicians but the actual folks who mamake the school successful.

    • Greg

      Clearly it’s unbiased “reporting.” Credit: Gerry Connolly’s office.

      • Karen Goff

        Look, they chose to have their grand opening on a weekend. I am off on weekends. I am piecing this together as a nice gesture to the center since I could not make it and so far this is the only photo I have. When they send me more, I will add them to the story, which has nothing at all to do with politics other than a slew of local elected people were there.

        • Karen, my Granddaughter Isis is directly in front of Connolly and next to RES, my DIL Karla Lawson is Chair/Pres(?) of the Center’s BODs; feel free to use any of these photos: http://tinyurl.com/neboca3

  • Wings!!

    That’s great they were able to open this center for children, but how about they work at opening a Hooters for adults?


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