Wiehle-Reston East Light Issues Irk Commuters

by Karen Goff July 22, 2015 at 4:40 pm 1,138 18 Comments

Wiehle-Reston East Kiss and RideAfter a delayed Metro commute (backups all along the Orange, Silver and Blue lines) Tuesday night, some commuters trying to leave Wiehle-Reston East’s parking garage and Kiss-and-Ride lane found themselves with nearly an hour wait.

There is a short light that controls traffic to leave the Kiss-and-Ride area and the parking garage. Many commuters have complained that the wait is frustrating.

“Forty minutes to to exit the Reston Metro Parking lot is unacceptable,” one driver said on Twitter Tuesday.

Said another: “The delay here alone makes it faster to drive.”

Garage officials say they are listening.

Wednesday morning commuters noticed there was a person directing traffic to get into the 3,300-space parking garage.

Comstock owns the garage in a public-private partnership with Fairfax County. Comstock spokeswoman Maggie Parker said Wednesday they are working on the traffic flow.

“Fairfax County and Comstock have been working with the timing to improve egress from the Kiss and Ride,” Parker said in an email. “It was reset last Thursday and appears to have improved the situation. A new camera detection system is being installed. Once in operation, the system will go to dynamic timing.”

How was your experience at Wiehle-Reston East on Wednesday? Tell us in the comments.

  • Lisa W

    It’s faster to pick someone up from Vienna metro and drive back to Reston, than to pick them up at the Reston station and try to get out of there sometimes.

    • cRAzy

      That’s a stunning condemnation of the parking and traffic control at Wiehle Metro!

    • Tom

      Says the Vienna resident.

  • Mike M

    The whole area needs some serious light synching. It’s a disgrace. Too bad we keep re-electing Ken Plum and Kathy Hudgins.

    • Thomas Day

      You spend a lot of time on these boards criticizing Ken and Cathy. Perhaps you should put your time to better use by running for office?

      • Mike M

        I spend about 3 hours per week in here. I spend less than 10 minutes per week criticizing the local Democratic do-nothings. Maybe less on weeks like this.

        But are you going to vote for me? See, this district is so laden with Liberals who want to be promised something, and who want to bask in the warm self-righteous glow of condemning slavery and subsidizing housing and grabbing at Federal money so we can more fully embrace Obamacare, and howling about global warming, I’m just not sure how I’d win?

        Beyond that, I need to earn a robust living. Apparently Ken and Kathy don’t.

        So, what’s a feller to do? Just sit down and shut up, right?

        Ain’t gonna happen, Thomas Day.

        • Chuck Morningwood

          Wow, Mike. If it sucks so badly here, it’s a wonder that you stay. You realize, of course, that there’s a bastion of Teahaddery to our south in PW county. Maybe you would be more comfortable there?

          (Note: PW county is run even worse than Fairfax.)

          • Mike M

            So, my choices are . . .
            1) Stay and be quiet
            2) Move to PW
            And I suppose you’ll agree that Kate and Ken should be re-elected no matter what because they are not Tea Party?
            Extra points, Perhaps your head is temporarily short on blood due to biological re-allocation, Mr. Morningwood..

          • th

            (3) offer constructive solutions as if you were in charge
            (4) continue crying The sky is falling the sky is falling

          • Mike M

            My solution – FIX the lights. Not hard. But Kathy and Ken are probably at a diversity conference.

      • Meh

        When you stop voting for the clowns, I’ll stop criticizing the clowns. Deal?

  • Greg

    This was all predicted years ago. Comrades Ken and Kathy ignored the warnings.

    • Mike M

      I remember driving up Sunset Hills and looking into the Kaiser Permanente drive and thinking, “They are going to cram a metro station in there?” They did. It was the righteous thing to do. They did it in a vicious hurry and with union labor!

      Do you remember the three weeks worth of articles a local paper gave to a well-known developer schill to explain how the metro would actually decrease traffic in the immediate vicinity?l

  • Vina Hutchinson

    I find the biggest problem with trying to get out of there during rush hour are some folks in the Kiss and Ride lane that enters the garage have their riders walk out of the garage so they then attempt to make a U-turn, not only crossing in front of drivers in the lane for the garage, but forcing cars exiting the Kiss and Ride and cars attempting to exit the garage to make way for them. How is that legal to cut across a lane and turn into oncoming traffic? If you are in the Kiss and Ride lane, then drive into the Kiss and Ride, instead of turning into oncoming traffic and expecting everyone to make way for you. Also having three lanes of cars exiting from the garage into two lanes is a cluster, as well. That is just about the most poorly designed exit ever, and the short-timing on the lights makes it worse. And Metro can’t say they don’t have people to direct traffic — they sure have one or two down a bit to hold up traffic so buses can exit.

    • Reston Resident

      Hi Vina, first, thank you a real comment about the actual article. I completely agree that the design of this garage is poor and unfortunately, it is just a matter of time before someone gets really hurt. You are right that the illegal u-turns to avoid the kiss-and-ride are adding to the mess. In my opinion, the double exit closest to Wiehle Ave is a real danger. It is a blind hairpin turn for the folks in the Metro provided parking. Cars are pushing to get out (so they don’t miss the light) and pedestrians are occasionally walking across thinking they are just on a sidewalk and have right of way. I think there needs to be raised platform so that pedestrians are kept above the garage entrances/exits. There is a significant decline, so this would not be impossible. I also think that there need to be barriers to keep pedestrians from leap frogging across the road. Since the walk light is so slow, they tend to just wait for a break in traffic and make a run for it. Lastly, there needs to be some sort of monitoring of the speeds that people drive in and around the park and ride. I know cars are looping down 4-5 levels, but several times a week I see a car hitting at least 25 miles an hour when they have a clear straightaway. If someone steps out from behind an SUV they are going to get plastered.

  • quest4fire

    Wiehle has the worst flow of any metro stop–not only from the garages/kiss n ride but also from inside the station, when you exit the platform up to escalator to the concourse, you are blocked by the elevators so you have to veer to the right or left. Then you past the elevators and merge back in the middle. Its so annoying. I dont see how they can fix all of these flow related design flaws.

  • Sue L

    Let’s face it, Comstock seems to have had the final say regarding design of parking and they did it with the focus on the convenience of those who purchase parking from them & of future tenants of the office buildings. Metro parking would appear to be something they feel they have to tolerate, rather than accommodate. Would that development be there without a Metro station?

    • cRAzy

      But wait, there’s more!

      The County approved the driving of vehicles on to what will be a plaza (now just the concrete slab) in the middle of this development. Just think what it will be like when drop off/pick up drivers come through as well as hotel and office building drivers.


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