Asbestos Abatement Preps Former Chili’s for Teardown

by Karen Goff September 17, 2015 at 9:30 am 11 Comments

The former Chili’s Bar & Grill at 11840 Sunrise Valley Drive has taken on a new look in recent weeks. The building is tented with plastic covering and other safety accoutrements as crews work on asbestos removal in prep for the building’s demolition.

Asbestos is a fiber formerly found in many construction materials and can cause lung damage. The Chili’s building was constructed in the early 1980s, before many uses of asbestos in insulations, water pipes, and roofing, among other places, were banned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The restaurant closed at the end of 2014. The building, along with others at the former Reston International Convenience Center, will be torn down to make way for the second phase of The JBG Companies’ Reston Heights development.

A Wells Fargo Bank there closed last August, and the remaining strip of stores, including 7-Eleven and Reston Kabob, closed in the last few months. Construction fencing was being put into place around those former stores on Wednesday as that strip prepares for asbestos removal and demolition as well.

Here’s what JBG has planned:

A six-story residential building, a 15-story residential building, a five-story building that incorporates a parking garage with residences and retail space; and a 10-story building that mixes office space, parking and retail space.

The plan includes 145,000 square feet of above-grade retail, 100,00 square feet of below-grade retail, 428,225 square feet of office and 498 residential units.

Only the stand-alone Popeye’s will remain as a holdover from current tenants.

JBG has signed 24-Hour Fitness as a major tenant.

There will be an entrance to the development from the Reston Parkway side, something the area currently lacks.

In a presentation to the Reston Association Design Review Board in 2013, Cunningham Quill Architects and Olin, a landscape architecture firm, said they were seeking a design that engages with the landscape and connects with the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station via bike and foot paths.

The new plans will also be harmonious with the adjacent Reston Heights project, also built by JBG. That includes the Westin Reston Heights hotel and the Mercer Condominium, as well as office space.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Little did I know I was getting a secret side order of asbestos with my chicken kebob…

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Particularly looking forward to that Reston Parkway exit and the sidewalk/path/trail connections.

  • Greg

    Are there plans for the Reston Parkway exit? Will that section of the parkway be widened and fitted with proper curbs, gutters, sidewalks and street lighting?

  • east297

    Theater was not in Chili bldg!

    • Greg

      I don’t think it was there either. I recall it being in the other building that was torn down a few years ago.

      • Karen Goff

        Sorry, had my history mixed up. Story has been amended to show it was different building.

  • Howard Wu

    Would this have been a good location for Hooters? Someone had to ask, I suppose 🙂

    • Wings!!

      Any location in Reston would have been a good location for a Hooters.


  • Reston99

    The asbestos is probably just the leftover cheese fries. Oh, miss you Chili’s, hope we get another restaurant there soon.

  • AMD

    Asbestos at Popeyes? I worked there when it was a Roy Rogers…

  • Bobby Love

    Traffic is already really bad in Reston. I’m sure the developers of these 500 dwelling structures don’t live here. It is a real drag for those of us who do. I moved to a community with legal density limitations. Now they’ve been stripped, and shortly, I will be living in a traffic hell as bad as Tysons Corner though less ugly I guess.


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