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RSTA: Records Fall 2015 at Individual Medley Meet

by RestonNow.com July 20, 2015 at 2:30 pm 5 Comments

IM Backstroke swimmer/Credit: Leslie Sogandares

Several new meet records were set at Reston Swim Team Association’s annual Individual Medley (IM) meet last week.

All races are 100-meter IMs. Among the records broken Wednesday at Lake Newport Pool:

Katie Cazenas of the North Hills Hurricanes set a new team record with her time of 1:23.38.

In the Boys 11-12 competition, a new league record was set by Darius Truong of the Lake Anne Stingrays with his time of 1:04.95, besting the 2012 mark of 1:09.84. He also clobbered the Lake Anne team record set in 1993 (1:15.48). Matthew Fritz of Lake Audubon Barracudas beat his team’s 1996 record with a 1:13.44. Also, Joseph Sciortino of North Hills beat a 1997 team record with his time of 1:19.43.

Three boys from the 15-18 age group set new records for their teams. Casey Storch of the Lake Newport Lightning smashed the 2002 mark of 1:04.40 with his time of 1:00.77. Mac Sogandares of the Ridge Heights Sharks beat Adam Orton’s 1998 record (1:01.99) with a time of 1:01.87, and Devin Truong of Lake Anne beat Marc Severin’s 1997 time of 1:02.54 with a 1:02.28.

In the Girls 15-18 competition, Emily Meilus of Lake Anne set a new league record with her time of 1:06.44.

IM Backstroke swimmer/Credit: Leslie Sogandares

  • LakeNewportGuy

    These times look amazing but I’m not sure what distance this is. If it’s at lake newport pool it would have to be 50 meters. It can’t be 50 meters per stroke. So how do they do this medley? Don’t know much about competitive swimming just been training for sprint triathlons.

  • Dick LaHead

    LNP is 50M one way, and 25M if you use the “deep-end” for its full length. In the 100IM each swimmer completes one length of the 25M pool using each stroke in the following order: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle

    • LakeNewportGuy

      Thanks! These kids are amazingly fast!

  • Friend

    Why is swim the only sport you cover, what about gymnastics, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, softball, hockey and soccer for a few examples?

    • Dick LaHead

      This article was submitted by an RSTA person. Have you considered authoring an article and submitting it?


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