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Fairfax County Open for Proposals on Town Center North

by Karen Goff July 15, 2015 at 3:00 pm 2,268 14 Comments

Map of Town Center North/Credit: Fairfax County

Fairfax County is now taking developer ideas to redevelop the area known as Town Center North.

The county has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP), which will run through Aug. 20. The county says in the RFP it is seeking to develop a public-private partnership as it seeks to redevelop the first phase of the project.

Those two parcels are about seven acres of the 49-acre space, which is currently owned by Inova and the county. The area runs from New Dominion Parkway to Bowman Town Drive and Town Center Parkway to Fountain Drive.

Eventually, redevelopment will stretch from New Dominion Parkway to Baron Cameron Avenue and will encompass a town green.

The county envisions a mixed-use district, with renovated or relocated space for the Reston Regional Library and Embry Rucker Community Shelter, as well as offices, hotels, a performing arts center and at least 1,000 new residences.

The Fairfax County Park Authority also plans to build an indoor pool and recreation center at Town Center North. Park Authority Board Chair Bill Bouie said earlier this year the rec center would primarily be funded with bonds, including an $87.7 million bond in 2016 and an $88 million bond on the ballot in 2020. He said the park authority would seek developer proffers to help pay for the facility. Typical proffers are around $800 per residential unit, he said. 

Homes and apartments in Town Center North will be part of Reston Association, RA officials said in a news release.

Hunter Mill Supervisors Cathy Hudgins will hold a community dialogue on the future of Reston Center North July 29, 7 p.m. at the North County Government Center, 1801 Cameron Glen Dr.

“The timing of the community dialogue is important to inform the process for the long-term future,” Hudgins said in a statement.

“Fairfax County staff will outline the immediate work, answer community questions about the process and timing of the redevelopment effort. Participants have the opportunity to identify critical needs that should be addressed in the redevelopment of the County owned property, as well as the larger site. It is important to continue the conversation on how best to maintain a vibrant and livable community for all.”

There will be an additional community meeting on Sept. 19 at Reston Community Center Lake Anne.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    “The county envisions a mixed-use district, with renovated or relocated
    space for the Reston Regional Library and Embry Rucker Community
    Shelter, as well as offices, hotels, a performing arts center and at
    least 1,000 new residences.”

    Right. I’m going to buy a high-end $750,000+ Condo in an apartment building with a library and a homeless shelter.

    • Greg

      You won’t have to buy it; Comrade Cathy will ensure that it’s “affordable” or, much better, section 8 rentals for all those graduates from the much-expanded homeless shelter.

      But, since it may not be part of the RA, it will be worth MUCH more than those unfortunate to live across Baron Cameron nearby to the outdoor flea market masquerading as a Home Depot. Those hundreds of towers of bagged mulch in the parking lots must not bother the DRB / RA too much, since they are there year-round.

      Don’t know what’s wrong with the so-called “library,” that is, the structure that formerly housed books, but it appears that only Brutalist stuff is worth preserving around here. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/where-are-the-books-libraries-under-fire-as-they-shift-from-print-to-digital/2015/07/07/eb265752-1525-11e5-9518-f9e0a8959f32_story.html

      • cRAzy

        It WILL be part of RA says RA in its news release on the topic today.

        • Karen Goff

          Yes, that has been fixed in the story. I misunderstood part of tje process.

    • Devorah Brehony

      We live in what you are describing as a “high-end condo” that is almost immediately adjacent to the library and the shelter now. In five years of living here, we have found the vast majority of people utilising the shelter to be kind, honest and caring individuals. The library is a peaceful respit, and I hope that like the shelter, it will be renovated, rather than relocated.

    • John Higgins

      Being generations ahead of its time, Vancouver, BC showed how smart policy can produce an urban center that serves all segments of the economic spectrum. Their million dollar condos sit side by side with affordable housing and the buildings are virtually indistinguishable. Not by chance, by design. Rather than call a meeting of the Chicken Lickin Society, how about turning out to Super. Hudgins’ gathering and demanding that this public-private partnership achieve the best livable design, not simply the best of what developers might propose.

  • Wings!!

    Every single square inch of North Reston is being redeveloped, and a brotha can’t get a Hooters to get a cold beer and some decent wings??!!

  • Cluster Tycoon

    I think us Reston ins deserve a casino so we can more easily fund our ever increasing HOA fees. Maybe the casino can proffer the purchase of the golf course and then we re all set. Donald, can you hear me?

  • John Higgins

    I hope the right someone is paying attention here. With 1,000 additional RA members (about 5 percent growth), some capital funding will be needed by RA. Yet the Park Authority, with over $176 million of anticipated borrowing capacity aims to suck up the meager $800,000 proffer money? Why do I feel my pocket bring picked? (Again.)

    • Leila Gordon

      With respect John, I think that proffer funding will contribute to the $70-80MM indoor recreation facility as well as the “town green” that will be sited in this development. That’s hardly picking Reston’s pocket but is rather contributing to Reston’s amenities. It reduces the burden on RA and RCC substantially to have the Park Authority operate this rec center in Reston.

      • John Higgins

        You make valid points. No question in my mind that a Reston rec center will be a great supplement to the RA and RCC offerings. Bond funding, as with the county’s other rec centers makes great sense. My whine was directed at the likelihood that 1,0000 new residences will put further strain on RA’s capacity. Not by happenstance, but by design…it’s part of this initial concept. While use of proffers to enhance communities is acceptable, the core purpose is to relieve burdens resulting from the development. The added burden with no relief was my empty pocket image. At a minimum, I’d like to hear the discussion of why no part of the proffer is being considered for RA and RCC.

        • Leila Gordon

          Actually, RCC is very engaged with this effort because we work closely with our partners in the Human Services System, the Library and Cornerstones. We are also keenly interested in the notion of a new performing arts venue being made possible by way of proffers. I believe the entire community stands to benefit greatly by the redevelopment process here.

    • Bob

      Higgins, monkeys got a question

      • John Higgins

        Hope it’s an easy one.


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