Food Truck Owner Reaches Out to Reston to Save Business

by Karen Goff September 2, 2015 at 9:30 am 1,389 14 Comments

Wolf Antoni, left, and family/Credit: Go Fund Me For four years, Reston’s Wolf Antoni has cooked up bratwurst, wiener schnitzel and other favorites from his native Austria from his food truck, The Bratwurst King.

But run of bad luck this year has put the business in jeopardy, Antoni says. The truck is the main source of income for Antoni and his wife and child. After a job loss and an injury, the family has drained its reserves. It is trying to find the money to replace the broken truck engine (about $15,000) and resume Bratwurst King operations.

The Bratwurst King is often parked among the food trucks on Business Center Drive weekdays in Reston, as well as at local fairs, festivals and other special events.

“We love to cook for you and are enjoying the smiles we are putting on your faces,” Antoni said on his Go Fund Me page. “Sadly, we are at a point, where we cannot go on without some major help from you. ”

The Bratwurst King Truck/Bratwurst King via FacebookWhile everyone  experiences tough luck from time to time, we have certainly had our share. We can handle the grief of coping with some personal tragedies in our life, we just can’t handle the bills that are stacking up, regardless if we are on the road or not.”

As of Tuesday, just over $4,000 had been donated to the cause.

Antoni said those who make donations will get something in return. Once the truck is up and running, a $15 donation will get you a free meal and drink (bring proof of donation). For a $50 donation (or multiples), contributors will get a meal, a Bratwurst King T-shirt and a Bratwurst King mug. Donations of $500 and $1,000 get your catering for a private parties.

Photos: Top – Wolf Atoni (left) and family/Credit: Go Fund Me; Bottom – The Bratwurst King truck/The Bratwurst King via Facebook.

  • Henry Rearden

    So let me get this straight, a failed business owner is now asking for donations so he can go back to his failed business venture? That makes great sense.

    • Lake Anne Resident

      A bit of a harsh assessment in my opinion. I think he ran into a bit of bad luck with personal tragedy and the truck breaking down. With all those events happening at once it has sapped his resources and he is looking for a little help from loyal customers who enjoy his food. It’ not like he is asking something for nothing and plans to repay people with lunch, catering, etc. based on their donation to help him through this troubled time.

    • Rex Kramer

      Come on now. For $15 you get the satisfaction of helping out someone get back on their feet and you get a Free F*CKING bratwurst. It’s a win-win.. You feel good about yourself, and you get free SH*T.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        It’s not really free. It did, after all, cost $15 just to qualify. And that assumes the truck gets back on the road. No truck, even if you shell out the $15, means no Brats.

      • Henry Rearden

        This isn’t free – it’s giving $15 today in hopes of some time down the road maybe getting a free hotdog. I can buy a lot of hotdogs for $15

        • Ronnie McDonald

          You must be a shill for micky dees. Toxic stuff you re spewing there bro, hope it all works out for you.

          • Troll Hunter

            Please pay no attention to troll Rearden, exactly the response he/she/it is looking for. You don’t really believe there are actual people as low as that do you?

  • Aufi Geht’s

    Used to be that someone like Antonio could go to the owner of Blobs Park and ask for help and in most cases 2ould receive. But with Blobs Park closed maybe other options exist. Catering to swiss, german, and Austrian Embassy perhaps. Best of luck and goodness bless.

  • Road Apples

    Three quotes/sayings are possibly germane and I ask for forgiveness in advance for paraphrasing:
    Henry Ford (?) “Perseverance is genius in disguise”.
    Frank Sinatra “Riding high in April, shot down in May but I’ll be back in July”.
    Lastly: a quote; albeit incorrectly attributed to Thomas Jefferson: “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”.
    I will be donating.
    Antoni: Best of good fortune in continuing your business venture.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    As a small busness owner myself, I can appreciate how tough it can be, especially when your primary income source needs major repairs.

    Considering the amount of money needed, maybe a “Crowd Funding” website might be a better vehicle for collecting funds.

  • Mike M

    1) That kid has the PERFECT Austrian face!
    2) I wonder why they don’t just go apply for a loan?

    • Henry Rearden

      Because the bank is going to want to see financial records and see that it’s a good business decision. It’s probably not.

  • thebratwurstking

    Thank you Karen! It’s nice to know that we mean something to this community which we call home for the last 15 years.

  • Robert Barlow

    Sometimes it just feels good to pay it forward. We’ve all come on hard times at one point in time; give the guy a break and make a small contribution. Never know when you may find yourself in need.


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