Reston Chamber Spotlight: Random Words Marketing Group

Chamber spotlight

Reston Chamber Spotlight is a biweekly feature from Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. Today’s spotlight is on Random Words Marketing Group, a creative services firm with offices at Plaza America. Speaking for them is CEO and President Laura Ramirez Drain.

Reston Now: Why did you decide to start your business in Reston?

Random Words: Because I have lived in Reston for more than 10 years, I have seen how much Reston has grown. Reston is a great place to do business. You can find opportunities everywhere without driving far away, so I decided that I would focus all my effort around Reston. My fist step was joined the Greater Reston Chamber, because I need to meet small business owners to offer my services.

Reston Now: What are the challenges and rewards of being a business owner?

Laura Drain of Random WordsRW: Challenges: Money Management –Having enough cash to cover the bills; Fatigue — The hours, the work and the constant pressure to perform wears on even the most passionate individuals;  Financial Knowledge, There is so much you have to learn.

Rewards: You are your own boss; You mange your time; You develop your own goals

Reston Now: Name something about your business that most people don’t know?

RW: We can help to find the right words for the right people in Korean, Spanish and Chinese. We use your words and places in video, radio, print and social media with that you will be able to reach the communities that need you.Random Words Marketing Group

Reston Now:  What is the unique value proposition your clients get when using your services?

RW: Random Words Marketing is a consulting business, we don’t sell products we sale solutions. We will partner with you to define your goals and then design and deliver customized marketing solutions that are right for you, from print to video. We will find the right market to implement the solution and we will help you to find the right customer for you.

Reston Now: How has the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce helped your business grow?

RW: The GRCC has helped me tremendously. I have got involved immediately in their networking events and I have invited some of their members to my Radio Show Café Latino Radio, this has given me the opportunity to find three customers.

The GRCC is dynamic and it has opened its doors to me. Since the first day, I have felt that I was part of the Chamber. Like we say in Español mi casa es su casa, my house is your house. The Chamber is like my home.

Reston Now: What is the quote that best describes your business?

RW: Finding the right words for the right people in Spanish, Korean and English, wherever you need whenever you need it.


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